Undeveloped Auction Has Started With 135+ Domains

Undeveloped’s first premium domain auction has started. The auction includes short domains like UPD.com to premium product specific domains like RedWine.com. Domains from various extensions like .com, .co.uk, .nl, .de, .it and .es are included in the auction.

The auction runs until the 14th of June.

Here are some interesting facts and figures regarding this auction:

  • The estimated value of all domains in this auction exceeds 14M Euro
  • The reserves range from no-reserve to 1M+ euro
  • More than five high end international brands have already signed up as a bidder

This is the final list containing all the 135+ domains that are up for auction:

.com .co.uk .nl
Upd.com Consulting.co.uk Babyfoons.nl
Hnm.com Directors.co.uk Ann.nl
Knm.com IT.co.uk Verkopen.nl
Oyx.com Beautyclinic.co.uk Projectontwikkelaars.nl
Bra.com Estate.co.uk Geschenken.nl
Eur.com PR.co.uk Eten.nl
Ubr.com Livenews.co.uk Betalen.nl
43.com Ceiling.co.uk Penthouse.nl
866.com Router.co.uk Bezorgen.nl
596.com 180.co.uk Referendum.nl
259.com Hobbies.co.uk Autos.nl
Estate.com Designs.co.uk Hovenier.nl
Textile.com Garages.co.uk Bar.nl
Bulletin.com Lightings.co.uk Jacht.nl
Crete.com Hungary.co.uk Bedrijfssoftware.nl
RentaJet.com Airlines.co.uk Bloemist.nl
VendingMachine.com LG.co.uk Opleiding.nl
Jeweller.com Apparel.co.uk Weerbericht.nl
Journalists.com Curry.co.uk Shampoo.nl
MultiVitamins.com Breaks.co.uk Vakantieboeken.nl
Haulage.com Weekends.co.uk Opladers.nl
Inhalator.com Londonhotels.co.uk Geurtjes.nl
Redwine.com Radio.co.uk Fitnesscentrum.nl
Tartufi.com TVs.co.uk Telefoonhoesjes.nl
Tappeti.com Credit.co.uk + Credit.uk 3dprinters.nl
Giocattoli.com TaxAttorney.co.uk Noten.nl
Valigie.com Runner.co.uk Fotos.nl
Articles.co.uk Hotel.nl
.es .de / .it
Subastas.es Computer.de
Fotografia.es Chance.de
Citas.es Aerobic.de
Lenceria.es Stellenangebot.de
Moda.es Bildschirm.de
Calzado.es Skikurs.de
Vitrina.es Tauchschule.de
Manicura.es Weisswein.de
Guias.es Babybett.de
Doctor.es Pizzas.de
Tarjeta.es Cognac.de
Perro.es Credito.it
Agua.es Finanza.it
Cecina.es Droni.it
Bolsa.es Carrozzine.it
AsistenciaMedica.es Stampante3d.it
Sardina.es Suv.it
Bolsasdetrabajo.es Alberghi.it
Buenisimo.es Concessionarie.it
Curriculos.es Scaffalature.it
Cloud.es Soprammobili.it
BigData.es Giochionline.it
Anuncios.es Osteria.it
Veterinarias.es Dietologo.it
Pedicura.es Torrefazioni.it
Consultor.es Agenziaviaggi.it

About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Do the .CO.UK domains include 2LD .UK rights? Sometimes owners register both but hold 1/2 of the pair back.

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