DN.com Closed Indefinitely???

Last week OnlineDomain.com reported that DN.com had shut down. DN.com initially said that after a few days the website would reopen.

Today a new email message was sent that more or less says that DN.com will be closed indefinitely. Because of government requirements the website will remain closed for several days more. DN.com asks for patience that is never a good thing.

If you need access to your account you can go to admin.dn.com that seems functioning. You can contact service@dn.com if you have any questions.

A reader left a comment that the website dnd.com had the same content as dn.com while it had a different company name and phone number. I visited it yesterday and that was true. Today it just says “403 Forbidden”. Strange…

Here is the complete message from DN.com:

Dear Clients,

Last week, DN.com website was temporary closed for modifying the entity, and for the requirements of the government, the website will remain closed for several days more. Please keep informed that admin.dn.com is available to you with all functions. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact service@dn.com and we shall serve you timely.

Due to the sudden change, we have received many inquiries and concerns, thank you for all your support and love to DN.com. Once entity modification is completed, DN.com will be back on.

Spring is the time for giving birth to the newborns, DN.com is also gaining momentum for a new start. Let?s wait patiently and expect DN.com?s new return. Thanks again!

Warmly Regards,

DN.com Team

UPDATE: DN.com came back up a few hours later. Read more here.


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  1. DN.com is working for me I’m able to login and see all the account details.
    What made you think its closed down Indefinitely, while the email clearly states to have patience and wait for some days?

    • Last week, DN.com website was temporary closed for modifying the entity, and for the requirements of the government, the website will remain closed for several days more.

      “Was” temporary closed […] the website will remain closed for “several days” more.

      Indefinitely means “for an unlimited or unspecified period of time.”. The time is not specified in the email.

  2. Hey Konstantinos, I just went to the site and its alive and well it seems. Give it a try again or perhaps a network routing issue is blocking it for you? But it looks OK from my end.

  3. It’s good for domain traders that have an escrow company that is strictly regulated by the government. I just hope it’s not INDEFINITELY.

  4. Play your cards safely

    I don’t know about everyone else but I’m not a fan of playing Chinese roulette. Just look at the Shanghai exchange and the crazy property markets. Escrow.com has treated me well.

  5. seems to be online again

  6. Ha. Your indefinitely lasted a couple hours. Time to edit and not let the real info be in the comments

  7. Then write that article. Write how you don’t trust them to stay up or trust them in general. Don’t say they are down indefinitely when clearly they are not.

    • Shane read their email. They said they will be down for several days because of goverment issues. These especially in China don’t resolve in 2 hours. If they are up for a few hours I will not be writing an article. I will wait and see what happens.

    • They are just up for show, they are not transacting anything, they are trying to save face.

      When it comes to Financial Institutions like this, and to use that kind of cryptic wording, you have to sound the alarms, you don’t want them holding your domains, or money, and have their assets frozen.

      What is your recourse when it comes to China, unless you got 5 figures to burn trying to get traction, you best use escrow.com

      4.cn has been cold for a very long time, how hard is it to have a western ambassador.

      The government cannot be happy to see those kind of dollars leaving the country, I think they got serious issues, what is this talk about DND.com, looks like they are getting ready to cut their losses, and start over if need be.

  8. It just looks like you are looking for a headline when you word it the way you have
    “DN.com Closed Indefinitely!!!” then you goto the website and its up and working fine

    Maybe if you changed your !!! to ??? it would be a lot closer to the truth

  9. Maybe we have different definitions of the word “indefinitely”
    I read other sites review of DN going down for a few days then I saw your post.. and was like.. wow they closed ? as the other site said they simply were down for 4 days and were working to go back online. Then I read what you said.. as was pretty confused as you simply made a guess.

    You might be 100% correct, but it feels like you are predicting something based on a feeling you have about the site not based on much else

    Either way I will ask someone from China with some actual knowledge to see what they say

  10. Didn’t I say that DN was shutdown by the Communist Party of China~!!!

    I have contacts in the corrupted party.

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