.Bank Releases 1 & 2 Character Domains For $2,500 Per Year

The fTLD registry posted two Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to allocate previously reserved names in .BANK and details are available at https://www.ftld.com/request-for-proposal-rfp-to-allocate-reserved-names/.

Here are some RFP highlights:
–  Proposals for Domain(s) of Interest must be received by 21:00:00 UTC on April 1, 2016.
–  Proposals for all single-character and certain two-letter Domain(s) of Interest are subject to a non-refundable administrative processing fee of USD $500 per domain sought and a premium registration/renewal/transfer fee of USD $2500. Fee remittance instructions are provided with the RFP details.
–  Contention among qualified applicants for the same Domain(s) of Interest will be resolved by an auction.
–  All winners, be they from an RFP or auction process, will be required to sign the RFP Agreement noted in the posting.

Details are available at https://www.ftld.com/request-for-proposal-rfp-to-allocate-reserved-names/.


fTLD recently updated its website (https://www.ftld.com/) to include details about the launch of .INSURANCE including, but not limited to, the projected timeline, FAQ (general and for registrars), Registry Policies/Requirements and the non-exhaustive list of Registry Operator Reserved Names. They have also started the contracting process with registrars to support .INSURANCE and names are being added to the list at https://www.ftld.com/approved-registrars/ as they complete the process with fTLD.


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