Owner Of PrayForParis.com Offers 20% Of Profits To The French Red Cross

prayforparisThe owner of a clothing company that had the misfortune or luck (depending on how you see it) to be named Pray For Paris is now offering 20% of its profits to the French Red Cross.

The owner registered the domain name PrayForParis.com back in 2011.

The fashion company, based in Northern Ireland, saw a surge of traffic directed to its website after the unfortunate and tragic events that happened on the 13th of November in Paris.


The owner temporarily disabled the website before he decided to put it back up and offer 20% of the profits to the Red Cross.

The domain name prayfor.paris was registered by someone from France on the day of the events and is urging visitors to honor the victims by putting a candle on the edge of their window.



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