Videos From Sedo’s Booth @dmexco 2015

sedoAt the dmexco show that took place from Sept. 16 to Sept. 17 in Cologne (Germany), Sedo had a great turnout to the booth and the fair traffic was at a constant flow throughout the two days with more than 40,000 visitors from online and digital marketing industry.

There were lots of good discussions with many attendees including those representing digital marketing and advertising agencies as well as other multipliers all interested in domain offerings and Sedo’s services to obtain top premium names for their clients’ campaigns.

On a bonus note, Sedo was located directly across from the Vice booth which is the alternative news agency with a successful show running on HBO. Their booth certainly attracted a “hip” crowd and Sedo was able to entice people to come over with its gTLD-topped frozen yogurt. Many tasty cool treats were served while educating all about what’s new in domains in addition to what’s now available to the right of the dot. Registry partners representing their TLDs such as .trading, .marketing, .beer, .news, .club and more were there in person sharing Sedo’s large booth space interacting with visitors.


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