Is (Once Again) Officially Suspended For Good!

usOn August 17, 2015 the Stakeholder Council met. The Council carefully considered the report on the domain and unanimously recommended that the requirement be suspended for the life of the Neustar .us contract.

Back in January an Education Advisory Committee recommended that should remain suspended.

usTLD Stakeholder Council Minutes August 17, 2015

Scott Harris introduced the general business items. This included discussing the next steps for the suspension recommendation and a report on the suggestion regarding publishing usTLD statistics on the Neustar website. Prior to the call, a draft of the suspension letter had been circulated for Council review. The Council approved the correspondence as drafted and circulated. Mr. Harris moved to sign it and send it along to the Secretariat on the Council’s behalf. The Council unanimously agreed.


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  1. It’s pretty obvious why is was suspended it is not the widely known .IO extension. The domainer community has happily turned it’s back on a great cctld for a shining star such as the great .IO extension…because the indian ocean means any f*ing thing….io is s*t… Fu*g PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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