.Club Day 1 Domain Name Renewal Rate Was 74.98%

club-new-gtldThe .Club registry announced that its day 1 renewal rate was 74.98%.

.Club launched on May 7th, 2014. There were 26K .club domain names sold on the first day and a total of  32K in first 24 hours.

I guess the 24-hour renewal rate is a bit lower than 74.98%.

Donuts, the only other New gTLD registry to release renewal rates, had an estimated 70% renewal rate on General Availability domains. But that was across many strings.

.Club has started auctioning 10,000 expired or expiring domain names at Snapnames.


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  1. Sound similar to donuts early reports or maybe a bit worse. I would think they’ll be heading for a rate around 60% or so.

    • It could be… But I just realized that this rate could mean nothing at all.
      There was someone on day 1 that registered 30% of the domains: 7,572 .club domain names.
      I just checked 25 domains and he has dropped 13 of them.
      I believe he dropped all 494 of the *****club.club domains he had.
      I estimate his renewal rate at lower than 40%. Maybe even a lot lower.

  2. Yes, 74.98 on its way down to zero. Just my opinion and not nearly that of the management or its advertisers.

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