ccTLD Community Pulls Together To Face Upcoming Challenges

centrCENTR Board members and Management gathered in Florence on 11-12 May 2015 for a strategic retreat with the aim of defining long-term strategy plans for the organisation.

After having reviewed and assessed the current environment and service levels, the Board acknowledged and agreed on the following:
  • The cohesion among CENTR members and their expertise remain the key strength of the CENTR community. This cohesion should be fostered through consistency in handling membership applications.
  • All action points identified in the conclusions of last year’s strategic retreat were addressed appropriately.
  • The CENTR Secretariat is progressing well in achieving the 2015 Strategy Plan goals. In particular we note improvements in reports and publications and the profiling of the organisation as the centre of excellence for ccTLD/DNS related matters, e.g. through the recent EC training and the strong interaction with its membership and Internet organisations regarding the current debates such as the IANA stewardship transition.
  • The DNS environment is currently going through major challenges and changes, including, but not limited to, the IANA Stewardship transition, the ICANN accountability review process and the renewal of the IGF mandate. CENTR has been playing a leading role in keeping its membership informed and will continue to do so in the future.
  • The domain name market is likely to be impacted by significant industry changes in the mid-term that may affect the capacity of CENTR members to keep their commitment to the organisation at the current level. Therefore, the Secretariat should continue to monitor the evolution of the market and provide a yearly in-depth market analysis to the Board and membership.
  • Considering the initiatives that have already been deployed at educational level, the Secretariat will produce a more structured strategy for dealing with the EU institutions. Furthermore, the Secretariat will prepare and deploy a communication strategy that supports the organisations priorities and membership needs. Both the EU and communication strategies will be presented at the next GA in Brussels.
  • The role of observers was discussed further. The Secretariat is tasked to further investigate this matter and design a proposal to be presented at the next GA.
  • Considering the time spent by the Secretariat in following and attending international meetings like ICANN, the Secretariat should assess the value of this engagement with its membership and eventually, streamline and/or optimise it in the coming years, taking into account the possible new configuration of the IGF meetings and the already approved new ICANN meeting structure.
  • The Secretariat was instructed to look for ways to optimise future costs relating to CENTR GA´s and Jamboree meetings. The objective: to keep costs at a level where no member feels that being a host for a GA or Jamboree would be unnecessary burdensome.
Together with the input from CENTR members, for which information will be gathered over the coming months, these conclusions will form the basis of the Strategic Plan and 2016 Budget for CENTR.The CENTR Board members
Giovanni Seppia (Chair)
Elisabeth Ekstrand
Lise Fuhr
Danko Jevtović

Richard Wein (Treasurer)


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