Most Of The $2,500 .Sucks Domains Have Their .Com Available To Register

sucksA previous post contained a list of 89 .sucks domain names that have been registered by trademark holders during the first few days of the sunrise period for .sucks.

Here is what a search for the corresponding .com domains revealed:

  • 46 of the 89 .com are available to register. e.g.
  • A couple domains are expired or dropping. e.g.
  • Most of the registered .com domains are owned by the trademark holders. e.g.,,,
  • Domains not registered by the trademark holder are very few and even fewer are being used:

This is simply ridiculous situation and guess who’s fault is this mess? It is not the .Sucks registry’s fault. It is the “brand protection” registrars’s fault.

I don’t get what is this “sucks” fixation that brand protection companies and the media have. Nobody cares about “sucks” domains. NOBODY! When someone writes an article saying that “brands are fearing the new .sucks domains” they are actually quoting the “brand protection” agencies that are spreading the fear. The fear that drives these $2,500 registrations. This whole New gTLD program is the “brand protection” agency dream come true!

I am only writing these posts because I am fascinated by these $2,500 domains being registered.

If you think a company “sucks” and you want to create a “sucks” website you can just buy any domain you want. You don’t need a .sucks domain name and not even a .com domain name. It is not like you are building a brand on it or something like that. Most of the times these are websites with an expiration date.

More on this “sucks” craze coming soon…

Here is the list of available ***** domain names:

I guess a few will be registered after this post because some people can’t help it and want to go wasting their money. Please don’t.


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  1. Wow. $2,000+ per year to register .sucks when .com is available? Absolutely crazy and major fail. Goes to show how much of a waste of money .sucks is.

    “It is the “brand protection” registrars’s fault.”

    ^ I have to disagree with you on that one. Both MarkMonitor and CSC have been publicly advising brands to think twice before registering their trademarks in .sucks. Unless the registrars are actually registering the domains for the brands (which doesn’t happen with $2,000 registrations), I just don’t see how you could blame anyone but the brands themselves.

    • Looks like my examples in the first sentence were removed for some reason. Either way, you get the point

    • The brands are not making the decision. They are being charged by “brand protection” agencies to make the decisions.

      And I think you heard wrong. Despite some complaints about the high registration fee Mark Monitor advices registering .sucks domain names:
      “There is a big part of me that would like to tell brands to simply walk away, and to forgo any registrations in this TLD. However, when I think of the fallout that could occur within our clients’ companies when .SUCKS sites start popping up, I cannot in good faith recommend this approach. Furthermore, I believe that recovery of these domains using traditional methods will be extremely difficult.”

  2. This is actually quite different because, as you pointed out, the .com space is all over the map. Some are names are registered, some are available, while a handful have protest sites up, and no two of those sites are the same. Enter the new .sucks domain, an open-space that comes with a forum to make it easy to publish your grievance. There is a rumored low price point for consumers coming in September, that promises to make it cheap and simple for disgruntled people to publish their complaint before their beer-buzz wears off. That, married with with the uniformity of the product and availability of any name in a new and open space, along with some additional UDRP protection if combined with that protest portal, makes this more like a “platform” and quite different from established spaces like .com, where most names are taken, owned by different people and easy to UDRP. Brands see that underlying difference as a problem and are buying the names for that premium price the one hand, while trying to shut the whole exercise down on the other. It will be interesting to see if they are successful.

    • Sorry but I don’t really get what you say here.
      .com is all over the map? What does this mean?

      .Sucks domains are going to be more expensive than a .com. >$25.

      This is what this post is about. “Sucks” domain names are available in .com and other tlds as it is. You don’t need a .sucks to publish your complaints.
      There is no additional UDRP protection other than what sucks .com domains already have.
      And .sucks are going to be owned by different people as .com.

      .Sucks is not shutting down.

  3. Most of the * domains are available too!

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