This is How Tim Culpepper Got Domain.Buzz

domain-buzzThis is a story on how a domain investor can acquire a domain name he wants from another domain investor, without breaking the bank.

I talked to Tim a few weeks back and I asked him how he got the Domain.Buzz. I would think that it would be a reserved domain name by the .buzz registry. I wanted to know if he was on a founders program or something similar. But his story was very interesting.

Yesterday, I wrote about Tim Culpepper, a Military Intelligence officer in the U.S. Army and a domain investor operating out of San Antonio, Texas, launched Domain.Buzz.

This is how he got the domain name Domain.Buzz:
“I had my eyes on both Domain.BUZZ and Domainer.BUZZ… I approached both owners to see what their price was. Sent an email to the whois contact for both domains. Both were under privacy so I didn’t know who the owners were. ”

“The owner of Domainer.BUZZ responded first. And I was very pleased to get an email from Bill Doshier, the CEO of DotStrategy, which is of course the registry for the .BUZZ TLD! He is the owner of Domainer.BUZZ…
So we traded a few emails. Talked about the future of .BUZZ… and nearly did the deal.
Then the owner of Domain.BUZZ replied to my inquiry. Bill Doshier agreed that Domain.BUZZ is a better name than Domainer.BUZZ, so he wished me luck as I pursued the better name.”
“I have a very high opinion of him (Bill Doshier) based on my interaction with him. He’s going to do some amazing things with the .BUZZ registry.”
“The owner of Domain.BUZZ acquired the domain last year during the NameJet premium .BUZZ auction in May.
We discussed price and couldn’t come to an agreement. He wanted $2500, which is a fair price, but I still didn’t want to pay that much. I had just spent a lot of money on a…”
“So I had an idea. I looked at the seller’s portfolio to see what kind of domains he thinks are valuable.
I then sent him a list of thirty of my hand regs that were very similar to the domains in his portfolio. And told him I would trade two of them for Domain.BUZZ. Plus I sweetened the deal with $500 cash.
He picked two domains that he really liked and we did the deal.
Offering to trade domains rarely works. But adding a little cash to the deal is often all that’s needed.
Anyway, we were both very happy with the deal. In fact, that’s the best kind of deal… when both buyer and seller feel that they got a good deal.”
I found out that the seller of Domain.Buzz had bought the domain name for just $100 at the premium .buzz auction.

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