Sedo Celebrates The .Com Anniversary With A Website & Infographic

sedoSedo created a .Com anniversary website at and a .Com anniversary infographic.

“Sedo, the leading marketplace to buy, sell and park domains, congratulates .com on its 30th anniversary and along with the well wishes, provides some insight on the outstanding performance that .com has established in the aftermarket during its history*. Once again, the numbers and facts from Sedo’s research make it obvious that .com is clearly the King and Queen of TLDs to date.

With more than 18 million domains for sale, Sedo offers end users all over the world the largest and best inventory of premium domains. Did you know that half of Sedo’s for sale inventory, approximately 9 million domains, are .com domains? This huge availability of domains for sale at Sedo represents almost 8% of all the .com domains registered to date. .Com has demonstrated its strength and dominance time and time again even with the introduction of a whole new suite of extensions now on the market. With more than 200 different TLDs, under which domains have been sold at Sedo, .com sales resulted in more than 50% of all marketplace sales showing a continuing interest among buyers over the years.

While was the highest .com sale at Sedo, there are even more .com premium names still available. Sedo’s brokerage team has compiled a wide array of .com domains that are exclusively for sale. Learn more about these names such as, and on Sedo’s .Com anniversary website:

“Our market experience over the last 15 years has shown that .com has always been a great contributor to sales volume and values. Even with the periods of change the internet landscape has undergone in general and specifically the domain industry– as what’s happening right now and during the last few years –.com remains supreme,” said Tobias Flaitz, CEO of Sedo. “Sedo has maintained its status as the world’s leading domain name marketplace with the help of .com’s success, so we also feel a sense of achievement in its 30th anniversary milestone.”

Sedo not only has been a provider of marketplace services where .com domains have been bought and sold, but also incredibly 2.5 million .com names from 4 million domain names are parked with Sedo.

Sedo has collected even more stats like this in the .Com anniversary infographic that prove .com is domain royalty at Sedo and beyond.

*This information is based on an eight year time span because our data is correlated on the availability of consistent data over a period of time.”



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  1. Ummm that Infographic does not celebrate .com at all, it’s all about Sedo

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