Isn’t This The Controversy Go Daddy Wanted With Its Superbowl Ad? (video)

godaddyI don’t believe that the people at Go Daddy didn’t know that this would happen. No way.

Go Daddy’s Superbowl 2015 ad was published today and it is causing a bit of a controversy. The video at already has more than 100 comments and a lot of people find the ad offensive.

Here is a sample of the comments:
“Horrendous advert MASSIVE DISLIKE!! ”

“This is just another HSUS inspired commercial to hurt the breeders of puppies who supply pets for the American public.  How dare you depict breeders who love and care for their puppies in this way.  Quality breeders would never allow our pups to ride in the back of a pickup truck nor would we be sitting at home waiting for that pup to find his way home.  Disgusted.  Just one more reason I pulled my GoDaddy subscription!”

“If you don’t remove this video, I will cancel all my websites and business and go elsewhere, dislike, Dog owner/trainer”

“Absolutely unconscionable! This smacks of a complete lack of empathy, compassion or of understanding the issues currently at hand regarding animal welfare. How blatantly ignorant. On top of this, a RESPONSIBLE breeder would never a) transport a pup in an open pickup bed; b) put puppies up for sale online. Only mass-producers and breeders who only care about profit would do this. How disgusting!”

But isn’t this really what Go Daddy wants? Publicity. And this is what they say: “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

Yes they might lose a few customers but everybody will remember GODADDY in a few months and very few will remember this ad.

“Buddy’s an adorable pup who’s lost and all alone. Gabby owns a business that needs a hand… or paw.” See what happens next:


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  1. There is a different between controversial, or edgy to being loathed on a very emotional level.

    This is not going to end well for Godaddy

    • Sure but I love dogs and didn’t find it offensive.
      I understand that it is an ad and has some humor in it.

      • Do we dare express our opinion that the ad was clever, cute, funny, and not even remotely offensive? We’d be boycotted too!

        Jarring, but that’s good for the soul. Those of us with a sense of humor refer to such things as punch lines.

        Hey, folks, the fictional puppy will be ok.

        If you’re offended by someone buying a puppy from a dog breeder, then there must be millions of caring pet owners whom you logically ought to be following around the street with protest signs and megaphones, shouting condemnaton as they walk their dogs or play fetch.

        Plenty of genuine moral atrocities struggle to get 1% this much of a public outcry. Ridiculous!

      • Well, I don’t really care if I am boycotted.

        “Plenty of genuine moral atrocities struggle to get 1% this much of a public outcry. Ridiculous!”

  2. There is already many comments on the Internet suggesting to boycott Godaddy’s customers. Those small business’s that use Godaddy’s services , the one’s their targeting in advertising, already have an opposition without even being involved….Currently, I host and use Godaddy’s ecommerce services….It’s unsettling to know I could lose a customer just for being associated with Godaddy’s services…….

  3. We all laughed at it here in the office. And we all love and have pets. Catches you totally off guard and in my opinion is merely snarky humor. Completely different than the mindless plays on people’s love for all things cute that are over the air during the Superbowl. I think they got exactly what they wanted and that’s your attention. Already a home run. And the baseball was made of animal skin.

  4. My dogs cried after watching the commercial. Therefore, the campaign is a success.

  5. There is a difference between being controversial and being offensive. Controversial gets people talking around the theoretical water cooler debating back and forth.

    If you have commercial where you call an African American the N word 5 times that is not Controversial, that is offensive.

    For $5+ Million dollars someone should have know the difference

  6. Granted, GoDaddy would be wise to do some focus group research on its SuperBowl ads to ensure they work as intended. Maybe they didn’t; maybe they did.

    Granted, as well, that some people have been offended by the ad … or have been stirred up to feel offended prior to watching it. Probably both.

    Still, what most offends me is that people who are offended by this ad are getting their way by imposing their radical, humorless misinterpretation on the rest of us. They’re free to dislike it. They’re free to despise me for liking it. They’re not free to pose as arbiters of universal morality or pretend that this trivial incident matters. It does not.

    I can see no rational reason why this ad ought to offend people. Anything whatsoever will offend some fringe group, but I’m shocked by the reaction this commercial is receiving. It’s cute. It’s funny. It’s perfectly fine.

    People ought to vent their spleen on War or Genocide or Fraud or Human Trafficking or even Animal Abuse.

    Selling a puppy is not the same as saying the N word in a commercial.

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