GMO Internet Rebrands As Buying The Domain For $6.8 Million

z-comGMO Internet Group, Japan’s leading provider of Internet services, today announced plans to unify its global strategy under the brand name,

GMO has acquired the domain name ‘’ for a reported ¥800 million (~$6.8 million) from Nissan USA. Nissan has been selling the Nissan Z car from 1969 up to today.

“As GMO Internet Group expands its global presence we aim to build our core values and objectives into the brand. ”

“Since its founding in 1991, GMO Internet was built on a desire to contribute to society by helping to enrich the Internet, bringing both enjoyment and value to our customers, and creating and nurturing Internet innovation and culture. These are the values on which we have built industry-leading products in Japan, and these are the same values that we take with us as we grow and expand into new markets.”

“In Japan, GMO Internet Group is recognized as one of the country’s leading providers in domain registration, hosting, ecommerce, payment, online security and online FX trading. Now, as we bring our suite of market-leading products to the global market we needed a simple and clear brand that would speak to the global community and communicate value. The Group will consolidate global services under to create a new brand representative of the Group’s corporate philosophy and values.”

“ is one of only three single-character domain names available in the .com namespace, and one of only six ASCII single-character names in legacy generic Top Level Domains. is one the simplest, most memorable domain names on the Internet and offers unparalleled marketing opportunity and branding potential. We expect to be a powerful tool as we forge new ground in the global market place.”

“As the last letter in the alphabet, Z represents “the ultimate”. A graph with an x-axis and a y-axis is just a flat 2D image, but adding a z -axis gives it a third dimension. We think Z makes the perfect symbol to represent our corporate philosophy and leading-edge products.”

“As the world’s most widely used and widely recognized TLD, .com was the natural choice for a global brand. Securing one of only three single-character names available in the space will allow us to build a brand that is instantly recognizable and identifiable around the world and that will come to represent outstanding services.”

“GMO Internet Group has already established local presences in 16 countries, predominantly in Asia and Europe. Going forward the Group will bring existing global service brands in domain, hosting, FX and other areas under the unified brand.”


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Kosta, you should have bought it! 🙂
    That would have been your new brand … Z for Zournas! 😉

  2. So now they’re officially domainers. Maybe now Nissan will spend some of that cash to buy

  3. Very bad marketing decision by Nissan…Great pick up for GMO Internet…GMO Internet has to rebrand, with the movement against “GMO food” gaining more traction, they were left with no choice as that acronym is tainted ….Apparently, Nissan just doesn’t get it, they could have made ten fold with that domain by using strategic direct marketing campaign for their signature model sports car….

  4. They are currently operating on and is owned by a global investment firm with $120 billion of assets under management. It’s unlikely they could buy, so a new brand may be better.

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