Donuts Exceeds 1 Million Domains (A 6,803 Domain Avegare For The 147 New gTLDs)

donutsDonuts released its latest newsletter and announced that it has brought 147 new gTLDs to the public, “offering more choice, specificity and meaningfulness to businesses and individuals worldwide”.

They also announced that they exceeded 1,000,000 registered domains this month:
“With over 960,000 registered domains in the wild, we’re excited to exceed the 1,000,000registered domains milestone this month!”

That is an average of about 6,803 domains for each one of the 147 Donuts New gTLD domain extensions.

The Donuts Team traveled to Cologne, Germany for the Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference (DMEXCO) and also to Las Vegas for the Interbike and Mr. Olympia trade shows. The events were very well attended, with a combined attendance of over 100,000.

Donuts will attend the ICANN 51 at Los Angeles, California on October 12-16.

Donuts gTLD General Availability Launches for October:

October 1

October 15


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. I wonder if these number can sustain after the drops, the first few rounds had lots of speculation, and TM violations.

    • I don’t think that there was a lot of speculation. How many domains do you think that domainers own in .guru?
      I wouldn’t say that it is more than 5%. I own 1 or 2.
      Maybe there were more than usual novelty domains especially in .guru that was the first out.
      TM violations also seem pretty low to me compared with .com because of no benefits (PPC etc.) and high registrations prices.

      Of course we will see a significant drop (10% or more) because the novelty will wear off but these will recuperate after a few months.

      • Do you visit Lots of newb domainers who bought all kinds of stuff in the first new gtld releases. i even spoke to some non domainers who bought 20-30-50 of the first releases because they thought it was a new gold rush or something. i don’t see many of these people renewing.

      • 200 newbies with 25 domains each is 5000 domains. That is nothing compared to 2 million registrations.
        Forums are not representative of the registration trends.

        Most of the non domainers will renew their domains as it always happens.
        This is nothing new. People buy good domains and they buy shitty domains.
        Most of the times they renew both.

  2. I get a kick out of Donuts.

    It’s so hypocritical for them to imply that having a specific, meaningful name is important to a business, while they are using a name which only has “specificity and meaningfulness” to people looking for a snack to go with their coffee.

    It’s even more hypocritical than calling themselves something with no meaning. So, essentially they are saying the web is full of ambiguity and confusion in domains, so we are going to help people get a meaningful name… except for the cool people who not only use strange names, but .co.

  3. Consider any TLD to be a stock. It will have its ups and downs. Do not put all your eggs in one basket, and do some research prior to investing in any gTLD. Everyone has an opinion about any stock, the same with domains and TLDs. My current focus is dot .Link.

    • personally i think focusing on any specific tld is a waste of time. its all about great word combos, no matter the extension.

      • Right now, for many word combinations, the extension is still a major factor. For example if you had:

        SomthingMarket.Com vs Something.Market, I’d still say the .Com is far more valuable.

        If you factor out the .com, then compared the potential values of these, it would be hard to consider them equal.


        Among those, if I ran a radio, TV or other media spot, although most would still leak traffic to the .Com, I would think the one that would leak the least would be the .net, followed by .info because some people are familiar with those. The rest would leak traffic equally, so I’d rank the values of .Net much higher than .xyz.

        That said, the value of the .Com would be at least 100 times higher than the rest… combined.

  4. >.link, and .net are very similar, I would register a .net first. Saving $1-2 on registration cost is of nil effect.

    What happens when .links comes out, or something like .connect, or .uplink, .downlink… the dilution factor is endless.

    GTLD’s will do what they will do, but there is so much unknown clouding the situation, most would be traded as penny stocks, and not blue chips. With the penny stocks their is always massive manipulation, and volume swings.

    • My opinion on gTLDs is that the generic ones .web, .link are only good for the very best 1 word domains.
      All the other niche gTLDs are good for certain 2 word combinations like or
      All the others that don’t make sense or have no search volume will not do good.

  5. fu off with the old com system. forget everything about it if u want to make business with ngtlds !
    i made so many mistakes and lost a lot of time because of comparing with the com system

    buy nice.names ! thats it
    for example
    this is a nice domain. why should i compare it with others

    and if u see a name with a good search volume. buy it
    yes, this is truly a long ugly name but its realestate and the searchvolume is good. why should i compare it with something else

    in my opinion there is nothing more atm.

  6. Hi Konsta, One big question I have regarding the new gtlds is what will happen to all of the domains that are registered if a registry goes out of business or bankrupt? For example, if .rich goes bankrupt or out of business, what will happen to all of the .rich domains that have been registered? Would they just go away or would the registrants be allowed to keep them and continuing to renew them? Will ICANN absorb all of the failed new gtlds, or will a process be formed for failed gtlds that is similar to the drop program for domains so that other registries could pick them up?

  7. @V Subhash

    Nothing would change since by default other registries will take over the gtld. They might get it for a bargain, perhaps change pricing if it was too expensive etc. At the end the registrant has nothing to worry about 🙂

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