DropCatch.com Gives Access To Its Domain Backordering API

DropCatch.com announced today that it has opened it’s domain name backordering API to it’s customers. DropCatch.com has exposed 2 API functions so that you can programmatically backorder domains. This feature makes use of NameBright.com API accounts, and is very similar to using the REST endpoint for the NameBright.com API.

We’ve frequently fielded customer requests for API access to DropCatch.com’s backordering service. Well, here you go! We’ve just exposed 2 API endpoints to support backordering domains and canceling open backorders. We have examples using both C# for Windows users and plain old curl from a bash console to get you started on *nix.

Read more here: https://github.com/NameBright/DropCatchBackorderExamples


  1. A NameBright.com account. Create one here: https://www.namebright.com/NewAccount
  2. The NameBright.com account must be activated for API access. Start this process here: https://www.namebright.com/Settings#Api
  3. Your API account in NameBright.com must have the “Register Domains” permission.
  4. Your API account must have an IP whitelist defined.
  5. You must have logged into DropCatch.com using your NameBright.com credentials at least once.
  6. Before calling the API functions, you must retrieve a bearer token from the NameBright auth endpoint (see the examples).

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