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wwd2014The first World Domain Day conference started on Sunday the 24th August at the Avasa Hotel, High Tech City, Hyderbad, India and ends today but Snapnames auction is under way and ends tomorrow.

WDD (World Domain Day) is an international event for the promotion of domain names and to educate people on building successful online businesses.

In conjunction with the event WDD is holding an online auction for premium domains. This auction is hosted at Please find below the list of domains in the auction. The list was published on the WWD website but some of the domains are not present in the Snapnames website. The auction ends on Wednesday. So far 4 domains have bids but only one domain has met the reserve.

Section 1: .COM & Older gTLDs: [$5k-$10k] [$25k-$50k] [$500-$1k] [$5k-$10k] [NO RESERVE] [Awaited] [$25k-$50k] [$2.5k-$5k] [$1k-$2.5k] [$25k-$50k] [$25k-$50k] [No Reserve] [$5k-$10k] [$5k-$10k] [$1k-$2.5k] [$25k-$50k] [$25k-$50k] [$2.5k-$5k] [$100k-$250k] [$25k-$50k] [$100k+] [$25k-$50k] [$25k-$50k] [$25k-$50k] [$5k-$10k] [$50k-$100k] [NO RESERVE] [$2.5k-$5k] [$100k+] [$100k+] [$500-$1k] [$50k-$100k] [Awaited] [$1k-$2.5k] [No Reserve] [$10k-$25k] [$10k-$25k] [$25k-$50k] [$50k-$100k] [$2.5k-$5k] [$25k-$50k] [$25k-$50k][$5k-$10k][$2k-$5k] [$100k+] [$1k-$2.5k] [$10k-$25k] [$5k-$10k] [NO RESERVE][$2k-$5k] [$100k+] [$10k-$25k] [$100k-$250k][$50k-$100k] [$500-$1000] [$1k-$2k] [$2k-$5k] [$50k-$100k] [Awaited] [$2.5k-$5k] [$25k-$50k] [$50k-$100k] [$100-$500][$10k-$25k] [$50k-$100k][$1k-$2k] [No Reserve] [$10k-$25k][$10k-$25k] [$1k-$2.5k] [$25k-$50k] [$50k-$100k][$2k-$5k] [Awaited] [No Reserve] [$50k-$100k] [$100k+] [$100-$500][$50k-$100k] [$25k-$50k] [$1k-$2.5k] [Awaited] [$500-$1000] [$250k-$500k][$100k] [$500-$1k] [$10k-$25k] [$100k+] [Awaited] [$50k-$100k] [$5k-$10k] [$5k-$10k] [$10k-$25k][$1k-$2k] [$25k-$50k] [$1k-$2.5k][$10k-$25k]

Section 2: .INs
Update 21st Aug: We have to pull out .IN names from auction, following an advisory from the .IN registry asking not to auction .IN names.

Section 3: New gTLDs

Brokerage.Services [$10k-$25k] [$50k-$100k] I.Careers [$10k-$25k] I.Photography [$25k-$50k] USA.Services [$10k-$25k] Smart.Glass [$25k-$50k] Toppers.Club [$500-$1k] Social.Pink [No Reserve]


1. WDD.Auction is being hosted by on their website and is subject to their standard T&C.

2. Commissions would be 15%, just like for other SnapNames auctions.

3. Bidders can bid online from anywhere in the world.

4. Auction Bidding Link:;storeName=event


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