$80,000 Domain Name “Trade.Domains” Only Has A $125 Bid At Flippa

A few months back on a post called “Post Your Best New gTLD Domain Name“, that has over 300 comments, a reader claimed that he had an offer for his domain name Trade.Domains for $80,000 that he declined because he thought his domain was worth a lot more.

The Flippa auction that features Trade.Domains and 20 others ends in less than an hour. The highest bid so far is $125 and the reserve has not been met. There are some decent domain in there but I don’t think that the sellers expectations will be met: “so this small portfolio of 20 domains may have a value between $200K & $1 million USD if domains are sold separately to end-users.

Here are a few of his comments on my post from March:

“Trade.domains is not for domainers. Is for an end user and worth as low $1,000,000”

“This is a name for big companies not for everybody! for $185K you can get your own extension but NOT “Trade.domains””

“I dont need f****g $80,000 because I sell 50-60 domain names per year, some of them in 5 figures so I just need to jump to 6 & 7 figures OK ???”

“I just received 2 bid´s at SEDO.com from somebody from INDIA (first bid $25,000 & second bid $80,000) but I declined both becuse I thing the domain has huge potential so I expect higher offers.”

If the Flippa auction reserve is set where I think it is set then I don’t expect these 20 domains to sell today. Don’t get me wrong but I don’t think that Trade.Domains is worth $80,000 and I just believe that the Sedo bid from India was bogus. It is also worth more than $125 especially with the 20 other domains bundled.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. I stopped reading his portfolio when I saw an .XYZ domain in there.

  2. I’ve seen more Flippa sales reported but have been cautious because of the fees. Most domain auctions do not result in a sale so it seems that a Flippa auction would be risky. Thoughts?

    • I have only listed 1 domain at Flippa so this is no big sample.
      Will try listing a few .info in the next couple of months as they do pretty well at Flippa.

    • Risky how? Let’s talk.

      • The “risk” is for both the buyer and seller. There remains many domain sales not completing or not closing at auctions due to “non paying buyers” and/or “non transferring sellers”. All auction platforms have this “risk”. To deny that “risk” would be foolish to any domain investor.

  3. I know, i won it . unfortunately I didn’t meet the reserve

  4. this is a case where less is more and adding worthless domains to one good one does not increase the bidding only the reserve. The other domains were crap IMHO and not worth the cost of renewing if I bought the lot I would have only taken trade.domains, the rest would I guess just sit where they are and expired

  5. Does anyone know of a domain trading escrow platform? trade.domains is nice though, I could see it fetching 10-20k

  6. I believe 125 USD was a decent offer.
    Many people, inc myself, would not pay anything above 40.00USD

  7. I think the important question is why trade.domains not selling for 80k, 100k, or more. It is a good domain name that can be used as the cornerstone of a successful business that earns many times the cost in revenue. I think its failure to sell at a decent price shows considerable weakness in the gTLD aftermarket, or the lack thereof. Very few gTLD sales are being reported on DNJournal.com.

    Many companies with trademarks are trying to use UDRPs and the URS to take generic terms from domain name investors, rather than registering the domain names they need for their business. I think this will negatively impact the gTLD expansion on all levels, unless the issue is properly addressed by ICANN. I do not believe a company should be entitled to the same 2, 3, or 4 letter acronym in all 1,000 plus extensions just because they have a trademark. As long as the domain name investor does not register the domain name to extort money from the company, nor uses it to adversely impact the company’s business, domain investors should be able to register domain names in the new gTLDs without being hit with a UDRP on a generic term.

    The registries also need to be much more transparent as to the value of the domain names that they are holding back. Let’s see their lists, and the prices they believe they will fetch for the domain names they are holding back. The gTLD aftermarket has no measuring stick. Investors and end users need more data if an aftermarket is to develop. I believe the greater the transparency of the registries, the more likelihood that aftermarket will develop with sale prices that truly reflect the value of these gTLD domain names.

    • Boy did you ask a serious question that most of us are tending to ignore. If one company can file a UDRP of a generic term and win, I do NOT understand why such term is not automatically put on the restricted or reserved list so buyers knowingly and unknowingly do not buy this domain name.

      I think ICANN is being disingenuous on this matter. If the whole purpose of allowing new gTLDs is to address shortages in usable terms in available domain names, then it should be fair to say that mark holders should NOT have rights to all extensions otherwise, it defeats the whole goal of having a zillion extensions. It should also be pointed out that the job of the mark clearing house, including the sunrise period of claim should be the first and final stand for such claims, exceeding that, mark owners should forfeit the right to such claim thereafter.

    • The reason that trade.domains is not selling for 80k is pretty simple.
      First, it is not worth that much.
      Second, because of the reason all domains (even the best ones) are not sold at once. Domains need the right buyer with the right motivation and the funds to pay the domain.

      The trademark rules are pretty much set for years now. You have the trademark clearinghouse, DPML blocks and sunrise.

      UDRPs are a big problem but are not limited to the New gTLDs but rather all the domains since the UDRP started 15 years ago.

      Where do I sign for this?
      “The registries also need to be much more transparent as to the value of the domain names that they are holding back. Let’s see their lists, and the prices they believe they will fetch for the domain names they are holding back.”
      I agree 100%.

      As for New gTLD sales have a look here for 50+ 5-figure sales and the OnlineDomain.com members section has over 750 4-figure sales and the number keeps growing by the day.

  8. why did he sold it now ?! why did he not wait a year or 5 if nesassary !

    trade.domains !! super match domain

    for sure, it was the best hipe and BS story in here a half a year ago .. but I did not whished that it ends like this .. crazy story all in all

    @darren .. congrats !! 125 ^^ wtf

  9. Trade.domains has just been relisted on Flippa.com and the Buy It Now price is set at $150,000.

  10. Seller can’t seem to make up his mind about the pricing.

  11. Funny people talking about this name being worth 5 figures yet the auction ends at $125. The only thing I can think of to explain this phenomenon is that the people valuing it that high must own a lot of similar names. If they knew what they were doing and genuinely thought it was worth 5 figures they’d be bidding like mad for this name.

    It has been on the market twice, it sold for $200 at a venue where it is going to get top dollar (i.e. sold at launch by the registry), then it has been auctioned again at got $125. The name is clearly not worth 5 figures. It is worth $125.

  12. Trade domains?!?

    Who trades domains?? Nobody does!!

    Don’t take my word for it … let’s look at the evidence:

    NONE of the secondary market platforms have functionality that allows you to ‘trade domains’:
    – Sedo
    – Afternic
    – GoDaddy auctions
    – DomainNameSales

    ~~~ DROP CATCHERS ~~~
    You can NOT trade domains at any of the main drop catchers:
    – Snapnames
    – NameJet
    – Pool

    ~~~ DOMAIN FORUMS ~~~
    Presented below is a quick examination of ‘domain trading’ activity at both DNForum & NamePros. For each, I have listed the names of ALL domain-sales related forums (…organized in decreasing order of the # of forum discussions & messages).

    – DNForum: Has NO “Trade Domains” forum/category.
    – NamePros: Has 1 forum/category where “domain trades” may take place (see the last place forum in the list called “Creative: Finance, Lease or Trade”). However, ONLY 5 discussions have ever taken place in this forum (and NONE are related to trading domains)!

    ~~ DNFORUM.com – Platinum Forums (Domains For Sale) ~~

    ~ # DISCs | # MSSGs | FORUM (Transaction Type) ~
    113402 | 303765 | Fixed price
    72893 | 170453 | Offers wanted
    22539 | 43761 | Auctions
    14324 | 62250 | Developed sites
    11976 | 23281 | ccTLDs & sTLDs
    11388 | 43996 | Offers wanted (≤4 characters)
    11215 | 24636 | Adult domains
    6394 | 16247 | Fixed price (≤4 characters)
    5830 | 43912 | DNF$ (sales & auctions)
    5594 | 26647 | .Ca domains
    4650 | 25064 | Traffic domains
    4150 | 19085 | Auctions ($1 domains)
    4020 | 46029 | Expiring(ed) domains
    2642 | 4550 | Dropping soon
    2506 | 5721 | IDN domains
    2379 | 6820 | Brokers
    75 | 92 | Lease domains
    59 | 136 | Fixed price (accepting bitcoins)
    50 | 122 | .Au domains

    ~~ NAMEPROS.com – Marketplace (All Domains For Sale) ~~

    ~ # DISCs | # MSSGs | FORUM (Transaction Type) ~
    92,624 | 239,679 | Make an Offer
    69,537 | 214,861 | Fixed Price
    38,539 | 220,535 | Domain Auctions
    15,366 | 53,607 | ccTLD
    4,896 | 23,368 | Traffic Statistics Included
    4,448 | 16,419 | Bargain Bin
    2,983 | 14,190 | Top Domains
    1,224 | 3,053 | IDN
    5 | 11 | Creative: Finance, Lease or Trade

    Trade domains?!?

    Who trades domains?? Nobody does (as proved by the evidence above)!!

    So, why would anyone purchase a domain that describes an activity that nobody does!!!


    • All those above TRADE domains, because TRADE / TRADING means: sell, buy, exchange, lease, swap, transfer etc… so it´s what all these company above do:
      TRADING. They all TRADE.domains ….

      • You are partially correct.

        The word ‘trade’ (as a verb) can also mean barter or swap (unfortunately, neither of which is regularly done with domains names). However, as a verb, it is NOT synonymous with buy, sell, or lease.

        The word ‘trade’ (as a noun) can represent a marketplace or an exchange (where the act of buying and selling is done). However, its use here is in reference to a physical space or area (e.g. the trading floor; the clothing trade-mart) or as a means to describe or define a professional/industry based commercial marketplace (e.g. the fur trade; she trades in gold; my father was a jeweler by trade).


    • Just take a look to a FLIPPA email. On the bottom they always wish you:

      “Happy trading”

      because all you are doing on FLIPPA´s website is TRADING / TRADE.domains

  13. 80k? 150k? LOL … that’s a joke …

    Trade.domains is definitely not a premium domain, not high quality, not particularly meaningful keyword-wise, and I see very limited uses for it … there is already a tons of places where you can buy &sell domains, they are growing like mushrooms or flowers … do you remember the tulip bubble or tulip mania? here we are again … lol …
    This guy is another of those would-be “illusionists” who think to make easy big money selling junk (and real junk at least is recyclable and useful) … like those who were/are selling junk stocks …
    When the natural selection will run its course in the domain space as well, all those junk names will be flushed down the toilet …

    As regards “He paid about $200 to buy the domain in EAP day 5.” I think it’s his problem now, overpaying is one of the worst mistake … and I don’t think he got a 80 k offer on it … he’s just trying to pump and dump … 😀

  14. trade.domains is very nice .. check out this blogpost, so many answers .. that tells us how interessting the domain is

    • Well guys I totally disagree with most of you. If you take the time to look at this domain name: Trade.domains it´s a nice, more a very nice domain name, and YES it is a PREMIUM because the registry status is PREMIUM (reneval about $250/year).
      But let me just tell you all something that nobody seems to see:

      -some months ago ZOURNAS dedicated a post to the new gTLDs registration and this post was his most commented and most visited from all his posts and do you now why ??? thanks to domain TRADE.domains wich was commented in about 95% from all comments in that post. This post where I´m commenting right now will be ZOURNAS second most commented and most visited; once more thanks to “TRADE.domains”…So just stop and think: all we find this domain name interesting because we don´t stop talking about him. Good or bad but we keep talking about TRADE.domains I think that the owner got the BEST and FREE exposure available for this domain. FREE MARKETING. I dont know if this is one of the best or the wors domain names but for sure is one that more ATTENTION ATTRACT between bloggers; and thats true. This days everybodys talking about new gTLDs and TRADE.domains CONGRATULATIONS to the TRADE.domains owner because he/she registered one of the most commented domain names in the history of domaining; and if we keep talking about this domain I think that $80K or $150K is small money, this domain is already BRANDED so his value must go up to at least ONE MILLION $$$.

      • Are you the owner of trade.domains?

      • I´m right or not ???

      • Hans Muller AKA Marian Tutelea, probably a Romanian living in Spain …
        He was also offering for sale on DomainInvesting BitcoinValuator.com for $225,000 USD … lol ,,,,

        Domain Name: trade.domains
        Domain ID: 0bcf0c7ce4f64484baa9145cdd6dbce9-D
        WHOIS Server: http://whois.scip.es
        Referral URL: http://www.dondominio.com
        Updated Date: 2014-07-08T08:29:45Z
        Creation Date: 2014-03-11T15:12:42Z
        Registry Expiry Date: 2015-03-11T15:12:42Z
        Sponsoring Registrar: Soluciones Corporativas IP, SL
        Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 1383
        Domain Status: ok
        Registrant ID: scipr000000386
        Registrant Name: Marian TUTELEA
        Registrant Organization:
        Registrant Street: Calle Barrio Nuevo, 9, 1D
        Registrant City: Tardienta
        Registrant State/Province: Huesca
        Registrant Postal Code: 22240
        Registrant Country: ES
        Registrant Phone: +34.618436838
        Registrant Phone Ext:
        Registrant Fax:
        Registrant Fax Ext:
        Registrant Email:
        Admin ID: scipa000000386
        Admin Name: Marian TUTELEA
        Admin Organization:
        Admin Street: Calle Barrio Nuevo, 9, 1D
        Admin City: Tardienta
        Admin State/Province: Huesca
        Admin Postal Code: 22240
        Admin Country: ES
        Admin Phone: +34.618436838
        Admin Phone Ext:
        Admin Fax:
        Admin Fax Ext:
        Admin Email:
        Tech ID: scipt000000386
        Tech Name: Marian TUTELEA
        Tech Organization:
        Tech Street: Calle Barrio Nuevo, 9, 1D
        Tech City: Tardienta
        Tech State/Province: Huesca
        Tech Postal Code: 22240
        Tech Country: ES
        Tech Phone: +34.618436838
        Tech Phone Ext:
        Tech Fax:
        Tech Fax Ext:
        Tech Email:
        Name Server: ns1.sedoparking.com
        Name Server: ns2.sedoparking.com
        DNSSEC: unsigned

      • Yep, all his IPs are from Madrid, Spain.

      • “YES it is a PREMIUM because the registry status is PREMIUM (reneval about $250/year).”

        This is one of the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard … lol … 😀

        It’s definitely not the amount of the renewal fees that defines a domain as premium/high quality …
        You are pathetic trying to market your junk names …

      • Anbd youre a stupid that has NO idea about domain value.

      • Yeah … right … lol
        Looking at your portfolio, it looks it’s you having no clue about domain value …
        Good luck!

      • Who says that ? You ???

        HA, HA, HA !!!

      • Andrea Paladini AKA Jusy another f**g stupid italian.

      • Just somebody that has no idea about domain names builds his website on a .ORG extension:

        Whois paladini.org

        Domain Name:PALADINI.ORG
        Domain ID: D168293781-LROR
        Creation Date: 2013-03-28T18:42:28Z
        Updated Date: 2014-05-17T21:51:05Z
        Registry Expiry Date: 2015-03-28T18:42:28Z
        Sponsoring Registrar:GoDaddy.com, LLC (R91-LROR)
        Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 146
        WHOIS Server:
        Referral URL:
        Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited
        Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited
        Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
        Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited
        Registrant ID:CR139979101
        Registrant Name:Andrea Paladini
        Registrant Organization:
        Registrant Street: Viale Mugello, 7
        Registrant City:Milan
        Registrant State/Province:Milan
        Registrant Postal Code:20137
        Registrant Country:IT
        Registrant Phone:+39.3477769886
        Registrant Phone Ext:
        Registrant Fax:
        Registrant Fax Ext:
        Registrant Email:apaladini@mail.com
        Admin ID:CR139979103
        Admin Name:Andrea Paladini
        Admin Organization:
        Admin Street: Viale Mugello, 7
        Admin City:Milan
        Admin State/Province:Milan
        Admin Postal Code:20137
        Admin Country:IT
        Admin Phone:+39.3477769886
        Admin Phone Ext:
        Admin Fax:
        Admin Fax Ext:
        Admin Email:apaladini@mail.com
        Tech ID:CR139979102
        Tech Name:Andrea Paladini
        Tech Organization:
        Tech Street: Viale Mugello, 7
        Tech City:Milan
        Tech State/Province:Milan
        Tech Postal Code:20137
        Tech Country:IT
        Tech Phone:+39.3477769886
        Tech Phone Ext:
        Tech Fax:
        Tech Fax Ext:
        Tech Email:apaladini@mail.com
        Name Server:NS108.OVH.NET
        Name Server:DNS108.OVH.NET

  15. Kosta, I think now you have got your answer and a pretty detailed idea of the kind of people behind Trade.Domains … lol … 😉
    And readers can judge by themselves. 🙂

    • I was expecting he would show up. I didn’t expect he would be change his name.
      I didn’t have to search his IPs that all come from Madrid. I just recognized this incredible writing style. He makes everybody love him! lol

      • You got the two most commented posts from the domain history,
        due to TRADE.domains so you should say THANK´S.

  16. It seems like the seller removed the ridiculous BIN of $150K on his Flippa listing.

    Bidding starts at $100 but I don’t see any bids so far. The domain name is “ok” but like many here already stated: Domain investors are not “trading” domains, they are selling domains. Yes “trading” can mean “selling/buying” but usually trading means exchanging one good for another.

    To prove my point: Put the keywords “trade domains” in the Google keyword planner and you’ll get a pathetic 20 exact monthly searches. As a reference put the keywords “sell domains” in the Google keyword planner and you’ll get 720 exact monthly searches, basically 36X more exact monthly searches compared to “trade domains”. In other words, few domain investors are talking about “trading domains” and the ones that do are probably referring to “swapping domains”.

    Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sgq2xz5m5s0l3ns/tradedomains-vs-selldomains.png

    Enough said.

    On a side note, I think it’s also funny that in his Flippa listing he’s comparing trade.domains to the $3 million sale of Trade.com. Trade.domains should be compared to TradeDomains.com, not Trade.com.

    Having said that I did a search on http://dnpric.es and saw that even though TradeDomains.com is on the aftermarket for sale it was NEVER sold to anyone (so I have no reference) but I did notice that TradeDomain.com was sold on January 2011 for $355 USD (through the SEDO platform). IMO $355 sounds like a fair price for Trade.domains as well 🙂

    • The BIN Price for “Trade.domains” was removed because the RESERVE Price is $500K, and in my opinion this domain is worth even $1 million.

      • Hello Marian, Hans or Gregg,
        owner of trade.domains.
        Please keep re-listing trade.domains for $500K. We are having lot’s of fun.

      • You´re welcome !

      • Attention guys!!! The registrar PremiumNic.com has disappeared!!! Hans Muller AKA Marian Tutelea is the owner of premiumnic.com!!! He has stolen a lot of domain names!!!
        I lost some domains as well. Please advise.

      • Consumer Protection

        PremiumNic.com rebranded to BrandClub.com.

        PremiumNic is for sale the new site. Probably to disassociate the owner with all the negativity behind the business. Most of the domains listed are embarrassingly bad. They’re not even brandable domains for that matter. BrandClub.com is the biggest rip off. I would stay as far away from these guys as possible.

        Ion: please share more on how PremiumNic.com (BrandClub.com) STOLE your domains?

    • I have to say, if you owned Google and wanted to start selling domains, would you not buy google.domains? Now if you owned Trade.com, was getting alot of traffic, just maybe purchase trade.domains and reroute traffic there? Just a thought and I am starting to dislike Flippa for the reason of having to solely rely on paying money to get any decent traffic and therefore getting a decent price. It seems more of a site for domainers who want to “flip” your shit for cheap

      • Google acquired Google.domains but they are currently not using it. Not even as a redirect to their actual site: http://domains.google.com (Google.com will probably use Google.domains as a redirect in the future though).

        Trade.com on the other hand is a stock market trading site. They have no reason whatsoever to get Trade.domains as “trading domains” is not related to the stock market.

        Only domainers may be interested in the domain name Trade.domains, basically as a novelty extension for a potential domain “trading” site.
        What Marian (Hans, Gregg or whatever his real name is) needs to ask himself is how much a domainer will realistically pay for a novelty domain extension, which will most likely only be used as a redirection to a .com?

        My guess? Less than $500 USD.

      • Hi, ELENA !
        Your opinion represent one of the MANY possibles scenarios for TRADE.domains in the future. But there are many outhers… Imagine that one day a big, big company from USA, China, India etc… decide to launch a domain Aftermarket or a domain auction platform ! Which domain name may have the biggest possibilities to represent their NEW BRAND ??? : Trade.domains
        Imagine that an already BIG PLAYER in the domain industry like: SEDO, GoDaddy, AfterNic, Flippa, 4CN, Google and many, many outhers decide to register/buy (defence) related domains to redirect traffic to their own website: Trade.domains will be one of them !
        Also imagine that a domainer (you are talking about the poor domainers because you set the Price of Trade.domains under $500 and I´m talking about RICH domainers, those who sold 7 figures domain names and own large portfolios) decide to buy Trade.domains to launch an online business, to resell it or just to keep it as a BRANDABLE and RARE virtual asset ???
        Do you think that for those companies or “Domainers” mentioned above $150K, $500K or $1 million is a huge amount ???
        NO it isn´t. For them this is small money or if you prefer PocketMoney !!!

        Ps: Do you know that one of the biggest domainers ever had to say NO to a $2 millions offer just to sell it later for $3 millions ???

      • I don’t see how a big company would prefer a .DOMAIN over a .COM to launch a domain aftermarket platform. Out of all your examples of big companies who currently have a domain auction platform all of them use, for good reason, a brandable .com. Honestly, I don’t see this changing in the (near) future.

        For argument’s sake let’s assume that a big company in some distant future would launch a domain aftermarket platform and decide, for some bizarre reason, that a .domain would be a better choice than a .com then I still highly doubt Trade.domains would be their first choice. Sell.domains for example would definitely be better (currently reserved by the registry but I’m sure it will be released to the market soon at a price much more realistic (lower) then what Trade.domains is aiming for).

        As for redirection: I agree with you on this. Some companies like Sedo, Google, Flippa, will most likely buy some new gTLDs domains simply for redirection purposes. But domains purchased merely for redirection purposes are 99.9% of the time sold at a much lower price than a domain that is meant to become a main website.

        Concerning your comment about rich domainers: Tell me this. Why would a rich domainer buy Trade.domains to launch an online business when they have the money to buy a premium .com instead? A premium .COM comes with instant credibility, a .DOMAIN currently comes with nothing.
        Also , even if the goal is to resell, a rich domainer is not going to spend $100K on an unproven extension. Rich domainers became rich for a reason, not by pouring money down the drain.

        Good luck with your attempted sale of Trade.domains. I don’t see it fetching a lot of money but feel free to prove me wrong.

      • What if Trade.com and Trade.domains sold to someone that wanted to start a site about domains? Alot of what ifs, but who knows they might be reading this right now. I am not taking sides on this, but we all are talking about speculation at this point. I will be curious about google’s path in this.

      • Trade.com is an established stock market trading site. A huge business. Chances that they will stop their million dollar business and that suddenly some domainer will buy Trade.com for millions of dollars simply to start a domain name business is close to nihil.

      • Well ELENA.
        In part you are right ! The problem is you are talking about the present and the past. The future of INTERNET and the domaining business will not be the same in the near future. With the release of more tan 1000 NEW gTLDs the online world is changing about forever. It´s true that today .COM extension is the KING but who say that it will be in the future ??? Konstantinous said that people are not using the therm “TradeDomains” but that´s not true; when FLIPPA sends out emails ant the bottom they always wish “HappyTrading” to their target. SEDO use a lot the therm TRADE on their website and I have many outher examples if you want ! You say that the domain name SELL.domains (reserved) is better than TRADE but that makes no sense. Sell domains means SELL and thats all; TRADE means SELL, BUY, EXCHANGE, TRANSFER and many more related things !!! BuyDomains.com are using the words BUY DOMAINS because they SELL domains so they want you to BUY them. Finnaly about defensive domain buy/registration big companies spend top dollar to buy them and I´ll give you only one example: Home Away bougt for $35 million USD the domain name VacantionRentals.com just to keep it away from a competitor. The ceo of “Home Away” Brian Sharples mentioned that: “The only reason we bought VacationRentals.com” it was so Expedia couldn’t have that url “; so they paid $35 million USD to keep out that domain from competitors. You can see more at ELLIOT´s BLOG: http://www.domaininvesting.com/homeaway-ceo-on-vacationsrental-com/

        So just think that in the near future (up to 5 years) maybe domain names will be traded like stock are today.

  17. *I mistyped .DOMAIN, it should read .DOMAINS.
    In any case that proves my point even more :p

    • Who said anything about stopping? What about expanding? Just tell me the other choices there are for a new company entering the domain market industry?

    • Plus maybe people will start trading domains since there are more domains out there 😉 I myself will not be posting anymore auctions due to the fact that chances are at this point, only a handful of people will be looking at your domain if that…so why not just keep it open to offers. If you have some offers that are close, then maybe at that point post up for auction, who knows though…we should all be encouraging the selling of gtlds, anyway :):):):) I will tell you for one, after looking at new gtlds all day, i can say looking at a .com does not please my eyes as much as say a nice phrase of a domain name

    • The word TRADE is used more than you imagine in the domaining world (ex: FLIPPA, SEDO). The domain name SELL.domains (reserved) is not better than TRADE.domains because SELL only means SELL; TRADE means BUY; SELL, EXCHANGE, SWAP, TRANSFER and many outher related therms. (BuyDomains.com use this domain because they SELL domains so they want you to BUY them. Big companies do spend top dollar to buy domain names for redirection or defense: Home Away spend $35 million USD to buy VacationRentals.com just to keep it away from competitors (see more at ELLIOT´s BLOG: http://www.domaininvesting.com/homeaway-ceo-on-vacationsrental-com/).
      You are right that .COM comes with instant credibility and is true that .COM extension is the KING ! But this is the present and the past ! In the future we dont know !!! Things may change and domain names maybe will be traded as stock!

  18. “TRADE means BUY; SELL, EXCHANGE, SWAP, TRANSFER and many outher[sic] related therms.”

    Let’s take a step back …

    ‘Trade’ can be a VERB, or a NOUN.

    As a VERB, ‘trade’ is synonymous with (means the same as) swap, barter or exchange. BUT, it is NOT synonymous with the act of selling or buying!!

    ‘Trade’ [the NOUN] is defined as the act or an instance of buying and selling goods and services (= ‘commerce’). Not surprisingly therefore, the word ‘trade’ is commonly used to describe/define a variety of marketplaces. BUT, as with all NOUNS, it is limited to use as “name” only (for a person, place or thing/concept).

    Examples of the word ‘trade’ [NOUN] used as the proper name of a ‘place’:
    – Many cities have a World Trade Center;
    – In North America, you can visit various large-scale Trade Marts (e.g. the International Trade Mart, the Dallas Trade Mart);
    – You can watch disputes being settled if you visit the United States Court of International Trade in New York;
    – You can attend a local Trade School to learn any number of vocations.

    Examples of ‘trade’ [NOUN] used as the name of a ‘thing/concept’:
    – The Federal Trade Commission is charged with overseeing many aspects of the financial markets;
    – The Auto Trade and the Retail Trade are both multi-billion dollar industries;
    – The NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and others like it all contribute to ever expanding International Trade between nations;
    – Many countries however continue to impose Trade Barriers on particular products (as a means to protect home markets from external competition). But, if those barriers should violate previous international agreements, Trade Sanctions can be issued against the offending country. Often times, disputes of this nature are decided at international Trade Tribunals;

    Unfortunately, there is a fundamental problem with the construct of trade.domains (and with much of the evidence/argument in support that has been presented). Essentially, you have taken the meaning of ‘trade’ [the NOUN]; BUT are attempting to use it as a VERB. Regrettably, you can not interchange the two in this way.

    In other words … there is an active Domain Trade [NOUN] which buys and sells domains at various secondary marketplaces. However, while those in the Domain Trade actively buy & sell domains, they do not actually trade [VERB] domains.

    As a NOUN, the word ‘trade’ continues to be widely used to describe the conduct of commerce, and/or the physical marketplaces or locations where that commerce takes place. On the other hand, since the invention of money, the actual act of ‘trading’ [VERB] is now rarely practiced; and instead you must BUY, SELL or LEASE in order to transact.

    ~~ The act of ‘trading’ [VERB] has all but disappeared from commerce; despite the fact that commerce by definition is ‘trade’ [NOUN]! ~~

    As difficult as that last sentence is; it is itself a good demonstration of why there is confusion as to the proper use of the word ‘trade’.

    Hope this helps…


  19. Hi Bobby,

    Always feel free to connect with me so I can assist. I’d hope to change your mind about listing some domains on our platform.

  20. Auction ended unsold for second time. Highest bid this time around was $75.


    The seller should have sold last auction when it reached $125. It’s only going downhill from here.

  21. I was watching this auction for fun and I just got a flippa email notification:

    “You’ve been invited by webmainer to participate in the post-auction negotiation for Trade.domains, which ended unsold.
    webmainer is willing to accept $3,999, or near offer, for this domain”

    Funny how the seller supposedly didn’t accept $80,000 yet is now willing to accept $4,000 USD.
    Wait a few more days and I guess he will be ok with $250 USD.

  22. Ok 2 more funnies and I’m off to bed:

    Post auction negotiation between me and seller:

    After he probably saw this post:

    • To talk about domains people need to understand the domain market.
      So you and the greek should go to school first. Ha,ha, ha.

    • Elena – just wondering if you can clarify how the Flippa post-auction negotiation process works …


      From your 1st screenshot (via dropbox): Could you have originally accepted the $3,999 price/offer? Would this have been a legally binding offer/sale?

      I ask because of the comment by ‘webmainer’ (from your 2nd screenshot):

      ~~ “The $3,999 offer is just to put people on the game. I’ll never sell this domain under $500K. Never.” ~~

      This comment makes it seem as if even if you had of accepted the $3,999 offer, that somehow the seller (webmainer) would not need to honour that price?


      • @confer

        I guess the Flippa “post-auction system” is only 2 months old:


        To answer your question: yes, there was the possibility to accept the $3.999 offer (I had 3 options: Accept, Decline and Counter) so if I did accept the seller should have honored that price since it’s basically a post-auction reserve price that the seller created after the auction was finished.

        The fact that the seller says: ~~ “The $3,999 offer is just to put people on the game. I’ll never sell this domain under $500K. Never.” ~~ is either a lie (so in that case he did have every intention to sell it for $3.999) or the seller was simply planning to break Flippa’s rules. Either way not someone I would do business with.

      • Don’t worry, we’re on the case…

      • i see its now listed at sedo, with minimum offer being $250. Still not worth it.

        Domains like this are only worth it if you can scam / convince someone else that its worth alot more then what it really is. This is why suckers end up paying excessive amounts for rubbish domains, then when they try to liquidate assests, instead of finding assests they find all they have is a handful of ass,,,

      • Only somebody that has no idea about domain names can say that the word TRADE isn´t worth $250.
        Trade.domains is worth at list $1,000,000

  23. In my opinion trade.domains is worth a few hundred dollars at most, but it’s not really reasonable to sell domains for under $500-ish.

    Assuming that the statement about the domain having a $250 premium renewal price is true, I’d say it was a bad investment.

    $80,000 for trade.domains is absolutely absurd. Trade.domains probably wouldn’t be worth that much even if .domains was as popular as .CO.

    The second level domain “trade” definitely makes sense for the extension, but buying domains is much more common than trading them and it’s really just ridiculous to think the domain could be worth $80,000.

    • Hi COLLIN !!!

      I totaly agree with you: ($80,000 for trade.domains is absolutely absurd !!! )
      & the.domains extension isn´t popular as .CO
      .domains is just the extension that defines the billionaire business & industry of DOMAINING. Quiet nothing for people that don´t know it.
      Also agree that $250 in a domain like “Trade.domains” was a bad investment:
      (from your point of view: as you have no idea about domaining).
      And finally I also agree that (buying domains is much more common than trading),
      from the point of view of people that aren´t inside this industry: Domaining.
      The problem is that the therms “BUY” & “SELL” only mean that: Buy or Sell:
      TRADE means buy, sell, exchange, swap and many more therms…
      Few days ago the owner of this BLOG say that the therm TRADE is not used between domainers and he is right. This therm is used just between professionals of this industry: some examples:

      Visit PROTRADA.com and see that they call the EDUCATION Packs:
      “DOMAIN TRADING” 101, 201, 301, 401, 501 / Read also PROTRADA faqs:
      7. How can Protrada help me with domain trading?
      Protrada gives domainers the ability to take all of their information in their portfolio from various sources and organize it in one place. In addition, Protrada offers its users unlimited domain data and tools like the Bid Manager, Watchlists, Custom Filtersets, and the Trading Floor so they can make the maximum profit from their investments and keep updated with real-time auction statistics.
      In addition, Protrada offers an extensive selection of education videos that can teach you about certain strategies and resources that are useful for domain trading..

      Visit DomainSherpa.com and read this article:

      ICA: The “Domain Name Trade Association” That Represents Your Financial Interests – With Philip Corwin
      Michael CygerFebruary 4, 20130
      Large corporations have deep pockets and large intellectual property staffs with which to protect their interests, including trademarks. The result of such financial power can often be lobbyist-influenced legislation that does not favor domain name investing.What you probably didn’t realize is there is a domain name trade association that since 2006 has been representing the financial interests of domain name entrepreneurs.
      Spend 45 minutes learning about the Internet Commerce Association and the accomplishments the organization has made to date.

      Read this post on DNJournal.com and see that SEDO´s CEO Tobias Flaitz said that: “It’s exciting to finally start seeing new TLDs being “TRADED” and already commanding significant market value.”

      And I can give you many, many more examples if you want !!!

      So as you said:

      ” $80,000 for Trade.domains is absolutely absurd !!! ”

      This short, memorable, unique and brandable domain name is worth at list $1 or $2 millions USD.

      ( TRADE.domains is the best domain name available in the .DOMAINS extension and one of the best domain names available for sale right now) !!!

  24. Just found this discussion and I have to say people seem cautious or something with the new domains. I have listed customer.credit on Flippa and 2 days have passed with 0 bids.

    • Hi Noel,

      New gTLD sales on Flippa are practically nonexistent. Our largest sale by far was “Fire.glass” (confirmed / verified), as an end user sale where the seller brought the bidder into Flippa.

      Anything I can do to help you with credits and such, reach out anytime…

      • Hi Kevin
        Is there free domain listing on flippa if so please let me know I send you my portfolio here I am enclosing few for your reference


      • I am able to work with seller to get domains listed for free, However, I would not advise you to list any of these — unless you are willing to sell them for low-$xxx or less.

      • Here I am enclosing bunch of domains willing to sell them $999


  25. I now see that the seller’s account has been suspended at Flippa.

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