DK Hostmaster continues to manage .dk domain names

Following a public consultation, the Minister of Business and Growth has decided to extend DIFO’s permission to be registry for the .dk domain names.

Since 1999, Danish Internet Forum (DIFO) has had the license to manage all dk domain names and maintain the DK-zone in DNS. This task is handled by DK Hostmaster A/S, owned by DIFO. On July 1st, The Danish Business Authority announced that the Minister of Business and Growth has awarded DIFO permit for six more years.

Chairman of DIFO, Henrik Udsen says:

“We are very pleased that the Minister has extended the permit. We have worked hard to ensure that the .dk domain names are safe, stable and available, and it is great that so many in the Internet community support us and our work. The next six years we will continue the focus on service and safety, and to continuously adapt to technological and market developments.”

Read the comments to the consultation (in Danish) and The Danish Business Authority justification (in Danish)

For more information, please contact Political director Lise Fuhr or chairman Henrik Udsen.


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