ICANN 52 Meeting Will Be Held In Marrakech, Morrocco (8-12 February 2015)

ICANN decided, at the Regular Meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors that was held on 26 June 2014 in London England (ICANN 50), the location of the ICANN 52 meeting to be in Marrakech, Morrocco that will take place 8-12 February 2015.

As part of ICANN’s public meeting schedule, three times a year ICANN hosts a meeting in a different geographic region (as defined in the ICANN Bylaws). ICANN Meeting 52, scheduled for 8-12 February 2015, is to occur in the Africa geographic region. A call for recommendations for the location of the meeting in Africa was posted on 03 May 2013. Several parties sent proposals to ICANN.

The staff performed a thorough analysis of the proposals and prepared a paper to identify those that met the Meeting Selection Criteria (see http://meetings.icann.org/location-selection-criteria). Based on the proposals and analysis, staff has recommended that ICANN 52 be held in Marrakech, Morocco.

The Board reviewed staff’s recommendation for hosting the meeting in Marrakech, Morocco and the determination that the proposal met the significant factors of the Meeting Selection Criteria used to guide site selection work.

ICANN 51 will be in Los Angeles, California, USA on 12-16 October 2014.


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