Outage or not, “Go Daddy Auctions” is not working for me

Yesterday Go Daddy Auctions had an outage that caused all auctions to be moved by 1 day. All yesterday’s auction end today. But I am still having problems with the Go Daddy auctions website.

I can’t seem to make any purchases for the domain names I have already won in an auction. I won 2 New gTLD domain names on Wednesday night and I have been trying to pay for the past 2 days with no luck.

Whether I select the 2 domain and click on “Purchase All” or I try to make individual purchases by clicking on “Pay for this domain” the domains are not added into my cart. I am simply redirected to

a another webpage and nothing else happens.

Yesterday I thought that is was because of the outage but today I don’t know what to think.

And the fact that I got these 2 emails yesterday with the subject “Your pre-registered domain, xxxxxxxx.SOLUTIONS, may go to auction” does not help. Yes Go Daddy, my pre-registered domains went to auction and I won the auctions. Why do I receive this email after I have won the auction?

Anyway, if I am not able to pay, the fact that I am able to bid on auctions doesn’t help me a lot. Is anyone else having the same problem?


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  1. I noticed that domains listed as Premium Listings don’t appear to be showing in Godaddy Auctions. I don’t know if that is the result of dropping the SEDO feed or also a glitch related to the Auctions feature.

  2. Or the GoDaddy programmers are absolute idiots or someone is trying to break the system from within. Otherwise there’s no explanation for all the bugs and glitches.

  3. I too faced some problem with godaddy auction I prefer enom.com or 101domains.com for premium names

  4. If you don’t pay within the allotted time they automatically charge the credit card on file after 3 days so I don’t think it matters much.

  5. godaddy is slipping. I have 200 + domain names for sale but I don’t want to move them. sedo is swamped and the others are no name brand wanna b’s its all messed up

  6. Godaddy is still broken to a point. You’ll notice names that don’t get a bid will not go to “buy it now ” closeout. So to be sure I get the name waiting to go to the closeout, I’m now forced to put 1 bid on every name to be ensured I get it, revealing to everyone an interest in the name. If they never go to closeout, you’ll have to wait for the drop.

  7. Another problem. I was able to pay for my auction HOWEVER it still shows I need to pay on the “won” list. I have the receipt showing the names and payment. Now here’s the kicker. Since the names in the auction shows it had not been paid for, is Godaddy going to bill me automatically for the names I paid for, which means I would pay twice? If I take the credit card off the file to prevent double billing, and they cannot bill me, will Godaddy remove the names from me automatically even though I’ve actually already paid them for the won auctions? hmmm…..

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