Donuts also deletes 7 “00” domain names from it’s New gTLDs (complete list)

Yesterday I wrote a post with the 26 “eco” domain names and how Donuts, a new gTLD registry, announced to all registrants that have registered second level “eco” new gTLD domain names that the domains are in the process of getting deleted. wrote that this problem also affected “00” domain names.

“00” should have been reserved because all 2 character domains are reserved by ICANN for ccTLD use. “ECO” is the acronym of the Economic Cooperation Organization that is an intergovernmental organization. ICANN has reserved all names and acronyms of intergovernmental organizations.

Donuts deleted 26 “eco” domain names and it is also deleting 7 “00” domain names.

2 registrants owned 3 “00” domains each and 1 domain is behind whois privacy.

Donuts says that they are refunding all registrants but I guess there will be some angry domainers and end users coming their way.

Here are the 7 “00” domain names that are being deleted: (Ahmad Kassar) (Ananthakrishnan Chinnakrishnan) (Ahmad Kassar) (privacy) (Ananthakrishnan Chinnakrishnan) (Ananthakrishnan Chinnakrishnan) (Ahmad Kassar)


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  1. Why you are surprised..?!
    Based on Specification 5 of New gTLD Agreement, all two character labels have to be reserved.
    That applies for all new gTLDs.

  2. I guess now they’ll have to settle for the “doublezero” literal 😀

  3. How about

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