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Domain Name BitcoinWallet.com Sold for $250,000 – BitcoinWallets.com Sale for $200,000 Pending

The domain name BitcoinWallet.com was sold for $250,000 while the domain name BitcoinWallets.com is pending sale for $200,000.

Entrepreneur Niko Younts is the seller for both domains and made the announcement at his Twitter account:

BitcoinWallet.comThe domains BitcoinWallet.com and  BitcoinWallets.com were registered in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

The buyer of the domain name BitcoinWallet.com is Alex Charfen, CEO of Inc. 500 Company, and this is what he says on his website: “Alex Charfen—entrepreneur, teacher, author, speaker—is on a mission. Though not yet 40 years old, he has spent 3 decades on the front lines of entrepreneurialism and business. His journey has taught him many things, but he believes he has discovered one key that could change everything for small business owners.”

It seems that Alex Charfen intents to use the domain name BitcoinWallet.com to offer Bitcoin Wallet addresses in the form of john.BitcoinWallet.com. Check out here a screenshot of the website design.


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  1. I think he could have spent the money on development, and got a great name for $25K or less. Seems sort of irresponsible, and such a strange out there number, hard to get a handle on the valuation model.

  2. Have to say I am really surprised by those sales. Wonder if they will get verified and reported in DNJournal? That is a lot of coin to make back for the buyer.

  3. The generic BitcoinWallet.com domain name is to the commercial end user what the generic BitcoinMining.io is to the technical end user.

    BitcoinMining.io IMO is to the ‘processing’ domain extension (.io) what business.com was/is to the commercial domain extension (.com).

    I’m hopeful that BitcoinMining.io will be the subject of the next big bitcoin domain name sale.

    If not BitcoinMining.io, then Bitco.org which is currently for sale of .

    Did you know that CurrencyConverter.com domain name just sold four days ago for $150,000 as reported by DomainNameSales?

    No disrespect to CurrencyConverter.com but what domain name would you rather have for a Bitcoin conversion website? CurrencyConverter.com or Bitco.org?


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