.CLUB Trademark “Sunrise Period” Has Began with More than 50 Registrars

.CLUB Domains, LLC, the company formed to own and operate the new “.CLUB” generic top-level domain name (gTLD), announced that it has officially begun its Trademark Sunrise Period, signaling that brands and other trademark owners can now register and buy their own piece of Internet history with a .CLUB web address.  .CLUB Domains also announced it has signed agreements  with more than 50 registrars around the world, including Network Solutions, LLCRegister.com MarkMonitorGoDaddy, Name.comMelbourne IT1and1,
United-Domains and many more to begin selling “yourname.club” Web addresses to clubs, membership organizations, affinity and loyalty groups, and anyone sharing a common interest or passion.

For a complete list of initial .CLUB registrars CLICK HERE.

One of the first 100 new top level domain names to enter the Internet root zone, the .CLUB extension has consistently ranked among the Top 10 of most popular new extensions to be applied for during registrar pre-registration periods over the past several months, making it the first top level domain to come to market that has mainstream global appeal.

“This is truly a historic moment for us at .CLUB Domains, for the Internet at large, and for the millions of clubs, companies and groups that want a better way to market themselves online,” said Colin Campbell, CEO and founder of .CLUB.  “As we’ve traveled around the world from Tokyo to Beijing to France and beyond, it was amazing to see the word “club” recognized and used in ads, on signs and throughout every country visited.  The more we travel the world, the more we realize that .CLUB truly is a global brand.”

In order to participate in the Sunrise period, the trademark must have been submitted to and validated by the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), which is a centralized database of verified trademarks maintained by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which is the international organization responsible for managing and coordinating the Domain Name System (DNS).

.CLUB’s Trademark Sunrise period will last 60 days, at which time registrants will be awarded their new .CLUB web addresses. According to Jeff Sass, .CLUB’s Chief Marketing Officer, “During our Sunrise period, we believe it is important for brands and other trademark holders to register their respective trademark.club name, as “www.brand.club” is a logical, memorable and highly marketable domain name for a brand’s community of customers and fans, including their communities on social media.”  If there are multiple applicants with rights to the same trademark, the process will proceed to auction, which will be managed by SEDO, the world’s largest domain marketplace.  Land Rush for .CLUB web address is set to begin April 1, 2014 and General Availability on May 7, 2014.  As per ICANN rules, the first .CLUB web address to go live is the Company’s website at www.nic.club.

Formed in 2012 and backed by $8.2 million from 26 private investors, .CLUB will enable clubs, membership organizations or others sharing a common interest to establish memorable Web addresses and online destinations.  Every day, people form communities and groups around every imaginable interest, and .CLUB makes it easier than ever for them to acquire a Web address that is convenient, holds meaning and has marketing value.

About .Club Domains, LLC

Led by Internet entrepreneur Colin Campbell, whose prior successes include Tucows Interactive and Hostopia.com, .Club Domains, LLC was formed for the purpose of becoming the .CLUB gTLD registry.  Fully understanding the inherent marketing value of a .CLUB domain for any membership organization, .CLUB is also building a comprehensive social platform for club management.  .CLUB is a one-stop shop for clubs of all sizes to secure a great domain, grow club membership, improve member engagement and reduce management costs.  By combining an easy to use web services platform with a top level domain based on a globally recognized term, .CLUB is “the easiest way to find, join or start a club.”  More information and links to register .CLUB domains are available now at www.nic.club.


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