Fixed: .org whois server is not responding

I just tried to check whois details for a .org domain and it seems that the .org whois server is down and is not responding.

A whois search at PIR, the .org registry, whois search webpage at returns an error:

Error: No results retrieved from server for ******.org

Other online whois services return similar errors:

Connect failed to:

A whois search for the domain name at provided a cached whois record and an error message:

Viewing a cached Whois record
The Whois registry responsible for this domain name did not provide 
a valid Whois record. The cached record shown here was current 
on 01/11/2014. Please check back later for any updates.

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  1. This was the result of 4 hour of scheduled downtime from PIR. They alerted all accredited registrars. They completed the maintenance about 25 minutes ago.

  2. Something strange happen at that Registrar

    I know a domain expired in 2007, yes, 2007 is the expiration year appearing in the WHOIS, but you can’t register it.

    I asked explanations more times during the last years to them and ICANN but I never received a reply. Anyway this time will be different: I will require at least an explanation and if they don’t give me that domain I will send all the screen shots and page saved to a few thousands of blogs and newspapers.

    Has anyone ever seen such a thing (a normail domain which seems not reserved by the Registrar but is unregistrable) ?

  3. server is not responding its just pulling not found could you give solution for .org server

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