sold for 6000 EUR at Sedo hit with a UDRP – The domain displays ads set by the seller

The domain name was sold at Sedo in December 2011 for 6000 EUR. The domain was hit with a UDRP complaint at the National Arbitration Forum on the 13th of January 2014.

The domain name was originally owned by a Russian company called Eurobox Ltd. that probably registered the domain name in 1999. That was after the domain’s previous owner a German company called SUBLINE let it expire. 11 UDRP complaints have been filed against Eurobox Ltd. and only 1 was denied.

The domain name was behind privacy since 2007 and until it sold at Sedo in 2011. So it is not clear who the seller was. The domain is again behind privacy so buyer/respondent is not known.

The Complainant is not yet known but is most probably Creative Labs from the creator of the Sound Blaster. Creative Labs has a trademark on the term “creative” that predates the domain name registration and can be said to be a misspell of the domain but the worst thing for the Respondent is that the domain is curently parked and shows ad related to sound card drivers, audio drivers, sound audio mixer, mp3 players and speakers.

What is very interesting is the nameservers have not changed since the owner bought the domain so it more than certain that the ads shown were chosen by the seller before the domain was sold in 2011 and still remain the same. If that is true and the current owner can prove that then that could be a good UDRP defense. Needless to say that the 2011 seller still earns money from the domain while the seller risks losing the domain and the 6000 EUR he/she paid for it.


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  1. Creativ also means “Creative/Innovating ” in Romanian. I consider this name super generic. If accuses the owner of cybersquating or typo domain I call it BS! I hope the owner of is gonna respond and not lose this name. First thing that comes to mind for the name “Creativ” would be a media agency or some sort of design company name not Creative sounds cards! 6000Euro was also a bargain for in IMHO.

    • Interesting. This also explains why the domain was first registered before 1998 when typos where not that popular.

      And of course it is fanciful and used from creative entities.

      There is also a Creativ Park Hotel in Nuremberg, Germany, a Creativ Music Centre in Canada and various other companies that could have bought the domain.

  2. I saw Sedo started to place a disclaimer recently about this possibile issues stating they have no responsability about the content and in particular in case trademarks appear on the link they provide. But they provide them, so that disclaimer can be questionable…
    I found it on few domains some weeks ago, never seen before.

    Anyway, please stop praking with traditional parking platforms, since none of them is nothing more than a Google’s butler. None of them runs its own adv circuit, something alternative to google. When will born again one parking platform wiht its own adv circuit (what Sedo was before the partnership with google…)?!?

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