Boeing wins domain name at UDRP after waiting for 12 years

The Boeing Company won the domain name after submitting a Complaint to the National Arbitration Forum. Respondent was Host for You c/o Vladimir Snezko from Russia. The domain redirects to a website containing mainly gaming ads. Respondent failed to submit a Response in this proceeding.

Boeing filed the complaint after waiting almost 12 years. The domain was registered in 2001. This was only the 4th UDRP complaint made by the Boeing Company and only the 2nd in the past 12 years.

Panelist The Honourable Neil Anthony Brown QC found in favor of the Complainant in all 3 elements of the UDRP and accordingly, it was ordered that the domain name be TRANSFERRED from Respondent to Complainant.


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  1. I am appealing to domain bloggers to only blog about industries that blog about us in 2013. 😉

  2. That makes perfect sense. After waiting over a decade the aircraft manufacturer Boeing needs to clamp down? It’s unfortunate Boeing can’t focus on what their real business is… building a SAFE airplane! Incredible!

    Right now, ALL their new Dreamliner 787 planes are GLOBALLY grounded due to safety concerns. Add to that, Boeing is billions of dollars over budget. Their new “electric” plane (does not use pneumatic or hydraulic systems) has fuel leaks, battery fires, and numerous other problems. No wonder Boeing wants to focus on more important matters, like a 12 year old domain that forwards to ads with pretty pictures.

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