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I have used Hunting Moon to buy a few domain names in the past, mostly adult. I got an email today that they have relaunched their marketplace and that they are running an auction called Internext 2013 that includes domains like The auction includes developed websites, domain portfolios and individual domain names. Hunting Moon is a marketplace where you can buy, lease-to-own, and auction domain names and has just lowered the “Success Fee” from 15% to 10%.

Here is the complete email I received from Hunting Moon:

January 13th, 2013

Dear Friends and Clients,

In the past, you have participated in our auctions and/or purchased domains here at HuntingMoon. It was kind of a one-way street of us finding names to market to you and you bidding or buying.

Today, we unveiled the next generation of HuntingMoon- a two-way street, where members use us as a platform for Buying and Selling Assets. All the best features of a Store, Auction and Marketplace are available in the new version of our site. Even our own house traffic will all be directed to the new site. All of HuntingMoon has been converted to the new format.

What’s New in HuntingMoon?

– Communicate directly with HuntingMoon members.
– Assets for sale expand to include: Domains, Portfolios, Websites, Traffic, Design and other items.
– All inbound traffic to HuntingMoon now hits the Marketplace.
– Buy a tweet for your listing! Reach real followers of @HuntingMoon
– Success Fee lowered from 15% to 10%.
– Have your own store and auctions within our platform.
– More control! Before the marketplace went live, all For Sale listings were curated. Now you are in charge of what goes up in the marketplace!
– Testimonials.
– Member Feedback System.
– Item Question and Answer Panel on listing pages.
– Buy, Lease-To-Own, and Auctions including Start Price, Reserve Price, and Buy It Now.
– Integrated safe-transaction hosting, with status monitoring.

What’s Not New?
– HuntingMoon is still the best place for Adult category listings! Other platforms are “shy”.
– You still enjoy quality support, and a safe environment for trading assets.
– The Featured and highest quality listings are still here!
– We are here to assist you with valuation needs.
– We value your feedback and partnership above all else, as the best ideas come from you.
– We continue to strive to improve.

* Summary *

The New HuntingMoon Marketplace brings you the best of all worlds- It’s a Store, Auction, and Social Platform all-in-one place!

We are looking forward to growing together with you, our valued clients, as we embark on this new business model together!

Best Regards,
Evan Horowitz Marketplace


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. It’s unfortunate that HuntingMoon does not offer a separate platform to display “other industry” domains as well. A similar user interface incorporating the same processes, but not mingling sexually explicit domains on the Home page. Adult sites are less than 5% of the entire Internet so there’s plenty of incentive to showcase general names too.

    I had a retail store many years ago located adjacent to an adult bookstore. Business was brisk only to that one store. Other retailers nearby didn’t fair nearly as well. I can only guess the adult store clients were not receptive to other offerings when their interest and focus is elsewhere.

  2. Came across this and felt I have to share my experience with Hunting Moon, I signed up with them about a month ago, well tried I registered and there was an error so I was unable to log in. I wrote them immediately after and nothing, so I wrote everyday for 3 weeks until I finally today received a reply. Below is what I wrote today

    To whom it may concern,
    > I dont understand why it should take almost 2 weeks to reply to your customers?
    > I have wrote a number of times about my account and have heard nothing, I registered to sell over a month ago and am still unable to access site. It would be really nice to get a reply so that i may access site. Not trying to be rude but 2 weeks and still nothing is nowhere near customer support. You know my issue as I have wrote you several emails about my issue, please respond.
    > Thank you

    Below was the reply I got

    we are not accepting submissions at this time unless names have
    revenue or valuation over 100k. try

    This is what I replied with below

    To whom it may concern,
    I am a bit at odds as to reply like this, No sorry for the delay or anything other then a one sentence reply that if that is the case should have been responded to already. That is what is wrong with companies like Flippa and you there is absolutely no customer support in a customer based business. Again all I wanted was a reply and yes I do believe I have premium names worth over a $100k but I do not do evaluations as they are subjective therefor they are useless. I buy and sell a lot of domains and it is sad to see that you push your customers away as I would have purchased domains as well but like I said I can not access site, so I wish you luck and success just wanted to say how I felt that customer service is key in a business such as yours.

    I wanted to post this so people understand the kind of company they are dealing with, in no way shape or form is it professional or respectable to treat your customers that way.

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