Latest .info auction results

Here is a list of the latest .info auction results. Most of them are for expiring Land Rush 2 (LR2) .info domains auctioned off at GoDaddy Auctions and Namejet. Please click here to see my report on .info Land Rush 2 domains. $4,000 (GoDaddy Auctions) Land Rush 2 domain $2,999 (Pool) This was the only domain that was a drop $1,265  (GoDaddy Auctions) Land Rush 2 domain $1,103 (Namejet)  Land Rush 2 domain $1,002  (GoDaddy Auctions) Land Rush 2 domain $798 (Namejet) .Info Sunrise Domain $765 ( (GoDaddy Auctions) Land Rush 2 domain $675 (Namejet) Land Rush 2 domain $618 (Namejet) Land Rush 2 domain $574 (GoDaddy Auctions) Land Rush 2 domain $534 (Namejet) This domain wasn’t sold as it didn’t reach the NameJet Reserve. $534 was the highest bid. The domain name was auctioned by Yummy Names, a Tucows owned company.  Yummy Names is selling part of it’s portfolio at Namejet.

What do you think on the prices these got?
I won and and was the second bidder on a couple more.


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