Fake Trademarks Stealing Generic Domains In New gTLD Sunrises


Have you heard of “What Box Holdings“, “Plan Bee LLC” andThomas A. Brackey II“? If you are looking to buy a New gTLD domain name you probably have. They managed to register more than 300 premium generic domain names before anyone else. How? Using “fake” trademarks in Sunrise.

They have registered domain names such as cloud.guru, social.photos, Build.house, BET.guru, online.bike, VACATION.photos, discount.repair etc.

I am sure they will tell you that these are not fake trademarks. They have about 40 real trademark registrations in Switzerland, although they only operate in the US, for non existent
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Trademark Clearinghouse: 500,000 claims notices delivered with 25,000 domains registered

Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) send out a press release today claiming that over 500,000 claims notices have been delivered. TMCH is providing protection to over 10,000 brands and businesses and over 28,000 trademarks have been recorded within its database.

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) revealed that over 500,000 Claims Notices (CNIS) have been delivered, of which 95% of the queries for trademark terms are not being followed through to a live registration.

Neither is a surprise to me but these numbers don’t tell the truth. Most of the 28,000 trademarks are for dictionary words like Continue reading

ICANN Grants Data Retention Waiver to European Registrar OVH SAS

On the 12th of March ICANN granted a data retention waiver to European registrar OVH SAS. There are a lot more registrars that are waiting for this waiver such as Irish Registrar Blacknight that Is Furious At ICANN Because Of RAA 2013.

OVH SAS (“Registrar”) submitted to ICANN a Registrar Data Retention Waiver Request (“Waiver Request”) on the basis of Registrar’s contention that compliance with the data collection and/or retention requirements of the Data Retention Specification in the 2013 RAA violates applicable law in France.

ICANN hereby grants Registrar a limited waiver from compliance with certain provisions of the 2013 RAA on the following terms: Continue reading

Bulk Transfer of Domain Names from ABSYSTEMS INC dba yournamemonkey.com to EnCirca

ICANN has authorized the bulk transfer of gTLD domain names from ABSYSTEMS INC dba yournamemonkey.com to EnCirca, Inc. due to compliance actions taken by ICANN that resulted in the de-accreditation of ABSYSTEMS INC dba yournamemonkey.com.

The affected gTLD registries have processed the bulk transfers. Former registrant-customers of ABSYSTEMS INC dba yournamemonkey.com should receive notices from EnCirca, Inc. advising of the transfer. Customer questions about the transfer should be directed to Continue reading

Go Daddy’s ‘Domains by Proxy’ Hands Over Personal Details of “Pirate” Site Owner

TorrentFreak.com posted an article today about how Go Daddy handed over the personal details of a domain name owner. Responding to an inquiry from the Motion Picture Association (MPA), Go Daddy shared his personal details although the domain name was behind whois privacy.

The website owner was using ‘Domains by Proxy’, as the domain name was registered at Go Daddy, to hide his whois details as many users do around the world.

The whois details were shared with the MPA without a subpoena, or any form of due process.

“We have received a possible legal complaint regarding your domain name xxx.com,” Domains By Proxy informed the site owner.

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More than 3,500 marks have been added in the Trademark Clearinghouse since the first New gTLDs launched

The Trademark Clearinghouse has published it’s latest stats. So far 26,802 marks have been submitted to the Trademark Clearinghouse as of the 28th of February. The number was 23,024 on the 21st of January that was almost a week before the launch of the first 7 new gTLDs from Donuts.

So the Trademark Clearinghouse has added almost 3,500 since the launch of the first new gTLDs meaning that there are many companies that were alerted about this launch a bit late. Or it just means that Continue reading

Will the launch of New gTLDs bring more UDRP complaints for .coms?

I noticed that a UDRP complaint was filed for the domain name AirtelGuru.com. Although this seems like the regular UDRP complaint, I am not sure that it is.

That is because with the introduction of new gTLDs, companies that notice their trademarks get registered in the new domains may also take a look at older .com also.

Companies that have their trademarks registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse get a notification when someone registers a New gTLD domain name that incorporates their trademark. So I am sure they are inclined to check if Continue reading

Virgin and Richard Branson file 4 URS complaints for 5 New gTLD domain names

Virgin and Richard Branson filed 4 URS complaints on 5 different New gTLD domain names in the past couple of days:

  1. richardbranson.holdings – richardbranson.ventures
  2. virgingalactic.guru
  3. virginaustralia.holdings
  4. branson.guru

Virgin had a DPML block for the term “Virgin” but that can’t stop registrations such as 2. and 3. Richard Branson didn’t have a DPML from Donuts so the domains from 1. were registered. He has since bought the DPML block. Richard Branson can NOT get a Continue reading

URS complaint filed for the New gTLD domain name dana.holdings

A URS complaint was filed on the New gTLD domain name dana.holdings yesterday. The complainant is not yet know but it is probably Dana Limited from Ohio that is registered in the trademark clearinghouse for the mark “dana”.

The domain was registered on February 7th from someone from Continue reading

UDRP complaint filed for 18 year old domain MyMachine.com

A UDRP complaint was filed for the domain name MyMachine.com at the National Arbitration Forum. The domain name was registered in 1996 and according to domaintools.com whois history the current owner has owned it since at least 2001.

The MyMachine.com website displays a picture of a small machine on black background and that is about it.

The complainant is not yet known but since the complaint was filed at the National Arbitration Forum I can assume that the complainant is

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