Whois That Lets You Offer A Domain For Sale & Has Stats On Whois Lookups

euThe new .eu whois is light years ahead of any other whois system, that I have seen, with an option to offer a domain name for sale and providing whois and Alexa stats on one page. Other whois providers should take notes...

EURid recently launched its new WHOIS service to provide more information on .eu domain names via the implementation of additional features.

Next to the contact details of the .eu domain name holder WHOIS provides the details Continue reading

.EU Registrations Are Steady While The WHOIS Quality Programme Takes Off

euThe latest progress report from the .eu registry, EURid, is showning that the number of .eu registrations increased by 4,578 domain names, a net increase of 0.1%, to 3.85 million during Q3 2015.

Iceland, Cyprus and Poland all saw growth of more than 7%.

By the end of the quarter there were a total of 743 .eu accredited registrars, the top ten registrars accounted for 36.9% of all .eu registrations. During the third quarter, the total number of .eu registrations increased in Continue reading

.GR Domains I Bought This Year

grI am buying .com, .org and New gTLDs but I am also buying a few ccTLDs.

I own a few .co.uk, a couple .co (do these count as ccTLDs?) and of course a lot of .gr domain names.

This is a list of the .gr domains I have bought in 2015 up until now. I think it is interesting to see the quality of .gr domains that are becoming available. Most of these domains are from drops. And there are no auctions, just simple backorders.

The thing that you need to know, before registering any .gr domains, is what English words are popular and used in Greece. For example almost no one uses the word attorney, so attorney.gr would be next to worthless. It's only the word lawyer that is used in Greece.

I am only posting the domains that are in English. I also buy .gr domains that are in Greeklish (Greek language written using the Latin alphabet) that are pretty popular in Greece.

Here is a list of .gr domains I bought: Continue reading

Kids.us Is (Once Again) Officially Suspended For Good!

usOn August 17, 2015 the Stakeholder Council met. The Council carefully considered the report on the kids.us domain and unanimously recommended that the requirement be suspended for the life of the Neustar .us contract.

Back in January an Continue reading

.EU Q2 2015 Report: Domain Registrations Increase By 0.7%

euThe latest progress report from the .eu registry, EURid, has shown that the total number of .eu domain name registered at the end of Q2 represented an increase of 0.7%, or 26 368 registrations, when compared with the total number at the end of Q2 2014.

During the second quarter, the total number of .eu registrations increased in 10 European Union and EEA member states. Croatia and Poland both saw growth of more than 6%. Continue reading

Changes To .UK WHOIS Policy – Nominet Introduces New Privacy Services

nominetIn response to the increasing desire for privacy online, following a consultation, Nominet is planning to introduce a new framework for privacy services within .UK. At the same time, Nominet will be clarifying the criteria for individuals who opt out of publishing details in the WHOIS.

Privacy service framework

Nominet will introduce a framework that allows registrars to sell privacy services for .UK domains. This means that Continue reading

Should Kids.us Remain Suspended?

usThe usTLD Stakeholder Council is seeking comments on its recommendation to continue the suspension of the kids.us namespace through the end of the current .US contract term.

The recommendation follows a report of the Kids.us Education Advisory Committee advising that the restrictive namespace was not built to thrive in today’s Internet landscape and should remain suspended. A temporary suspension of the kids.us namespace has been in effect since Continue reading

ccTLD Community Pulls Together To Face Upcoming Challenges

centrCENTR Board members and Management gathered in Florence on 11-12 May 2015 for a strategic retreat with the aim of defining long-term strategy plans for the organisation.

After having reviewed and assessed the current environment and service levels, the Board acknowledged and agreed on the following: Continue reading

The Pirate Bay Lost ThePirateBay.se & PirateBay.se – Moves To 6 Other ccTLDs

the-pirate-bayThe Pirate Bay will soon be leaving the  Swedish ccTLD domain name (thepiratebay.se). The popular torrent website will move to various ccTLDs around the world.

TorrentFreak.com reported that earlier today the Stockholm District Court ordered the seizure of both thepiratebay.se and piratebay.se, arguing that they were linked to copyright crimes.

"Potential appeals aside the domains in question will be handed over to the Swedish Government, but the ruling is unlikely to hamper Pirate Bay’s availability, quite the contrary."

The TPB team informed TF that they have already begun redirecting the .SE address, rotating it to Continue reading

.ME Domains Hit 800,000 Registrations – Earns Montenegro Government 17M Euro

dot-meThe .Me registry announced that the .ME domain names have passed 800,000 domain registrations.

Since its launch in 2008 Montenegro’s country code domain has been marketed as a premier choice for building a personal brand and it quickly became one of the favourite new extensions among creative individuals who want to stand out online. The domain has continued to grow steadily in response to the Continue reading