Nominet Increases Security By Adding 2-Factor Authentication To .UK Domain Names

nominetNominet announced that it is boosting the security of the UK namespace to help protect it from attack and exploitation. As part of this, they will be offering two-factor authentication access to their Online Services (OS) to registrars later on this year. Two-factor authentication is a two-step verification process and provides an extra layer of security to users accessing online systems.

Nominet is running a limited pilot in September and it will be inviting a small number of registrars to take part. For the pilot, Nominet is selecting those who have approached us about this service in the past, in particular the brand protection sector, and those who log into the Nominet OS most frequently.

Following a successful pilot, two-factor authentication will be offered to all registrars wishing to use it later on this year. The new security feature will have a phased rollout, with registrants being offered this service at a later date.

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Nominet To Begin Emailing .CO.UK Domain Owners About .UK

ukFrom 15 September, Nominet will begin emailing registrants with rights to a short .uk domain under the .uk 5-year reservation mechanism.  This step is part of a wider programme of communication and outreach committed to as part of the launch of .uk, and reflects Nominet’s commitment to inform the existing registrants of the additional rights now connected to their domain/s.

Emails will be sent in batches according to account, to give registrars certainty about when their customers are likely to receive an email. Timings and email text are available on Registrar Resources.

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Heart Internet Moves To A .UK Domain Name

Heart Internet, one of UK’s largest reseller hosting companies, has become one of the first major businesses in the United Kingdom to switch to the recently launched .uk domain name. Heart internet switched from a to a .uk:

Launched in June, .uk is the new flagship domain name, bringing the United Kingdom in line with other major European markets such as France (.fr) and Germany (.de).

According to Heart Internet, “the launch of the new shorter and more memorable domain name is good news for British businesses and the UK domain space as a whole. By combining a shorter extension with the trust of the .uk brand, businesses and individuals will gain wider choice, appeal and more potential opportunities when creating their own online space.”

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New Shorter .NZ Domains Names Coming In September In New Zealand

The .nz registry is following the footsteps of Nominet, the .uk registry, offering shorter .nz (New Zealand) ccTLD domain names.

From 1pm, 30 September 2014, ‘second level’ domains like the .co in ‘’ and the .org in ‘’ will become optional. You’ll be able to get .nz names with them, without them, or both.

You may have ‘Preferential Registration Eligibility’ if you are an Existing Registrant. This means you could register or reserve the shorter version of your .nz domain name before it becomes available to anyone else.

If you have a .nz domain name, you’re an existing registrant. It’s important to know that you may be eligible to register or reserve the shorter version of your .nz domain name before it becomes available to anyone else.
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Blocked .SE Domain Names To Be Auctioned (,,,,

This autumn, .SE will conduct an auction to release more of the .se domain names that are not currently possible to register. The domain names are two-character country codes, such as, and as well as the names of other countries, for example, and

.SE is currently planning the auction process and will have more information available autumn 2014.

Background to the auction

.SE’s list of blocked and reserved domain names was created in 2003 when it was made possible for anyone to register a .se domain. Over the years, the majority of the domain names on the list have been made available for registration. It is worth mentioning that these have included the numerical domains in 2006, geographical place names in 2008 and the Swedish Royal Court’s domains in 2010 – were several thousand domain names in total. With these previous releases, the domains Continue reading

DK Hostmaster continues to manage .dk domain names

Following a public consultation, the Minister of Business and Growth has decided to extend DIFO’s permission to be registry for the .dk domain names.

Since 1999, Danish Internet Forum (DIFO) has had the license to manage all dk domain names and maintain the DK-zone in DNS. This task is handled by DK Hostmaster A/S, owned by DIFO. On July 1st, The Danish Business Authority announced that the Minister of Business and Growth has awarded DIFO permit for six more years.

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Redelegation of the .GW domain representing Guinea-Bissau

ICANN decided, at the Regular Meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors that was held on 26 June 2014 in London England, the redelegation of the .GW domain representing Guinea-Bissau.

Kuo-Wei Wu introduced the agenda item. Chris Disspain provided background information regarding the redelegation request.

The Board then took the following action:

Resolved (2014.06.26.06), as part of the exercise of its responsibilities under the IANA Functions Contract, ICANN has reviewed and evaluated the request to redelegate the .GW country-code top-level domain to the Autoridade Reguladora Nacional das Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação da Guiné Bissau. The documentation demonstrates that the proper procedures were followed in evaluating the request.

Resolved (2014.06.26.07), the Board directs that pursuant to Article III, Section 5.2 of the ICANN Bylaws, that certain portions of the rationale not appropriate for public distribution within the resolutions, preliminary report or minutes at this time due to contractual obligations, shall be withheld until public release is allowed pursuant to those contractual obligations.

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New .UK Domains Hit 100k Registrations

.UK domains were launched by Nominet on the 10th of June. Today Nominet announced that these new, short .uk domains have passed the 100,000 registrations milestone, contributing to the biggest-selling month Nominet – the internet company behind the .uk internet infrastructure – has seen in almost 14 years.

June 2014 saw almost 225,000 new registrations across .uk,, and, second only to March 2000, when registrations nudged 250,000.

“Given that the domain name market is more competitive than ever before, this is a fantastic endorsement of the power of the UK brand,” Eleanor Bradley, Nominet’s Chief Operating Officer said.

“We’re pleased not only that our new .uk domain has hit this milestone, but that other .uk domains such as and continue to be so popular as hundreds of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) hit the market.  It shows that highlighting your UK connection continues to be a compelling prospect for businesses and individuals online.” Continue reading

Survey finds 76% of Australians prefer .au domain names

AU-Domain-NamesA survey of more than 3,000 Australians has found .au domain name registrations are on the rise, with 76% of all domain name holders choosing .au, an increase of 2% on last year.

The survey is the second annual report to investigate domain name use and ownership in Australia.

It was jointly prepared by AusRegistry and .au Domain Administration (auDA) with assistance from global market research company Effective Measure.

Security and trust

The report found .au remains Australia’s home on the Internet with more than double the level of trust over any other namespace.

George Pongas, General Manager of Naming Services at AusRegistry, said the results show the .au brand position is built on a foundation of trust, reliability and security. Continue reading

Reader Complains About The .NG Registry Stealing and From Him

I received an email from a reader called Gao Tianyong from Beijing describing his horror story dealing with the .ng registry. .NG is the ccTLD for Nigeria. The reader is not a native English speaker so bare with him (I made a few corrections). Here is his story:
“Here are the details about my story about .ng domains (the cctld of Nigeria):
.ng domains is using the registrant-registrar-registry model.
I checked from the registry website and the registrar website and it was available. Then I paid $100 and registered it through the registrar on 2013-05-24. More than one month passed and on 2013-7-4, nira (registry) transferred out this domain from my account suddenly even without an email notice then sold it privately for $10000 usd per year, every year. (I heard the price from a registrar later) Continue reading