.AU Report: 2.9 Million Domains, 6% Growth, 43% Of Domains Are Under 2 Years Old

gtldsA new report on .au, the Australian ccTLD, reveals that almost 50 percent of all .au domain names are between nine and 15 characters in length, while New South Wales claims the honour of the state with the largest number of .au registrations, according to a new report published by AusRegistry today.

The report – titled Continue reading

GOV.UK Gets 8 Million Unique Visitors Per Week And Reaches 1 Billion Visits In Total

ukThe United Kingdom government’s GOV.UK website gets just over eight million visits every week on average the Cabinet Office announced.

Launched 2 years ago, GOV.UK brings together government services and information online. As the first ever single domain for government, it replaced DirectGov, Business Link and over 250 separate department and agency websites.

On the second anniversary of its launch, the website has reached the impressive milestone of 1 billion visits. GOV.UK ranks Continue reading

.SE Auctions 349 Blocked Domains (no.se, tv.se, pr.se, it.se, usa.se)

gtldsSweden’s Internet Infrastructure Foundation (.SE)​​ will conduct multiple auctions to release more of the .se domain names that are not currently possible to register. The domain names are two-character country codes, such as no.se, tv.se, pr.se, cd.se, hr.se and it.se as well as the names of other countries, for example, usa.se, thailand.se and spanien.se.

.SE plans to sell 349 different domain names on on eBay’s Swedish Continue reading

Afnic 2013 Report: 13.7 Million Euros Turnover, 2.7 Million Domains, 8.2% Growth For .FR

gtldsThe Afnic annual report sheds new light on major events that have marked the development of the Association in 2013:

The consolidation of the French legal framework for domain names, the growth of the .fr TLD, and a major advancement for Afnic, which became a multi-registry operator in 2013, thus diversifying its business at the service of the French Internet community.

Highlights of this latest report include:

.Fr Allows Registration Of 1 And 2 Character(s) Domain Names

gtldsAs of December 8, 2014, it will be possible to register a domain name consisting of only one or two alphanumeric character(s) under the .fr. .Fr is the ccTLD of France.

The opening will take place according to a specific timetable, in several phases: Continue reading

.PT Allows Registration Of 2-Character Domains And Holds Sedo Auction With 51 Domains

gtldsAs of November 3, it will be possible to register two-character domains at .pt. Terms & Conditions are already available for consultation at dns.pt.

.PT is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Portugal.

Sedo will host an auction featuring 51 of the best 2-character .pt domains In November. Check out the list below.

Whereas there are no technical, administrative or legal grounds for maintaining the provisions which imposed a limit of a minimum of three characters for registering domain names under.pt, that provision was reviewed in order for domain names registered under .pt to be accepted with a minimum of two characters. Continue reading

Free .GQ Domains Coming Soon! Will GQ Magazine Be Happy With This?

gtldsFreenom will soon relaunch the .GQ top level domain – the domain extension of Equatorial Guinea – and  give all .GQ domains away for free.

I think that the GQ magazine will not be too happy about this move that will have millions of free .GQ domains used by scammers and spammers all over the world.

.TK is another ccTLD offering free domains. According to a survey .tk domains were twice as likely as the global average to be used for “unwanted behaviors”, including scams such as phishing and spam. .tk domains logged 2533 of 11768 (~21.5%) total phishing attacks in the latter half of 2010 Internet-wide.

Especially at this time that hundreds of New gTLDs are launching this may seem to some people that are not in the domaining industry that GQ is launching Continue reading

CENTR Report: 282.5 Million Domains In The World With 1.6% Growth

gtldsAs of August 2014 the total number of domains across all Top Level Domains (TLDs)  stood at 282.5 million (including new gTLDs). This represents a growth of roughly 1.6% since May 2014 (4.5 million registrations).

ccTLDs grew at the highest rate for the past 3 months at 1.7% this compares with 0.3% for legacy gTLDs. The global market share of ccTLDs (as a percentage of all TLD registrations) has been increasing over the past few quarters it currently stands at 45.8% (see left). Continue reading

New Shorter .NZ Domains Names Now Available For Registration

gtldsThe .nz registry has started offering shorter .nz (New Zealand) ccTLD domain names.

From yesterday 1pm, 30 September 2014, ‘second level’ domains like the .co in ‘.co.nz’ and the .org in ‘.org.nz’ became optional. You’ll be able to get .nz names with them, without them, or both.

Registering one of these new, shorter .nz names is called registering directly at the second level.

Most people who already have a .nz domain name will be able to get the shorter version of their name before Continue reading

Norway To Rent Or Sell Its .BV Domain To The Netherlands

icannNorid is negotiating with the Dutch registry, SIDN, to possibly rent or sell the .bv top-level domain.

Norid is in talks to offer the ccTLD .bv on the Dutch market, confirms CEO Hilde Thunem.

Norid have been in dialogue with SIDN for a while about a possible joint effort to utilize .bv in the Netherlands. SIDN is now examining the market potential, and the further process will be decided on when the market analysis is ready.

In addition to the top-level domain (TLD) .no, Norid is responsible for Continue reading