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Register Now For NamesCon 2017 For Just $199

namescon-2017Yes, it is early but if you enjoyed NamesCon and plan to be there next year then you can’t beat this price.

For you early-bird planners, the famed $199 pre-registration pricing is now live. NamesCon is releasing 100 tickets at this price level before they jump to their $299 early-bird tickets, of which there will be 400 available.

Note that these tickets are not intended for company use (if you are a company please contact here to secure a group rate!) and due to their popularity they are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.

Eventbrite - NamesCon 2017: The Domain Name Industry Event in Las Vegas

If you’re as big on planning, you can also register for your hotel at the Tropicana now at $95/night under the NamesCon room block. Remember, booking via the NamesCon site ensures you are on the list to receive welcome packages and sponsored room-drops directly to your room.

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  1. First 100 were sold in 2 hours. NamesCon offers 100 more at this price.

  2. Thanks for the tip, booked mine was a great conference

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