Moniker Is Oblivious As Usual To The Disaster And Blames the Heartbleed Bug

monikerJust like after it changed its control panel Moniker is once again issuing a statement that solves none of the problems. And it can’t solve any of the problems because they don’t admit that there is an underlying problem: their new system.

I bet you all have heard of the massive hacking attack on Moniker. It was successful and many domains have been reported as stolen including domains such as

Moniker, in an email today, claims that the Heartbleed Bug caused the system vulnerabilities.

They also said what seems to be completely not true: Continue reading

How To Check If Any Of Your Domains Have Been Stolen From Moniker

monikerYesterday Moniker send emails to all its users with new passwords and asked them to change the passwords immediately. It was later reported that this was done after a massive hacking that resulted in many valuable domain names being stolen from various Moniker accounts.

First of all I must say that I can’t believe that no one at Moniker noticed that a single IP logged into thousands of accounts. Is there anyone over at Moniker? This is a major flag that went unnoticed. This went on for 2 weeks that gave the thieves plenty of time to transfer out any domains the wanted.

Of course if you own a very small number of domains you can check whois and then check if the domain is in your Moniker account. But if you have thousands of domains it is not that easy.

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Moniker Update: Support Replies, Bulk Auth Codes, Privacy Email Fail, Privacy Price

This is time for another Moniker update. The past 2 months have been crazy. I have made 8 posts, including this one, describing what have been a Moniker system disaster.

Before a couple of days I received some cryptic emails from Moniker:

we hereby acknowledge receipt of your payment in the amount of 8.45 $ by TRANSACTION [Receipt of payment cash; Transferring balance from duplicate account to active account.].

and then:

we hereby acknowledge receipt of your payment in the amount of -8.45 $ by Balancing of negative account debit; Transferring balance from duplicate account to active account..

These 2 payments cancel out and they don’t appear in my invoice or transaction history so I am not sure if I need to worry or not. I have no idea what the “duplicate account” refers to…

Problems with Moniker are not really improving fast but I did receive a response to my support ticket for the emails above during the weekend:

When the system was migrated, another account was created for you by accident. The system closed the other account and transferred the funds to your active account ****. We do apologize for this error and hope you understand what happened.

Yes, Moniker support has started repliying to support tickets. I started 4 support Continue reading

Moniker Update: 12 Points On What Works and What Does Not

I was avoiding Moniker for the most part of the past month. I had renewed all my June domains before their system change so I thought to remain calm by not logging into my account. I don’t have a lot of domains there anyway. But July renewals are coming up, so it was time to login and prepare to transfer all my domains out. Here are some of the problems I had and a few things I noticed:

  1. I had some trouble unlocking a few domains. I used the bulk unlock tool to unlock 13 domains. 7 unlocked immediately. 4 seemed to be unlocked in control panel but weren’t at the registry. 2 didn’t unlock in control panel for some strange reason (were not unlocked in registry too)
    Then I tried to unlock the remaining 6. All 6 unlocked in control panel but was not unlocked at the registry.
    The last 1 domain that remained unlocked, I locked it and then unlocked it again and it worked at the registry level.
    Moniker had troubles before the system change with domains won at Snapnames that were caught with the registrar UDOMAINNAME.COM LLC. All 13 domains are registered there.
  2. Auth codes have not changed after the system change. So the auth codes I had are still working now.
  3. Domains I unlocked before the change are still unlocked.

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Moniker’s CEO Bonnie Wittenburg Sends Message But No Timeline

Moniker’s migration to a new system has caused a lot of problems to all it’s users. Today Moniker’s CEO Bonnie Wittenburg sent a message but I don’t see how this is any help. It has been 10 days since the system migration and functionality has not yet been restored. At this point there is no way to restore settings as the new database is being used and the old one has become obsolete.

Here is the message: Continue reading

Moniker is back up. Problems remain! (#3)

Moniker is back up after being down for maintenance. I just logged into my account only to find more domains that what I had before. I have now 30 more domains since yesterday and that is not necessarily good. 25 of these domains were transferred out of moniker last month. The good thing is that the 1 domain I was missing is back but I am not sure I can edit it. Control panel displays it differently that the other domains. The other 4 from these 30 domains are expired for months.

I also got an email today with the subject “Urgent attention needed – Renewal”:

You are receiving this email because some of your domain names have entered into the ERRP period as required by ICANN.
Because of the migration of the Moniker system to a the new platform you may have had difficulties expressing your interest to renew those names.
This may have affected the following domain names:
Please note that the migration of all domain names has now been completed and we would like to ask you to review the renewal settings of your domain names and the below listed domain names in particular.
Upon renewal the affected domain names should become active again.

You can access your renewal setting by logging into your account at
Please proceed to “Renew/Delete Domains” on the left side to verify the renewal setting of your portfolio.

Please also verify your accounts payment settings at the page “Payment Options” under the User Profile section on the left hand.

The email lists 10 domains. 3 of them have been transferred out of Moniker and the other 7 I don’t want to renew. I got a renewal invoice about 1 of these 7 domains yesterday. I can now see the invoice of this renewal I never wanted and have paid somehow(?) but non of my older invoices.

Read about all my other problems and comments from other Moniker customers here:

Moniker: let the problems begin! (auto-renew, credit cards, control panel)

Moniker Problems #2 (disappearing domains, wrong whois, invoices, new account ID)

Moniker is closed for maintenance until 9:00 am (EDT)

I have had enough Moniker. When all is working, which is not because there is a notice on the dashboard saying that there is ongoing maintenance, let me know. I can’t waste any more time with you. I just feel sorry for all the people that want to renew or transfer out domains from Moniker.

Moniker is closed for maintenance until 9:00 am (EDT)

I visited Moniker looking for one of my domains that is missing only to find this message below. Moniker is closed for maintenance until 9:00 am (EDT).

I have made 2 post so far with all my Moniker problems:
Moniker: let the problems begin! (auto-renew, credit cards, control panel)

Moniker Problems #2 (disappearing domains, wrong whois, invoices, new account ID)

Here is the message: Continue reading

Moniker Problems #2 (disappearing domains, wrong whois, invoices, new account ID)

Yesterday I made a post about a couple of Moniker problems I had. The post was triggered by an email invoice I got for a domain name renewal. I had let the domain expire of the 6th of May. Many people have received this renewal invoice for domains that have expired 1-2 months back. But that was only the beginning of the problems me and others are facing. At least I don’t have any domains expiring in June as I followed my own advice.

First of all the support is not responding. I submitted 2 tickets yesterday and have not heard back. I don’t have the option of calling and waiting for hours on the phone as I am from Greece. Actually no one can wait for hours on the phone…

Now let’s see one of the most important problems: the disappearing domains. Some domains have disappeared from user account for various reasons. I can imagine everything went wrong. The old Moniker system had enough bugs already and transferring a broken system to another broken system is simply impossible. Continue reading

Moniker: let the problems begin! (auto-renew, credit cards, control panel)

I tried to warn everybody on Thursday that the new Moniker will be a huge problem but you can never prepare enough for a disaster.

Today my problems began. Even though I had renew any domains that were set to expire in June and transferred away a few domains.

I got an email notice today with subject “Invoice” and I knew it was trouble as soon as it hit my inbox. This is for the renewal of the domain name *************.info that expired almost a month back: 2014-05-06.

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10 Steps To Help You Prepare For The New Moniker

Moniker announced major updates that are coming on Monday, June 2nd, 2014. I don’t know about you but when I hear about a new system update and major updates I fear for the worst. So I list below 10 steps to help you prepare for the New Moniker.

Here is what their said on their latest email:

We’ve gone back to the drawing board, literally. By investing in system upgrades and platform enhancements, we’re changing how we do business.

Adding product offers, improving support, and developing our communication channels with our users are fundamental components to the changes coming soon. Our passion for domain names and helping you reach your goals, big or small, requires us to provide you with better service at every level – and we’re doing just that.

On Monday, June 2nd, 2014, visit Moniker to experience the change for yourself. We’re excited to share our new look with you and hope our new systems will make accessing the domains you want and managing your Web properties easier than ever. Our goal is to help you make a name for yourself on the Web.

KeyDrive S.A., Moniker’s parent company, acquired Moniker in 2012. (KeyDrive S.A. recently announced that it has sold the SnapNames business unit to

So what steps can you take so you can avoid most of the problems that might arise from the system update? If you accustomed to the old control panel I suggest you do as much housekeeping as you can. That is if you still have domains with Moniker. I personally have about 5% of the number of domains I once had. So here are the 10 steps: Continue reading