UDRP Complaint For The Domain Name Toyotomi.com Denied (RDNH missed only by a slim margin)

wipoVictory! We just won the complaint for the domain name Toyotomi.com. The complaint was denied by a three member panel at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Complainant didn't submit all evidence to the Panel, lied and made false allegations. They claimed that I made a 12500 Euro quote when in fact they Continue reading

UDRP Panelist: “Panels Don’t Look Kindly Upon Re-filed Complaints That Blame UDRP Panels For Their Own Ineptitude”

icannThe Hon. Neil Brown QC, a very well known UDRP panelist, wrote an article on his personal blog about "Re-Filing of a UDRP Complaint". He is commenting on a recent decision:
Reliance Telecom Limited v Domains By Proxy, LLC, Sukhraj Randhawa, WIPO Case No. D2014-0947, Disputed domain name: <reliancegroup.com>,September 11, 2014.

Here are some interesting comments he made: Continue reading

2,634 UDRPs Filed With WIPO In 2014 – Philip Morris Filed 81 Cases (+Infographic)

wipoSince the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center administered the first Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) case in 1999, total WIPO case filings have passed the 30,000 mark, encompassing over 58,000 domain names.

In 2014, cybersquatting case filings with WIPO increased by Continue reading

Meet The Attorney That Represents Attorneys In UDRPs

icannWebsite attorney Steven Rinehart recently won several new UDRP domain name disputes involving common law trademarks. Rinehart issued a press release about successfully establishing common law trademarks rights for two attorneys who were the target of libelous criticism websites (e.g. gripe sites), those domain names being <kendrickmoxon.com>, a California attorney; and <jonahhunt.com>, a Denver attorney.

Rinehart represents clients, with a few attorneys amongst them, in domain name disputes involving Continue reading

Potential Scandal At WIPO Involving Director General Francis Gurry

TheRegister did an article yesterday exposing allegations of bizarre and potentially illegal conduct within the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). The Register obtained access to an internal report indicating reasonable grounds to suspect serious misconduct within the UN agency.

"The report, published exclusively by The Register today, outlines serious allegations against WIPO chief Francis Gurry. The organisation's staff council has also demanded a prompt and independent investigation.

An OnlineDomain.com reader brought this article to my attention and he also commented that "Francis Gurry has been a flag-waver for UDRP from day one, and he has written some very one-sided papers trying to expand the power of the UDRP against domainers. He's always putting out releasing saying that cybersquatting is on the rise, even when it isn't." Continue reading

Virgin and Richard Branson file 4 URS complaints for 5 New gTLD domain names

Virgin and Richard Branson filed 4 URS complaints on 5 different New gTLD domain names in the past couple of days:

  1. richardbranson.holdings - richardbranson.ventures
  2. virgingalactic.guru
  3. virginaustralia.holdings
  4. branson.guru

Virgin had a DPML block for the term "Virgin" but that can't stop registrations such as 2. and 3. Richard Branson didn't have a DPML from Donuts so the domains from 1. were registered. He has since bought the DPML block. Richard Branson can NOT get a Continue reading

URS complaint filed for the New gTLD domain name dana.holdings

A URS complaint was filed on the New gTLD domain name dana.holdings yesterday. The complainant is not yet know but it is probably Dana Limited from Ohio that is registered in the trademark clearinghouse for the mark "dana".

The domain was registered on February 7th from someone from Continue reading

UDRP complaint filed for 18 year old domain MyMachine.com

A UDRP complaint was filed for the domain name MyMachine.com at the National Arbitration Forum. The domain name was registered in 1996 and according to domaintools.com whois history the current owner has owned it since at least 2001.

The MyMachine.com website displays a picture of a small machine on black background and that is about it.

The complainant is not yet known but since the complaint was filed at the National Arbitration Forum I can assume that the complainant is

Continue reading

UDRP complaint for creativ.com denied despite default – Respondent did not reply to purchase offers

The UDRP complaint for the domain name creativ.com was denied at the National Arbitration Forum by a 1-member panel. This was a clear Reverse Domain Name Hijacking case but the owner of the domain did not respond to the complaint. Nevertheless the owner of the domain name won the complaint as the Complainant doesn't even have a registered trademark, yet alone a trademark that predates the domain name registration.

The domain name creativ.com was registered in 1999. The <creativ.com>  domain name resolves to a website that includes a general offer to sell the disputed domain name. Complainant claims that Respondent has not replied to numerous offers from Complainant to purchase the domain name beginning in August of 2013, roughly five months ago. Complainant alleged that Respondent had not made any use of the disputed domain name.

Complainant claims Continue reading

.bbva New gTLD applicant files its 3rd URS complaint for 5 New gTLD domain names

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), S.A. filed yet another URS complaint on a New gTLD domain names yesterday. BBVA is the New gTLD applicant for .bbva. This time a URS complaint was filed for 5 domain names, all pretty worthless:

All 5 domains were registered by someone from London, Great Britain. The same person has already registered more similar domains: Continue reading