ICANN Issues Alert On The Latest Domain Name Renewal Phishing Scam

icannLast week I wrote about the latest email scam that is targeting domain name owners. Domain name owners receive an email with their details from whois data and a domain name that may or may not be expiring. The scam uses a disposable domain name with ICANN’s logo and info plastered all over it. The email asks owners to go to that website so they can renew their domain names. All that the scam tries to do is steal credit card information.

ICANN issued an alert about this scam today: Continue reading

IDN ccTLD عراق from the Republic of Iraq Passes String Evaluation

icannICANN announced the successful completion of String Evaluation on proposed IDN ccTLD string (xn--mgbtx2b عراق) for the Republic of Iraq. Iraq’s latin ccTLD is .IQ.

The IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) ccTLD Fast Track Process was approved by the ICANN Board at its annual meeting in Seoul, South Korea on 30 October 2009. First requests were received starting 16 November 2009. The process enables countries and territories to submit requests to ICANN for IDN ccTLDs, representing their respective country or territory names in scripts other than Latin. IDN ccTLD requesters must fulfill a number of requirements: Continue reading

NEUSTAR Requests The Release Of Country And Territory Names For .NEUSTAR

icannNEUSTAR requested from ICANN the release of all reserved country and territory names for .NEUSTAR.

I really don’t get how ICANN works sometimes. They first decided to reserve all country names for all New gTLDs and now they are thinking of releasing them on a .brand. As soon as a request like this gets granted, all other New TLD registries will submit a similar request. So why were the country names reserved in the first place if ICANN’s releases them now? Continue reading

ICANN Grants Data Retention Waiver To 5 German Registrars And Moniker

icannICANN granted data retention waivers to 5 German registrars and Moniker that is US based but is owned by the European group KeyDrive S.A.:

  1. Key-Systems, LLC
  2. Key-Systems, GmbH
  3. InterNetworX Ltd. & Co. KG
  4. http.net Internet GmbH
  5. AZ.PL, Inc
  6. Moniker Online Services LLC

Moniker’s technical backend services provider as well as data storage and collection occur on servers hosted and operated in Germany, and is subject to German law. Accordingly, ICANN has determined that it is appropriate to grant the Registrar a data retention waiver. Moniker does not appear to have signed the 2013 RAA yet. Continue reading

ICANN Will Conduct An Economic Study To Evaluate The Impact Of The New gTLD Program

newgtldThe Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN“) is seeking one or more provider(s) to conduct an economic study examining pricing trends and other competition indicators in the global domain name system (DNS) market. The economic study will capture some of the metrics proposed by ICANN‘s community to evaluate the impact of the New gTLD Program on competition, consumer choice and consumer trust.

The selected provider(s) will design and execute an initial study to create a meaningful baseline of data on multiple factors of competition and will perform a follow-on study one year later, to generate and analyze a set of comparison data. ICANN is seeking one or more qualified providers to manage this complex exercise in a timely and efficient manner.

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New gTLD Applicants Can Get A 9 Month Extension Executing The Registry Agreement

newgtldICANN announced that New gTLD applicants can now get a 9 month extension on executing the Registry Agreement.

All applicants (including those that wish to qualify as a .Brand TLD) seeking an extension to the nine-month deadline to execute the Registry Agreement must submit an extension request to ICANN prior to the expiration of their deadline as follows:

  • All applicants (including those that wish to qualify as a .Brand TLD) with a deadline of 29 October 2014 to execute the Registry Agreement must submit extension requests by 24 September 2014 to be eligible for an extension.
  • Applicants with deadline dates to execute the Registry Agreement other than 29 October 2014 must submit extension requests at least 45 days prior to the original deadline date to be eligible for an extension.

If extension requests are not submitted by these extension request deadlines, Continue reading

Accountability & Governance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Published By ICANN

On 14 August ICANN posted the Enhancing ICANN Accountability and Governance: Process and Next Steps. Since posting, ICANN received some questions that are compiled here together with items perhaps useful to be addressed for the community. These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are to assist in your understanding of this process and of the ways you can participate, and will be updated to be responsive to community questions during the process. The FAQs and other process resources also can be found on a new Community Wiki space.

The Accountability Process ICANN has launched is critical to the successful transition of the IANA Functions Stewardship from the US Government to the Internet’s multistakeholder community.

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions: Continue reading

ICANN Asking For Comments On 2-Character Domain Names for .SOHU, .IMMO, .SAARLAND, .CLUB

ICANN has opened a comment period to obtain community input on the proposed amendments to the Registry Agreements of several registry operators: .SOHU, .IMMO, .SAARLAND, .CLUB.

The proposals requess the release of all two-character ASCII labels that do not appear on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 list and for which there is no corresponding government or country-code operator.

The proposed Amendments are to implement a new registry service, submitted through the Registry Services Evaluation Process (RSEP), that would permit the introduction of two-character domain names for registration in the new gTLD namespace. Continue reading

24 More New gTLDs Have Been Delegated: .diet, .hosting, .property, .gifts, .restaurant, .wales

ICANN has announced that 24 more New gTLDs have been delegated for a total of 370 new gTLD strings. Here are some of the more important of the latest 24 new gTLDs:
.diet, .hosting, .property, .gifts, .restaurant, .wales, .healthcare and .realtor.

contracting-overview-960x480-15aug14-enBelow are the key Contracting statistics, as of 15 August 2014:

For the Week Ending: 15 August 2014

Number of Applications Invited to Contracting: 3
Number of Responses to Contracting Invite Received: 39
Number of Registry Agreements Sent to Applicants: 6
Number of Registry Agreements Executed: 2

Number of Requests for Exemption to the Code of Conduct Posted for 30-day Comment: 0
Number of Code of Conduct Exemptions Granted: 0

Number of Applications for Specification 13 Posted for 30-day Comment: 3
Number of Specification 13 Granted: 0

Here are the 370 New gTLDs that have been delegated so far:

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ICANN Announces Accountability & Governance Public Experts Group Members

As described in the 14 August 2014 posting of the Enhancing ICANN Accountability: Process and Next Steps, four respected individuals with backgrounds in academia, governmental relations, global insight, and the Affirmation of Commitments (AoC), will form the Accountability & Governance Public Experts Group.

Selected by ICANN‘s President and CEO, Fadi Chehadé, members of the Public Experts Group will be responsible for the selection of up to seven Advisors to sit on the Coordination Group to assure that best practices are brought from the larger global community. Once selected by the Public Experts Group, these Advisors will contribute research and advice, as well as bring perspectives on global best practices to enrich the discussion, all while engaging with a broader network of accountability experts from around the world.

The members of the Public Experts Group are: Continue reading