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Konstantinos Zournas studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and now lives in Athens, Greece. His interests are domain name registration and management and UDRP consulting. He offers website development and hosting. He has been online since 1995 and a domain investor since 2002. You can find him at Google+ - Twitter - LinkedIn

Paint It .Black: New gTLD Registries And Registrars Have A Long Way To Go

blackNew gTLD registries and registrars have a long way to go trying to make New gTLD domain names available to everyone. There is no consistency and every registrar has it’s own confusing  rules that most of the time are not endorsed by the registry.

Here is an example. I tried to pre-order some .black domains for the general availability that was starting yesterday. I went to the official .black website and clicked to see the list of registrars. I had to click twice on “more registrars” so I could see the whole list that is not so big. There are just 45 registrars offering .black domains out of more than 1000 ICANN accredited registrars. 8 of them are actually all owned by Go Daddy so there counted as 1 registrar in my book.

Then I visited most of them and about half were not offering .black pre-registrations. (Enom and Mesh Digital) I am not even sure that all registrars listed there are offering .black domains today.

I decided to use Continue reading

A Few Thoughts On The TRAFFIC Awards Nominations

trafficT.R.A.F.F.I.C. announced the Nominees for the 2014 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. AWARDS today.

Here a few thoughts I had after I read the nominations list:

  1. People seem to be tired of awards. Not a lot of votes were sent. And just 2 months back the Domainers Choice Awards were given out. Especially in a small industry like the domain name one anything more than 1 award ceremony per year is too much.
  2. Maybe it was that the nominations had a small time window to be submitted (just 3 days) and a lot of people are on vacations at this time of the year.
  3. I forgot to vote. I admit it. I am on vacations so I have some small excuse. It was Saturday when I realized it.
  4. There are some people and companies in there I have never heard of. Continue reading

Landrush Opens For .Website, .Press And .HostT

Radix concluded sunrise for the first batch of its extensions – .website, .press and .host last week. .website alone saw more than 600 orders, making it one of the biggest new gTLD sunrises to date. These TLDs entered Landrush & Radix plans to take these a notch above with Landrush 2.0. – “an affordable, risk free landrush that offers high-quality names”.


Landrush 2.0 aims to reduce the price gap between landrush and general availability, with an eye towards increasing participation in the phase, which lasts only through Sept. 15.  The Radix Landrush is supported across leading registrars such as GoDaddy, Hexonet, Domain.com, Name.com, Key-Systems, ResellerClub. Radix itself has also set up a dedicated microsite at http://www.RadixRegistry.com/Landrush to highlight potential big-interest domains. Premium domains set aside by Radix for an annual fee are also available during this phase.

Landrush prices start at $175 at Go Daddy but I was able to find prices as low as $36.50 at other registrars.

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2014 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Award Nominations Announced

trafficT.R.A.F.F.I.C. announced the Nominees for the 2014 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. AWARDS.  Each of these Nominees received nominations from at least 3 individuals.

While nominations are open industry wide, voting is not. You MUST be on the TRAFFIC mailing list to vote and have your vote counted. If you received this ballot, you are on the list. If not, you are NOT on the list. Subscribe to nominations@targetedtraffic.com by Friday September 12th to be eligible to vote.

Escrow.com will be counting and certifying all votes. Voting dates and specific rules will be announced soon. Voting will be over a 2 day period for the first time.

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.ORG Bi-Annual Report: 1.4% Increase Up To 10,428,027 Domain Names

orgPublic Interest Registry, the .org registry, released today the bi-annual report on the growth of .org domains.

The report reveals that in the past twelve months the total number of .org domains under management increased to 10,428,027 globally, a 1.4 percent increase in registrations since 2013.

Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and France saw steady growth and continued to lead as the top five markets for .org registrants outside of the United States.

.org continues to experience a strong renewal rate of 73.9 percent; more than 55 percent of registrants renewed after one year, Continue reading

DropCatch.com Gives Access To Its Domain Backordering API

DropCatch.com announced today that it has opened it’s domain name backordering API to it’s customers. DropCatch.com has exposed 2 API functions so that you can programmatically backorder domains. This feature makes use of NameBright.com API accounts, and is very similar to using the REST endpoint for the NameBright.com API.

We’ve frequently fielded customer requests for API access to DropCatch.com’s backordering service. Well, here you go! We’ve just exposed 2 API endpoints to support backordering domains and canceling open backorders. We have examples using both C# for Windows users and plain old curl from a bash console to get you started on *nix.

Read more here: https://github.com/NameBright/DropCatchBackorderExamples


  1. A NameBright.com account. Create one here: https://www.namebright.com/NewAccount
  2. The NameBright.com account must be activated for API access. Continue reading

World Domain Day Auction On Snapnames: Journalists.com, OKU.com, Babysitters.org

wwd2014The first World Domain Day conference started on Sunday the 24th August at the Avasa Hotel, High Tech City, Hyderbad, India and ends today but Snapnames auction is under way and ends tomorrow.

WDD (World Domain Day) is an international event for the promotion of domain names and to educate people on building successful online businesses.

In conjunction with the event WDD is holding an online auction for premium domains. This auction is hosted at SnapNames.com. Please find below the list of domains in the auction. The list was published on the WWD website but some of the domains are not present in the Snapnames website. The auction ends on Wednesday. So far 4 domains have bids but only one domain has met the reserve.

Section 1: .COM & Older gTLDs: Continue reading

Accountability & Governance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Published By ICANN

On 14 August ICANN posted the Enhancing ICANN Accountability and Governance: Process and Next Steps. Since posting, ICANN received some questions that are compiled here together with items perhaps useful to be addressed for the community. These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are to assist in your understanding of this process and of the ways you can participate, and will be updated to be responsive to community questions during the process. The FAQs and other process resources also can be found on a new Community Wiki space.

The Accountability Process ICANN has launched is critical to the successful transition of the IANA Functions Stewardship from the US Government to the Internet’s multistakeholder community.

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions: Continue reading

.HIV Launches With A $200+ Registration Fee And A Charity Model I Don’t Get

Druck.HIV New gTLD enters general availability today with a registration/renewal fee of about $200 or more and with a charity model I just don’t understand how it will work.

.HIV registration fees vary wildly depending on what registrar you are using. Prices start at $189 and go up to $350. You can find a list of registrars and the registration prices here. For example Name.com is selling .hiv domains at $197 per year.

The .HIV registry is running a founder’s program and has already some active websites such as sport.hiv that is the website of Continue reading

New gTLDs Reach 2 Million Domain Name Registrations But What Does That Mean?

This weekend New gTLDs reached 2 million domain name registrations as anyone can see at ntldstats.com. 2,012,434 domains to be exact was the first number above the 2 million mark. But should anybody care about this “landmark”?

It is almost 7 months since the first New gTLD string launched. New gTLDs reached 1 million registrations on the 6th of June 2014 after a little over 5 months.

But is the 2 million number correct and true and should anybody really care about raw numbers? Maybe yes, maybe not…

First of all there are a lot of problems with the numbers reported. Domain name registrations are counted using zone files. If you look at the top 10 New gTLDs only about half of the strings report domain name numbers that are completely true and paid registrations. Continue reading