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Konstantinos Zournas studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and now lives in Athens, Greece. His interests are domain name registration and management and UDRP consulting. He offers website development and hosting. He has been online since 1995 and a domain investor since 2002. You can find him at Google+ - Twitter - LinkedIn

123-Reg.co.uk customers targeted with phishing emails

123-Reg.co.uk send an email to all it’s customers as phishing emails were sent to several customers. Here is the email:

Dear Customer,

It has come to our attention that some customers may have received an email purporting to be from 123-Reg in relation to the “limit load available for the existing pay rate plan being exceeded”. The email looks like this…

Please be aware these are NOT genuine emails from 123-reg so no action is required if you receive such an email. We advise you to not click on the links and to delete the email immediately.

Emails such as this attempt to fraudulently get your account details allowing unauthorised access to your account. These emails are known as phishing emails and are a serious threat to the security of your account.

Please note, this email is 100% unrelated to the Heartbleed Bug. Our system does not use the version of OpenSSL that was affected.

How can I avoid phishing emails

Here are a few tips to help you keep yourself safe from the treat of phishing emails…

  • Guard against spam – Be cautious of any email you are not expecting or from unrecognised senders
  • Don’t click links – Hover over any links before you click them, does the link contain a strange address that is different from the email content? If so, don’t click it.
  • Go direct – instead of clicking on the links in the email, go to the website directly.
  • Personal information – Be aware of any email that asks you to log in, for personal or financial information, they might be trying to steal it.
  • Protect yourself – Ensure your computer is protected with a firewall, spam filters, anti-virus and anti-spy software
  • Double check – If you ever receive a suspicious email, and are unsure if you should click the link, simply contact the company who sent the email and check the authenticity of the email. It only takes a moment but could save you a lot of trouble.

Need help?

If you have any questions about this or anything else relating to 123-reg don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.

Please visit our support site once you’re logged in, click ASK A QUESTION to send us a query email. Alternatively give us a call on 0845 450 2310 and talk to a member of our team.
Yours sincerely,

The 123-reg team

Future Media Architects (FMA) is dropping 2737 3-letter .info domain names

Future Media Architects, Inc. (FMA) owned by domainer Thunayan K AL-Ghanim (aka “Elequa”) is dropping thousands of 3 letter .info. FMA owns domain names such as media.com, multimedia.com, fm.com mp3.tv, dj.net and i.net.

I read a comment by Mark about thousands of 3-letter .info dropping and I immediately thought of FMA that at one point owned about 3872 3-letter .info domains.

I checked and found out that he has already dropped 2000 .info domains and is in the process (domains are in pending delete status) another 700+. Once these are dropped he will be down to 1135 3-letter .info domains having dropped 2737 domains.

He is dropping lower quality 3-letter domains such as: rdx.info, yuq.info, yxi.info, lgv.info
joj.info and zqq.info.

He is keeping domains such as ppp.info, omg.info, ago.info, fas.info, ssc.info, far.info,
epo.info and of course fma.info.

Most of these domains were registered in 2004 when FMA registered about 2500 .info domains and about 4600 .biz domains. He just bought all available .info and .biz domains at the time. According to Dnjournal he owned more than 1,000 three-letter .coms and more than 2,000 each in .net and .org. I believe he still does.

FMA is known to be one of the rare domainers that is not selling any of his domains. He has refused every time to sell from what i know. And because he is not selling, he is dropping what he doesn’t need regardless of the value that these may have. It seems that the reseller market put a value of about $60 to the worst 3 letter .info.

I myself am dropping domains that have a value of less than $150 because it doesn’t makes sense for me to sell them. It will cost me a lot more than $150 to find the buyer, process the sale, pay bank fees, prepare tax papers etc. Only a bulk deal would be helpful in selling similar priced domains.

I have noticed he is dropping a few .biz as well but don’t have exact numbers.

It seems that with all the new gtld strings 3 letter domains supply has surpassed demand. Even registries that reserve the best domains don’t even bother with 3-letter domains as each of the gTLDs has 17,576 of them. Of course I believe that 3-letter .com and .org will hold their value, if not increase it. But the others will lose value. We will probably lose the high end sales. Of course I am not talking about 3 letter words like toy or bet. These will hold their value that comes from the fact that these are short words.

Sales were hard before the new gtlds. I myself am selling a lot more 1 and 2 words domains than I am selling 3 letter domains.

BTW all dropped FMA domains have been registered! Either at Go Daddy or using APIs. Not a single one is available.

New gTLDs reach 500,000 domain name registrations (.link is at 20,000 but…)

New gTLDs surpassed 500,000 domain name registrations today reaching 531,665 registrations with the help of 5 Uniregistry new gtlds that launched yesterday and .buzz. Here are their first day registration numbers:

buzz  796
gift  4894
guitars  513
link  20050
photo  5347
pics  2368

Not sure what the real registration numbers are because yesterday Uniregistry registered Continue reading

The Italian Registry (.it) Registro.it published their ‘Yearbook 2013′

The Italian Registry (.it) Registro.it have published their ‘Yearbook 2013′ covering the events of the Registry over 2013.  Click to open the Yearbook.

Quarter.it is born, the first quarterly report by .it Registry, with the most important facts
and figures about the domains, projects and events, and the latest news. The Quarter
intends updating the Registrars, in a much shorter time than the data yearbook, with
up-to-date and detailed information.

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Fake Trademarks Stealing Generic Domains In New gTLD Sunrises


Have you heard of “What Box Holdings“, “Plan Bee LLC” andThomas A. Brackey II“? If you are looking to buy a New gTLD domain name you probably have. They managed to register more than 300 premium generic domain names before anyone else. How? Using “fake” trademarks in Sunrise.

They have registered domain names such as cloud.guru, social.photos, Build.house, BET.guru, online.bike, VACATION.photos, discount.repair etc.

I am sure they will tell you that these are not fake trademarks. They have about 40 real trademark registrations in Switzerland, although they only operate in the US, for non existent
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Meet the suckers that paid $2500 for each of their .Rich domain names (microsoft.rich)

The .Rich New gTLD entered general availability last week (April 10). No one noticed because no one is buying .rich domains. And the reason is that the registration and renewal cost is set at about $2500 retail. (101domain.com has a 2,599.00 USD price)

Not a single registration has been made in general availability and it’s no wonder. Sunrise attracted 16 domain name registrations from the suckers below that apparently will register anything and at any price.

I blame the consultants and the brand “protection” companies that advice them. Or they just spend the companies money on their own registrar without telling them exactly what they do and why they do it. They have a budget and just burn it every year.

Actually one of the brand protection companies, Mark Monitor, bought their own .rich domain name. Good thinking!

Samsung registered the names from 2 of their executives. I don’t get it.

Does anyone think that someone will pay $2500 every year to own apple.rich and infringe on Apple?

Here are the 16 .rich purchases (I have included the brand protection firm that is also the registrar when available): Continue reading

Applicant Auction announces suggested schedule for 8 future private gTLD Auctions

Applicant Auction, that offers private auctions for resolving gTLD contention, claims they are getting an increasing number of requests from applicants who want to avoid the ICANN Last Resort auction.

A common question is: What is my last chance to participate in your private auction?

To be able to give a clear answer for this, they are suggesting a schedule for future Applicant Auctions. When a gTLD is scheduled for an ICANN Last Resort auction, the latest possible date to hold a private auction for that string is about a month earlier – and they have reflected that in the suggested schedule.

The reason for holding a private auction at least a month earlier is that they would like to ensure that the settlement process for the auction can finish before the ICANN-imposed deadlines for withdrawals, which is the same as the “deposit deadline”, and 7 days before each ICANN auction.

The dates Applicant Auction proposse are not the only options for auctions - they are happy to hold auctions on other dates applicants agree on, as long as there is enough time to finish the settlement process.

The schedule is available online at http://www.applicantauction.com/schedule, and as a downloadable pdf.

If you would like to participate in a scheduled Applicant Auction, please contact them at least one week before contracts are due for that auction - this means at least 8 weeks before the ICANN Last Resort Auction the gTLD is scheduled for. The latest ICANN schedule will be found here

10 Heartbleed Articles You Need To Read If You Are A Domainer

This is a collection of 10 articles from mainly domain name related blogs and publications covering the effect of the Heartbleed bug on registrars, registries, ICANN, and pretty much all the websites we use everyday.

DomainGang.com: Heartbleed bug: Which Domain Registrars are safe?

“Even if they are safe or if they recently patched the OpenSSL software, due to the
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New gTLD Registries Allowed To Register 100 Domains To 3rd Parties Before Sunrise For Promotion

The Qualified Launch Program (QLP) Addendum is available for new gTLD registry operators as of 10 April 2014. The QLP Addendum allows a registry operator to register up to 100 domain names to third parties prior to the Sunrise Period for purposes of promoting the TLD, under certain conditions. These domain names are added to the 100 domains that the registry is allowed for registration for it’s own use.

View the Qualified Launch Program Addendum now [PDF, 63 KB]

The Qualified Launch Program Addendum is intended to provide a
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.Guru reaches 50,000 domain name registrations

The .guru New gTLD was the first string to reach 50,000 registrations last night. The total number of domain names of all new gTLDs is at 481,773. The number is higher if you count the domain names that don’t appear in the zone files because they don’t have nameservers assigned.

.Berlin is 2nd behind .guru but I must admit it isn’t doing as good as I had expected. Despite Berlin residents being offered a free 1 year domain name registration it hasn’t managed to surpass .guru yet.

Here are the 14 New gTLDs with 10,000 domain name registrations or more:
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