New gTLD 1st Day Registrations: Church 4044, .Guide 3387, .Life 2016., .Loans 632, .Republican 385

newgtldHere are the domain name registration results from yesterday’s 5 New gTLD launches:

4 Donuts New gTLDs were out of the EAP pricing and into the real (reg fee) general availability on Wednesday: .Loans, .Life, .Guide and .Church.

.Church has 4,044 domains after day 1 and leads the donuts strings. .Guide has 3387 and .life 2016. .Loans did worst of all with only 632 domains after its first day.

.Guide was my favorite so I Continue reading

Amazon Wins .Buy For $4.6m, M+M .VIP For $3m and Dot Tech .Tech For $6.8m

newgtldOn 17 September 2014, an Auction conducted by ICANN’s authorized Auction service provider, Power Auctions LLC, was held to resolve string contention sets for three new generic Top-level Domain (gTLD) strings; BUY, TECH, and VIP.

Four applicants for BUY participated in the Auction. Amazon EU S.à r.l. prevailed in the Auction with the winning price of $4,588,888.

Six applicants for TECH participated in the Auction. Continue reading

Daily Domain Sales (9-16-2014): $16,000, 11,500 EUR

dailyI was bidding on a domain at Go Daddy auctions and there was one bidder that was increasing the bid by $10 on my proxy bid every 5 minutes. It is very frustrating because the longer the auction lasts the more chance there is that a new bidder will come in the auction. That is because all Go Daddy auctions are public until the last minute. Is there an automated bidding software for Go Daddy out there?

Read here a mad story on a domain deal gone bad.

New gTLDs are having some growing pains and early marketing attempts may have a lot of problems.

I said the other day that .XYZ in the rate it is burning money it is going to be one of the first New gTLDs to go under. There are now more than 45 comments posted. What do you think?

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New Domains, Growing Pains And The .Sexy Bus

sexy-bus-adUniregistry has 2 buses going around Los Angeles, California with a .Sexy ad on them:

The ad was a great idea as it will increase New gTLD recognition to all kinds of people on the street. People that don’t know anything about domain names or know very little but  do visit websites everyday. I also love the color of the bus, the enormous size and the minimality of the ad. No photos, graphics or logos. Just a domain name.

But I do see a few problems with the ad and one of them is the “http://” part. When asked, Frank Schilling said that it was added in the ad because “most people will visit from iphones.. Mobile Safari doesn’t support .sexy without http yet. Early days. We’re all pioneers.”.

But “http://” is typed by hardly anyone anymore in the address bar of browsers. I think that only a few people still type it and these are the people that were first online in the 90s and Netscape would not work without “http://”.

Most of the people these days will not type Continue reading

.Organic Announces 6 Pioneer Brands And Participates At Natural Products Expo in Baltimore

organicAfilias today announced that six leading organic brands are participating in the .ORGANIC domain pioneer program and plan to launch .ORGANIC sites soon.

These brands include:

  • Rodale Institute — Organic pioneers since 1947, the Rodale Institute is a nonprofit dedicated to pioneering organic farming through research and outreach. Their upcoming websites include and
  • Stonyfield — Stonyfield is a leading maker of nourishing organic yogurts and dairy products, and will soon promote their organic offerings at
  • Applegate — Applegate is a producer of high-quality natural and organic hot dogs, bacon, sausages, deli meats, cheese and frozen products. Applegate plans to launch sites at and Continue reading

EURid’s World Report on IDNs: Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Website (.中文网) Lead New gTLDs

dot-chinese-onlineThe European Registries for Internet Domains (EURid), published their comprehensive World Report on Internationalized Domain Names 2014. The New gTLD chapter features TLD Registry‘s 2 IDN New gTLDs, Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网), as the most successful IDN new gTLDs so far.

The August 2014 volume of the report is supported by the United Nations’ UNESCO, Verisign, the Council for European National Top Level Domain Registries (CENTR), the Latin American and Caribbean Association of cCTLDs  (LACTLD), the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Name Association (APTLD), and the African Top Level Domain (AfTLD).

“At the time of writing (May 2014), 252 new gTLDs have launched of which 23 are IDN
new gTLDs (9%). The total number of new gTLD domain name registrations is
715 000, of which 54 000 (8%) are in IDN new gTLDs. While the percentage Continue reading

Daily Domain Sales (9-15-2014): $50,000, 13,100 EUR, $5,100

dailyIt’s a mad, mad, mad world. I had another deal gone bad after another buyer disappeared. I had 3 bad deals in a week last month and a few others.

So after the deal I created the escrow transaction and despite sending the buyer a couple of emails the transaction timed out after 10 days. On the next day she follows me on Twitter. I follow her back and send her a message. No reply. Then after 10 days I try to send her another twitter message but I see that I am blocked from following her. All this while she has been tweeting 10 times a day. So I send her an email that she should be ashamed of herself for hiding like a little child. She then replies and says that she had an emergency and that she doesn’t run the twitter account (although she followed me first) and that I am threatening and stalking her and she will go to the feds. She also accused me of cancelling the escrow transaction (that timed out automatically after 10 days) and that she tried to pay after 5 days but couldn’t. Of course she never thought of returning an email or a tweet. I am done with these people.

I said the other day that .XYZ in the rate it is burning money it is going to be one of the first New gTLDs to go under. There are now more than 30 comments posted. What do you think?

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Afilias and DotGreen Community Partner To Support The .Green New gTLD

dot-greenDotGreen Community, Inc. and Afilias announced today their partnership supporting the .green Top Level Domain (TLD). .Green is touted as “the world’s first TLD for the growing green economy, businesses, social and environmental initiatives.”

The .green TLD is as inclusive as the green economy it serves. With an open registration policy, it invites all those interested in showcasing their path to sustainability. This is unlike .organic that is a restricted extension run by Afilias as well.

“DotGreen Community is a Continue reading

GoDaddy Releases 2 New TV Commercials (videos)

godaddyGoDaddy launched a new 2014 advertising campaign with 2 new television commercials, online and print advertising and social media engagements. The rollout is part of GoDaddy’s overall mission to target small business owners. The new fall campaign follows the company’s strategic marketing shift, moving away from simple brand awareness to targeting small business owners about how GoDaddy’s products and services can make them more successful.

“Over the last year, under new leadership, GoDaddy has updated its products, including its Website Builder, online productivity tools and domain name offerings, in ways specifically designed to make the business of doing business easier, especially for small business owners who require ease-of-use and streamlined services.”

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Flippa: 4 New Improvements This Week

flippaAfter eliminating the minimum $10 commission fee across all domain and website auctions and domain catalog sales last week Flippa continues this week with even more improvements.

Flippa has unveiled a few changes and a new redesign of the navigation bar to help beginners easily find websites and starter sites. Here is what Flippa unveiled:

1. Find what you need fast

Under each section of the new navigation bar, we’ve added 3 new pages to help you find what you’re looking for.

  1. Reserve met page
  2. Most active pages
  3. Just sold pages

2.  Clarified definitions – starter sites, turnkey websites, and brand new websites Continue reading