Donuts Releases Over 1 Million Domain Names (including 2-character domains)

donutsDonuts announced the approaching availability of more than one million previously unavailable web addresses across its top-level domains.

These represent some of the most highly sought after and desirable web addresses in Donuts's portfolio, including permissible two character addresses, and this will be your first (and perhaps last) opportunity to register.

Donuts will offer registrations via the Continue reading

New gTLD Domain Name Registration & Selling Strategy

gtldsI was researching to buy a few domain names from a Donuts New gTLD that is launching this week.
After doing some searching I found that the best domains are not available at any price.

Not even for a $500 per year premium. I am talking about category killer domains for the extension.

I then found out that the regular priced domains are priced at about Continue reading

And The Contest Winner Is…

gtldsLast week I asked you to guess the purchase price of a domain name I bought back in 2011.

I believe that most people guessed what I would pay for it and not the actual value of the domain name. I could be wrong.

The domain name was and has an original registration date of 2000.

And the winner is: Continue reading

Rick Schwartz – I Am Waiting For His Next Post With His Biggest Fan

gtldsWhen I subscribed to be notified of new comments on Rick Schwartz's article called "The Rick Schwartz Equation", I never expected it to be one of the last posts he made on his blog. He then had the last TRAFFIC conference and announced his retirement. While I get how "retirement" works I am still waiting for Continue reading

Top 10 Trending Keywords in .COM & .Net Registrations in April

verisignThe top 10 trending keywords registered in .COM and .NET during the month of April 2015 were published by Verisign.

The biggest surprise is that there is not a single keyword that is both on the .com and the .net list. Do people think so differently in terms of TLDs? Or is it just a coincidence. I would expect Cuba and Nepal to be on both lists.

Top 10 Keyword Registration Trends for .COM and .NET in April 2015: Continue reading

Domain Holdings Q1 Report 2015: 75% .com, 3.13% New gTLDs (good or bad?)

domain-holdingsDomain Holdings reported its Q1 results showing $4.75MM in total domain name sales. ($4,754,109) While most transactions are protected under confidentiality agreements, Domain Holdings can share the collective data to help investors understand trends, highlight interesting data points, and provide further insights into the domain industry.

Some of the Main Highlights of Q1 Include: Continue reading

GoDaddy Q1 2015 Report: $376.3 Million Revenue, $199.2 Million Domains Revenue, Up 10.4%

godaddyGoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), reported financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2015.

"Our investments in products, technology platform, and customer care are making a real difference for our customers around the world, and our first quarter results demonstrate the benefits of focusing on their needs. Continued strong growth in customers and ARPU drove both our first quarter revenue and EBITDA up nearly 18%," said Blake Irving, GoDaddy chief executive officer.

First Quarter Financial Highlights: Continue reading

A Few Thoughts On My $50,000 New gTLD Domain Name Purchases

newgtldLast week I shared my experience buying $50,000 worth of New gTLD domain names in the past year. That sparked a lot of comments both in my post and on a thread on the domain name forum in a thread that started by calling me an expert. I want to make a few things a little more clear. Continue reading

Do You Think I Would Buy A 7-Figure Domain Name From a Gmail Email Address?

noI got an email with a great .com domain name in the subject. I opened it just because I was curious and not because I was expecting anything from the email.

What I got was an offer to buy the domain name for 7 figures: Continue reading

Go Daddy: “Register your domain name – before someone else does” (Infographic)

godaddyGo Daddy published a very interesting infographic on its small business blog.

"Politicians and celebrities are making headlines for domain names they DIDN’T register — opening the door for others to launch websites attached to domains with their famous names. How can you avoid making the same mistake with your online presence?" Continue reading