Go Daddy Promoting .Club Domain Names On Its Homepage

club-new-gtldI visited Go Daddy today and on it’s homepage it is promoting the New gTLD .Club domain names. On the main image it lists .com, .net, .org and .co but .net is replaced by .club below where the prices are displayed.

Below the main image there is also a banner that says “Pre-register .Club” and
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Outage or not, “Go Daddy Auctions” is not working for me

Yesterday Go Daddy Auctions had an outage that caused all auctions to be moved by 1 day. All yesterday’s auction end today. But I am still having problems with the Go Daddy auctions website.

I can’t seem to make any purchases for the domain names I have already won in an auction. I won 2 New gTLD domain names on Wednesday night and I have been trying to pay for the past 2 days with no luck.

Whether I select the 2 domain and click on “Purchase All” or I try to make individual purchases by clicking on “Pay for this domain” the domains are not added into my cart. I am simply redirected to
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Go Daddy Auctions 150 BuyDomains Premium Domains: Galas.com, USSales.com, OnlineEvents.com

Go Daddy is running a BuyDomains domain name auction that features 150 premium domains with low reserves. The auction started yesterday March 26 2014.The list features domain names such as Deductibles.com, Galas.com, USSales.com and OnlineEvents.com.

Most of the domains have a registration date ranging from 1994 up to 2004.

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GoDaddy closing Denver-area office with 69 employees

BizJournals.com reported today that GoDaddy will be closing it’s Denver-area office that currently has 69 employees. GoDaddy is offering relocation for its 69 workers there.

“While the Scottsdale-based domain name registrar and small-business Web services provider is expanding in Arizona and other states, the Denver office is no longer a

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Go Daddy Refunds EAP Pre-Registration Fees to Affected Customers

I posted an article yesterday about Go Daddy not refunding the Early Access Program (EAP) fee of Donuts EAP pre-registrations. A few hours later I received an email from the “Office of the CEO – GoDaddy”. Now I have $2,850 in my credit card refunded from Go Daddy.

(I had also contacted support before I read the email so I am not sure if Go Daddy reacted with the refunds before I contacted them or not.)

I don’t know what happened here as the Go Daddy is constantly revising it’s help section at http://support.godaddy.com/help/article/8959/donuts-gtld-prereg-refunds-and-auctions. I am almost 100% sure that when I read this help section 2-3 weeks ago it stated that only the registration fee was supposed to be refunded in case Go Daddy missed the EAP pre-registration order. Maybe it was a mistake from the beginning and they mixed it up with some other category. I guess we will never know but the fact now is that EAP fees are supposed to be refunded but there was/is a problem with the refunds.

The fact that all charges appeared in my orders as “Day 5 Early Registration Fee (non-refundable) $150″ didn’t make this easier to see through. I also didn’t get refunded 19 EAP pre-registration fees for failed EAP orders. I only got refunded the registration fee.

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Go Daddy is inclined to miss EAP pre-registrations: They keep the EAP fee and pay nothing to Donuts

I started writing this post thinking of one thing and realized that something else was more important. Look at the conclusion at the end of this post. This blew my mind.

I am sure a lot of people already know this first bit but I thought that I should give a heads up to those that don’t. Some may have seen it happen to their EAP pre-registration orders with Go Daddy. The point is that Go Daddy will NOT refund the EAP fee if your EAP pre-registration fails. But the main problem is different…

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Go Daddy’s ‘Domains by Proxy’ Hands Over Personal Details of “Pirate” Site Owner

TorrentFreak.com posted an article today about how Go Daddy handed over the personal details of a domain name owner. Responding to an inquiry from the Motion Picture Association (MPA), Go Daddy shared his personal details although the domain name was behind whois privacy.

The website owner was using ‘Domains by Proxy’, as the domain name was registered at Go Daddy, to hide his whois details as many users do around the world.

The whois details were shared with the MPA without a subpoena, or any form of due process.

“We have received a possible legal complaint regarding your domain name xxx.com,” Domains By Proxy informed the site owner.

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How To Verify Your Domain Name With Go Daddy And Avoid Suspension of Your Website

The new* ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and registrar agreement requires all domain name owners to verify their contact details. According to the new rule, email verification is required so that domains and websites don’t get temporarily suspended.

This is a guide on how to verify your domain name with Go Daddy and avoid suspension of your website:

  • First you need to go to www.godaddy.com and log into your account.
  • Then you will see a small orange message at the top saying “Verify your email address to avoid a temporary hold on your site”. Click on the link on the right so that an email is sent from Go Daddy to your email address.
  • godaddy-verificationYou will then immediately receive an email from
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Update on my Go Daddy trademark problem: Go Daddy is protecting me by exposing me

Yep Go Daddy has officially lost it. They actually think that they are protecting me by keeping a trademark New gTLD domain name, I never bought, active. Are you confused? Read on…

Yesterday I made a post about how Go Daddy bought 2 New gTLD domains that it found in my shopping cart.

Both domain names were trademarked by companies registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse. I didn’t want to buy the 2 domains. I just wanted to test if there are existing trademarks and the only way to do it is try to register the domains, getting the trademark warning and then stopping before paying.

A Go Daddy representative made the mistake and registered the 2 domains. Actually 1 of the domains was a pre-registration so harm done. But the other domain was registered in my name and the mark owner was alerted of the registration as the New gTLD rules require.

Go daddy replied to my support ticket and told me that “the 2 pre-registrations have been refunded”.
The thing is that only 1 was a pre-registration and the other was a REGISTRATION.
I have received the refund email but the domain name canyon.gallery is still registered to me…
I replied saying that I want the domain name canyon.gallery deleted.

(I should also note that my original support ticket was as detailed as it could be.
I explained what was each domain name in my order and gave them instructions on what to do (or not do) for each domain name separately. It seems that support can’t follow simple instructions…)

I then got this message from Go Daddy support:

Thank you for contacting support. I am a member of our Advanced Technical Support team and appreciate you contacting us regarding cancellation of domain.  We have addressed the issue accordingly and it is resolved at this time.

But the domain name is still registered to me.

I replied once again that the domain is registered and I want it deleted. I got this reply:

Due to its complex nature, your issue has been relayed to our Advanced Technical Support Team. Our most skilled technicians will be working to resolve your issue quickly and completely. You will be notified promptly upon resolution.

Whatever… It was the “Advanced” technical support that said that my issue was resolved. I guess they now need the “more” “advanced” technical support.

And here is the reply of the year:

Dear Konstantinos Zournas, Thank you for contacting GoDaddy Aftermarket support. I have reviewed your account, canyon.gallery was deleted from your account yesterday. The whois will still show your contact information for 5 days, in the event this cancelation was a mistake. After the 5 days the name will be dropped back to the registry. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way.

So they will protect me in case the cancellation for a domain name I never bought was a mistake. And by protecting me they will expose me to all types of potential legal problems.

Thanks Go Daddy!!!

But what if the registration was your mistake???

You know I sometimes feel bad for bashing Go Daddy but at times like this I think they deserve it. They sure do.

So the domain name will be registered to me for almost 7 days before it is deleted. It took IBM just a few days to file for the URS complaint against IBM.guru and win.

Guess what is going to happen if I get a URS or UDRP complaint about this domain I DID NOT register…

45% Of All New gTLD Domain Names Are Registered At Go Daddy (New gTLD Registrar Market Share)

Almost 45% of all New gTLD domain names are registered with Go Daddy, eNom comes second with 8,65%, Network Solutions is third with 8,44%, United Domains is 4th with 7,89% and Name.com is 5th with 3,67% of the registrations.

My sample was a .guru zone file** from the 6th of February when all parts of the world had at least 24 hours since the real general availability started on the 5th of February. The sample had 14814 .guru domain names. The sample includes sunrise, EAP, pre-registrations and live general availability domain name registrations.

Go Daddy, that had a massive 6663 .guru domain name registrations, is one of the most expensive registrars but in fairness it also offers the most pre-registration options despite being a mess.

Go Daddy is also listed first on the Donuts, the .guru registry, registrar accredited list while all the other registrars are listed in alphabetical order.

Maybe the coincidence of the Super Bowl ads with the New gTLD general availability
gave Go Daddy a boost in registrations because the overall domain name market share for Go Daddy sits at 34,33%.

Of course there is less competition than with e.g. .com because only 62 registrars from a total of 1000+ are accredited to offer Donuts new gTLDs.

I have included below the overall domain name market share of the top 10 registrars in the
world. I have added the 2,71% market share from Wild West Domains to Go Daddy. The only top 10 domain name registrar that is missing from the new gTLD list below is Moniker that hasn’t yet signed the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) so it is not permitted to offer new gTLD domain name registrations.

What strikes as remarkable are the very low registration number of traditional brand  protection registrars, even after the disappointing sunrise. Maybe other New gTLDs had a few more sunrise registrations like .clothing but still…:
Com Laude (used by Amazon): 20 registrations
CSC Digital Brand Services (used by Apple): 35 registrations
MarkMonitor (used by Microsoft): 80 registrations

Here is the new gTLD domain name registrations:

Domain name Registrar: # of registrations new gTLD %
GoDaddy 6663 44,98%
eNom* 1282 8,65%
Network Solutions* 1251 8,44%
united-domains 1169 7,89%
name.com* 544 3,67%
Tucows* 401 2,71%
Cronon AG 391 2,64%
Key-Systems* 281 1,90%
Register.com* 252 1,70%
1&1 Internet 241 1,63%
Mesh Digital Limited 241 1,63%
101 Domain* 199 1,34%
1API GmbH* 190 1,28%
EuroDNS* 184 1,24%
NETIM 184 1,24%
Easyspace Ltd* 143 0,97%
Internetters Ltd* 137 0,92%
Gandi* 127 0,86%
PDR Ltd 126 0,85%
Marcaria* 96 0,65%
Gransy s.r.o 82 0,55%
MarkMonitor* 80 0,54%
Vautron Rechenzentrum AG 60 0,41%
Dynadot, LLC 54 0,36%
Instra Corporation* 53 0,36%
Openprovider* 41 0,28%
CSC Digital Brand Services* 35 0,24%
Webnames.ca* 34 0,23%
Super Registry Inc.* 31 0,21%
NetNames* 25 0,17%
Com Laude* 20 0,14%
Encirca* 15 0,10%
CCI Reg  SA 14 0,09%
Entorno Digital 12 0,08%
Epik 10 0,07%
IP Mirror* 9 0,06%
Regtime Ltd* 6 0,04%
Secura* 5 0,03%
Register.ca 4 0,03%
SiberName 3 0,02%
COREhub* 2 0,01%
Nameshield* 2 0,01%
NameWeb BVBA* 2 0,01%
SafeNames* 2 0,01%
Inames Co. Ltd 1 0,01%
IP TWINS* 1 0,01%
Lexsynergy* 1 0,01%
Mailclub* 1 0,01%
Melbourne IT* 1 0,01%
Soluciones Corporativas IP, SLU* 1 0,01%
YesNIC* 1 0,01%
Total .GURU Domain Names: 18814

* Registrar provides DPML services.
** Zone files only include domain names with nameservers.