1,288,029 New gTLD Domains Were Registered In November

newgtldHere are some interesting stats about the domain name industry in general and about new domain names that Donuts, the largest registry in terms of number of extensions, shared in their newsletter.

Industry And Donuts Growth: Continue reading

Domaining Europe 2016 Going To The Netherlands (29-31May)

domaining.europe.clubFor the first time after 7 years Domaining Europe is moving from Spain to The Hague/Netherlands.

Dietmar Stefitz, the event organizer, wanted to make it just after "TheNextWeb" in Amsterdam, so you have the possibility to combine both events.

The venue chosen is a really great one: Continue reading

NamesCon Domain Auction: Submission Selection Is Almost Complete

namescon-escrowRightOfTheDot was planning to have completed the final selections for the NamesCon domain auction by the end of last week, but due to an overwhelming submission response, the submission selection has been delayed by a little bit.

I have submitted 4 domains and I wonder if these will make the list. I have submitted Continue reading

Flippa BiWeekly Domain Sales: NOY.com $39,000, Mineral.com $30,000

flippaHighest domain name sale these past 2 weeks at Flippa was NOY.com that sold for $39,000.

There were a lot of LLLL.com domain name sales similar to other marketplaces lately but fewer than the 2 weeks before.

Post-Auction Negotiation was the method of sale for 7 domains of this week’s list.

There were 5 domains that were sold by Buy-It-Now and the "Flippa Portfolio Section" (previously known as Domain Catalog) had 6 sales this week.

[* denotes "Confirmation Pending"]

Top Flippa Domain Sales from the past 2 weeks: Continue reading

Domain Name Black Friday: NamesCon, Namesilo, Dynadot, Hover, 101Domain, Blacknight, Namecheap, .CLUB

gtldsHere are some domain name related Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that I could find.

The deals are mostly about new domain name registrations of New gTLDs but some registrars include discounts on .com domains and ccTLDs.

Most new gtld deals are connected to the promotion that Radix is running.

Here are the deals and discounts from NamesCon, Namesilo, Dynadot, Hover, 101Domain and Blacknight: Continue reading

DomainNameSales.com: No Domain Inquiries Are Showing In Accounts

dns_brokersAfter the weekend maintenance DomainNameSales.com came back with some glitches. I wrote how the weekend inquiries were missing from my inbox and I could only access them from the link in the email alert I receive.

There were also some problems with some of the domain inquiry dates that made some old inquiries come up to the top and show up as new. And there were some problems with the duplicate emails being sent and some missing emails.

Today I went into my DNS account and all the domain name inquiries are gone. I can't access Continue reading

Chinese 4-Letter .COM Spammers Have Totally Lost It!

gtldsThese Chinese spammers have totally lost it. There are some serious buyers out there but most of the emails are simply crap.

I am receiving tens of emails per day but this particular one is driving me nuts.

My main problem is that he is not actually sending the email to me but to the abuse department of my registrar. My email address just happens to be in the CC part of the email!

This is the email he (vvdomain@126.com) send me: Continue reading

Get Ready For NamesCon Nights: Opening Party, Uniregistry Clubbing & WaterNight

namescon-escrowNamesCon announced that more than 700 people have registered for the January event. Registrations are on the way to 1000 or even more.

NamesCon send an email to all the registered attendees to give an overview of the conference evenings and some helpful advice on when to arrange your private dinners and drinks!

Here is what NamesCon has arranged and when you get a "open" night: Continue reading

My Weekend DomainNameSales.com Inquiries Are Not In My Account Inbox

dns_brokersDomainNameSales.com is back from the weekend maintenance work that promised the integration with Uniregistry. The integrated experience is to be called Uniregistry Market.

I haven't noticed any obvious changes in the DomainNameSales.com or the Uniregistry platforms but I bet there were some backend changes. Probably they are saving the big revelation for NamesCon 2016 this January in Las Vegas.

DomainNameSales.com's announcement said that during the maintenance downtime "You will not be able to log in or use the Domain Name Sales website, but inquiries from potential buyers will not be affected and continue to be collected.".

I received all the emails about the inquiries during the weekend. (At least I think I received all of them.)

But the problem is that Continue reading

37 (3-Number) .Club Domains Sell For $44,727 At Sedo

club-new-gtldSedo hosted an exclusive Numeric Auction with .club domain names, from November 12- 19.

Featured names were 111.club, 333.club, 800.club and many more. The domains were auctioned off without a reserve price and all domains were sold for a total of $44,727.

Here is the complete list of 37 domain names in the auction and the prices these were sold for: Continue reading