Rightside Is Reducing Prices Of 4,933 Premium Domains By 70-95%

rightsideRightside announced that it is reducing the prices of Platinum Premium domain names from its New gTLDs by 70-95%.

The announcement was made by Name.com, a registrar owned by Rightside.

On Sept. 9, 2015, they are dropping the Continue reading

Is This One Of The Best New gTLD Domain Names?

newgtldIs this one of the best New gTLD domain names? It probably is even thought you may not see it immediately. It is no secret that one of the largest domain name investors, Innovation HQ, Inc., is buying New gTLD domain names for the past year and a half. According to ntldstats.com they own more than 4,900 New gTLDs. They are Continue reading

Webinar: Trademark Protection in Adult Domains

icmICM Registry is launching the .sex Sunrise phase on September 1, 2015.

Several launch programs have been designed to provide trademark owners priority registration opportunities.

Here is the complete .sex launch schedule: Continue reading

2-Word New gTLD Domains And A New Type Of Typos

newgtldI don't like 2 word new gtld domains because they lack a certain symmetry and also because for the simple reason that they are longer that what they should be!

This left.right keyword symmetry is the reason I like New gTLDs.

I don't like 3 word .com names to begin with. I see 2-word New gTLDs as the equivalent of 3-word .coms. Getting a 3-word .com is not that hard and even resale prices are pretty low for these kind of names.

Of course there could be a few exceptions.for 2-word New gTLDs and 3-word .com.

Just to be clear, I define a 2-word new gtld as a Continue reading

Pheenix Starts Offering $13.99 Backorders With 500% More Registrars

pheenixTan Tran, CEO of Pheenix, Inc., gave an update on the domain name backordering platform.

Pheenix people have been quietly working hard to improve it.

Here are some great new things that they have just completed:

1. 500% increase in domain registrars.

They have increased the number of registrars that they use to backorder domain names by 500%.

More registrars means they are catching a ton of more great domains for you.

2. New Super Saver pricing plan.

Besides the ‘Gold’ backorders that you have come to know, they now have a new domain backordering pricing plan: Super Saver backorders.

Super Saver backorders allow you to pay for backorders at a reduced price point of $13.99/domain. Keep in mind that Gold backorders take priority over a Super Saver backorder. So for example if one customer has a Gold backorder and another has a Super Saver backorder on it, then the customer with the Gold backorder will win the domain.

Super Saver backorders gives a great option for customers who backorder domains that have little to no competition or for domains with a lower price point in value.

In order to qualify to add Super Saver backorders, you need to have at least 1000 Pheenix Points in your account.

3. New pricing for ‘Gold’ backorders.

Beginning September 15, 2015, pricing for Gold backorders for com/net/org will increase to $21.99.

Most People Think That XYZ Registry Gave ABC.XYZ To Google For Free

abc-xyz-googleAfter Google announced that it is creating a new holding company, called Alphabet and the new website is using the domain name abc.xyz I ran a poll asking readers what they thought the domain abc.xyz was sold for.

The domain name abc.xyz was sold by the XYZ registry to Google for Continue reading

Minds + Machines Get $3.5 Million For Withdrawing Its Applications For .Data & .Art

MindsAndMachinesMinds + Machines got $3.5 Million for withdrawing its applications for .Data & .Art and they report that there is strong interest for their multiple super-premium names in the past couple of months.

Minds + Machines Group Limited (LSE:MMX), announced that its unaudited results for the six months ended 30 June 2015 will be published on Tuesday 22 September. An analysts’ briefing will be held by management at 10.00am on the day at the offices of the Company’s broker, N+1 Singer, in London.

Antony Van Couvering, CEO of Minds + Machines Group Limited, commented: Continue reading

.Online Ends 1st Day With 35,172 Domain Name Registrations

radix-online.Online ended its 1st day in general availability with 35,172 domain name registrations in its zone files according to NameStat. .Online gained 33,473 domain names in the past 24 hours.

(Please keep in mind that the first 24 hours of general availability have not yet completed. The latest zone file update includes some hours from the EAP too.)

Radix's much awaited & probably its biggest TLD, .online entered General Availability with a launch record by Continue reading

Above Launches Brand Repositioning Initiative For Registrar, Marketplace & Monetization Services

above-comAbove.com announced the hiring of Aaron Kvitek as SVP Strategic Marketing to spearhead the brand repositioning of Above.com.

Above.com, which provides domain investors with free tools designed to minimize the daily challenges associated with the monetization, registration and selling of their domains, announced today the launch of Continue reading

.Online Gets 26,000 New Domain Registrations In First 15 Minutes (+1000 EAP Orders)

radix-onlineRadix Registry, the .Online registry, announced on Twitter that .Online had 26,000 domain name registrations in the first 15 minutes of General Availability (GA).

The Early Access for .online ended on 26th August, 15:59 and general availability started at 16:00 on 26th August.

.Online had 15,000 domains in the first Continue reading