.Guru Slips Out Of the Top 10 New gTLDs After Losing 8,383 Domains

donutsDonuts has been making a lot of posts in the past few days about the New gTLD renewal rate that is currently resting at about 70%.

.Guru is doing worse than 70%. .Guru domain names registered the day after general availability have a <=60% renewal rate. Overall renewal rate must be at about Continue reading

PeopleBrowsr (.CEO, .Best): “What’s great about GoDaddy Now”

peoplebrowsrPeopleBrowsr recently negotiated a vendor agreement with GoDaddy, and they have written a post to share their perception of GoDaddy as it prepare for its IPO.

PeopleBrowsr is the registry of .CEO, .Best and .Kred new extensions.

These are some highlights of the post called "GoDaddy: Leading in an Emerging TLD Industry": Continue reading

.Ping Was Auctioned Today For $1,501,000 & .SRL For $400,000 (Google lost again)

newgtldToday, 25 March 2015, Power Auctions LLC, ICANN's authorized auction service provider, conducted a New gTLD Program Auction to resolve string contention for two new generic top-level domain (gTLD) strings: .PING and .SRL. Continue reading

Donuts Has Not Increased Domain Name Renewal Fees

donutsDonuts made the 4th post today about the New gTLD renewal rate but the news were probably about the Donuts renewals fees.

Also the .Guru domain names registered the day after general availability have a <=60% renewal rate.


This is the first post they did where the renewal rate was 91.6% and the second post with a 85.3% rate. In the third post the overall renewal rate was 74%.

Donuts today says: Continue reading

New .XXX Domain Names Priced At $12.99 In April

icmICM Registry, the registry of .xxx, .porn and .adult, announced a price cut for .xxx domain names created in April. .Porn and .adult domains names will also be substantially reduced during the Domain Matching Program.

Domain purchasers, from April 1-30, can purchase new, one-year .xxx registrations for Continue reading

8 Websites That Already Use A .Green Domain Name

greenHere are the first 8 websites, with screenshots, that use a .green domain name that are already live.

.Green entered general availability today, March 24, 2015: 13:00 UTC.

.Green domain names are now open to everyone on a first-come, first-served basis.

These domain names are all part of the .green registry founders program or are run by the registry itself: Continue reading

Sedo Sells 675 Domains For $1.2 Million: TheRecRoom.com $89,888, Videos.de 50,000 EUR

sedoIn the past week 675 (602 in the previous week) transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1.2 million ($1.4m in the previous week). Only 233 (247 in the previous week) domains from the 675 were reported by Sedo. The other domains were either private sales or domains that sold for less than 700 USD/EUR/GBP. Over 54% (52% last week) of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. Sedo will not reveal what is the Buy Now percentage of the public sales vs the percentage of the private sales. And will not reveal what percentage of the total sales value do the Buy Now listings represent.

The average domain name sales price was $1,778 ($2,3260 last week).

See here the top 10 of all Sedo sales in 2014 and the top 10 in New gTLD sales.

Here are the 233 public and reported Sedo sales for the week March 9 to March 15 2015:

Continue reading

Donuts General Availability Renewal Rate Is About 70%

donutsDonuts made a 3rd post today about New gTLD renewals: "Donuts Renewal Trends: Day 3".

(Day 3 does not refer to anything other than it is the third post that Donuts does on renewal rates.) This is the first post they did where the renewal rate was 91.6% and the second post with a 85.3% rate.

Donuts now says: Continue reading

This is How Tim Culpepper Got Domain.Buzz

domain-buzzThis is a story on how a domain investor can acquire a domain name he wants from another domain investor, without breaking the bank.

I talked to Tim a few weeks back and I asked him how he got the Domain.Buzz. I would think that it would be a reserved domain name by the .buzz registry. I wanted to know if he was on a founders program or something similar. But his story was very interesting. Continue reading

Trademark Clearinghouse: 2,229 Marks Have Expired – Unverified Marks Increase!

TMCH We are past the first year anniversary of the first New gTLDs and already 2,229 marks have expired at the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).

So far 35,131 marks have been submitted to the Trademark Clearinghouse as of the 17th of March 2015.

A lot of marks were submitted to the TMCH in advance of the New gTLD launches to cover Continue reading