Uniregistry Now Supports Premium New gTLD Domain Registrations/Transfers

uniregistryUniregistry just announced today that it now supports premium New gTLD domain name registrations and transfers from the Donuts and Rightside registries.

Up until last week, that I last tried it, you couldn't transfer a Donuts premium domain name to Uniregistry. And the worst part is that you didn't know which domains were premium before you had actually submitted the transfer.

It is still very difficult to determine which domains are Continue reading

.NYC 6 Month Report: 72,103 Domains Sold (90 per day), 74.27% Are Parked

nycDigital.nyc published a status report at connectingnyc.org doing an evaluation of the .nyc extension at its 6 month anniversary.

The report has many interesting stats including the percentage of parked domains (74.27%), although I am not sure on how this number was derived. The example presented (keys.nyc) is just the default Go Daddy landing page, used for newly registered domains. I don't consider it a parked domain name. Here is the report: Continue reading

Sunrise For .PORN & .ADULT Domains Started (Launch Set For June 4)

icmICM Registry, the registry operator for the .XXX top-level domain (TLD) announced that .PORN and .ADULT are available for the next thirty days to trademark holders who are registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).

Domain Names are available on a first come, first serve basis to those with Continue reading

.Wales & .Cymru Sell Over 5,000 Domains In 24 Hours

wales-cymru2.Cymru and .Wales sold over 5,000 domain names in the first 24 hours of general availability and more than a 1,000 domains in the first hour.

New Welsh domain names - .cymru and .wales - have passed the five thousand mark on Monday, selling over a thousand new domains in the first hour yesterday. The new gTLDS went on sale to everyone at noon on St David’s Day, this past Sunday.

Today, .wales has Continue reading

Radix Assumes Full Ownership Of .Online (Tucows & Namecheap Remain As Marketing Partners)

radix-onlineRadix, a new gTLD registry, has reached an agreement with auction partners Tucows and Namecheap to assume full ownership and operation of the .online TLD.

Radix has already launched many new gTLDs such as .website, .host, .press and .space. With .online, they now own one of the best generic and truly global New gTLDs.

“Online” is the most commonly used word to Continue reading

Sedo Sells 514 Domains For $0.9 Million: Heika.com $300,000, Checks.net $24,500

sedoIn the past week 514 (538 in the previous week) transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $0.9 million ($1.2m in the previous week). Only 168 (171 in the previous week) domains from the 514 were reported by Sedo. The other domains were either private sales or domains that sold for less than 700 USD/EUR/GBP. Over 51% (53% last week) of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. Sedo will not reveal what is the Buy Now percentage of the public sales vs the percentage of the private sales. And will not reveal what percentage of the total sales value do the Buy Now listings represent.

The average domain name sales price was $1,751 ($2,230 last week).

See here the top 10 of all Sedo sales in 2014 and the top 10 in New gTLD sales.

Here are the 168 public and reported Sedo sales for the week February 16 to February 22 2015:

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Do you know all domain endings? From .com to .whatever. (Infographic)

newgtldChristopher Hofman, founder of the  European Domain Centre, published an infographic showing all domain name extensions. It starts in 1985 with .com and .edu and ends 30 years later, in 2015, with extensions such as .hotels, .app and .world. This is the domain name extension infographic: Continue reading

Google Paid $25 Million For The .APP Extension (good luck getting that money back)

newgtldGoogle won today the auction for the .APP extension. Google paid $25 million dollars for the right to sell the .APP new domains.

I wish Google good luck on getting their money back ($25,001,000 was the exact amount) from selling .app domain names only. Because that is not happening any time soon. Continue reading

400 .NYC Neighborhood Domain Names Up For Grabs By Community Groups

nycThe City of New York has reserved roughly 400 neighborhood names for use by community groups to develop new online hubs for civic engagement, online organizing and information-sharing.

Neighborhood names are now available and will be licensed to community groups through a competitive application process.

In order to be eligible for a .nyc neighborhood name, the lead organization must meet the following minimum qualifications: Continue reading

This Is Why .Club Became The Premiere Sponsor Of THE Domain Conference

club-new-gtldJeff Sass, .CLUB's Chief Marketing Officer, wrote an article announcing the .club sponsorship of THE Domain Conference and explaining why the .club registry chose to sponsor the event.

The conference is using a .club domain name for its main website: thedomainconference.club.

This is what Jeff Sass wrote: Continue reading