Watch My Domains Server Edition v3 Coming Soon

watch-my-domains-3Domain Punch is getting ready to release Watch My Domains SED (server edition) v3 during the first quarter of 2016. If you have been planning to buy the server edition, you can do so now. You are able to obtain the application at a low price but you will also receive a free upgrade to v3 when it comes out.

In fact, anyone who purchased Watch My Domains SED v2 within the last 12 months of the new release date will get Continue reading

A Redesigned Is Coming Soon

domaintoolsA redesigned website is coming soon. This is what the "Domain Tools" team announced: Continue reading

DomainTools Partners With Malformity Labs To Offer Domain Name Visualizing Data

DomainTools announced a partnership with Malformity Labs that already incorporates DomainTools’ extensive database into the Maltego transform server and can immediately accelerate your investigations.

The availability of a Maltego transform server makes it incredibly easy to visualize the relationships among domains, registrants, IP addresses and all DomainTools data.

The technology behind that capability was custom-built for DomainTools by Malformity Labs, a US-based company that specializes in building Maltego transforms for cybersecurity analysts and cybercrime investigators.

Here is the DomainTools announcement: Continue reading

Whoisology – A Free Domain Name Whois Research Tool

Whoisology, offered by Domain Agents, is a free whois tool. Whoisology is a general interest / research tool that is based on whois data. You search whois records using any field you want such as name, email, address, phone number, registrar and nameservers.

Per their own disclaimer "Not all domain extensions are included and not all included extensions are completely indexed.".

Domain Agents are in the process of rolling out a major update to
Continue reading Redesigns Whois History – Design and User Experience Upgrades Continue rolled out their new website home page last November and at that time they promised a transformation of their design and User Experience (UX) across their entire site. Well, they just delivered. They redesigned the UX to align with the users’ experiences.

One of the most powerful products DomainTools offers its members is the unique Whois History. I use the Whois History almost every day. This product contains valuable insight that can power many kinds of investigations, including researching the ownership history of a domain you wish to own, tracking down cyber-criminals and fraudsters before they hid behind Whois privacy protection and gathering evidence of ownership and usage of a given website.

Jeff Day, VP of ProductToday said: "Today we’ve made all of that much easier. We’ve redesigned the Whois History UX to be more intuitive and to provide a huge boost in functionality  in order to accelerate your research. The new Whois History makes it faster for you to pinpoint significant events in the history of a domain, such as ownership, Whois privacy, and contact information changes. This will dramatically reduce the amount of time required to investigate historical changes to a domain."

What’s changed? Take a look!

  • Total layout and UX redesign—This is not mere window dressing! The new look enables you to quickly find dates with changed records, while viewing and navigating the data at the same time.
  • Filtering for fast search—Filtering helps you narrow a search and pull out those records that contain a specific bit of information, such as a person or organization name, phone number, physical address, etc.
  • Whois record changes highlighted—You can now view the specific changes that occurred highlighted within the documents themselves. No more hunting back and forth between two records to find the differences!
  • Screenshots with Whois records—Links to screenshots were added so you can track homepage changes at the time of the Whois record change without leaving the page.
  • Inline Reverse Whois lookups
  • Download and Bookmark records
  • …and, importantly, we have not removed any functionality. You’ll still be able to accomplish everything you always could—and more!

The new site might take a while to get used to after many years of using the old one but it is pretty easy to figure out. I think it is step forward and has a lot of added functionality. DomainTools explains all the new features in this help page and video link:

ParkLogic Partners With IP Neighborhood To Enhance Parking Platform

ParkLogic announced today that it has appointed IP Neighborhood as its exclusive provider of domain name data. ParkLogic founder Michael Gilmour made the official announcement today, at the industry tradeshow TRAFFIC in Las Vegas.

“We have partnered with IP Neighborhood to further enhance our domain management and monetization platform. Their impressive suite of domain name research and monitoring tools, coupled with an extensive API, means that we can quickly and easily get accurate and up to date data. This partnership drives real, tangible value, as tracking domain ownership and expiry dates are key to maximizing revenue for our customers.”

“We operate in a global market and ParkLogic optimizes hundreds of thousands of domain names every day. Both our revenue and our customers revenue, depend on our highly sophisticated, professional domain management system. Integrating with IP Neighborhood via the API, enables us to bring data into our core systems and further enhance our offering.”

IP Neighborhood Director, Simon Johnson said, “ParkLogic has led the parking industry for many years, particularly when it comes to innovation. This new partnership enables us to deliver high quality data to professional domain name investors worldwide. Not only will it help ParkLogic process and verify the accuracy of data, it will also improve their customer experience.”

ParkLogic founder, Michael Gilmour said, “We’re really excited to be working with Simon and the team at IP Neighborhood. The data resources that they have developed delivered through the ParkLogic domain management platform will add significant value to clients.”

About ParkLogic
ParkLogic was founded in 2007 and provides professional domain owners with the most sophisticated domain management and monetization platform in the industry.

ParkLogic was built on the foundation of treating domains as assets that need to be carefully managed like any valuable security. With this in mind the platform was developed on the architecture, adopted by many of the Fortune 500, as the web services technology of choice.

About IP Neighborhood
IP Neighborhood provides competitive intelligence services to businesses, enabling them to identify new markets, research their competitors and protect their online reputation and intellectual property. As a leader in domain name research and monitoring, IP Neighborhood enables people to quickly and easily search multiple, global databases of domain name registrations, whois history, trademarks, IP addresses and domain sales – all in one place.

IP Neighborhood is operated by Kikabink International Pty Ltd. Its brands include:
•    Domain Sales App – Access to arguably the largest database of domain name and website sales. Available for free via the iTunes® App Store.
• – One of the domain name industry’s leading blogs;
• – The Trusted Marketplace For Domains and Websites.

DomainTools starts offering Domain Report in PDF format for $49

Domain Tools starts offering a Domain Report in PDF format for an introductory price of $49.

Domain Report is simple to use: enter a domain name and Domain Tools will gather nearly everything they know about it into a single downloadable document. With over a decade of ownership and hosting history at their disposal, years of website screenshots, and data from the Name Server Report and the patented Reverse IP Lookup, “everything they know” is a very comprehensive dataset. Whois History plays an essential role in domain transactions and legal proceedings.

Now, all that data is available in a single package, optimized for printing and delivered in a downloadable PDF document.

Domain Report builts the document with formatting, headers, meta text, and professional layout techniques to lend it stand-alone authority and credibility that copy/paste techniques or desktop screenshots never get, especially if you’re supporting your own claims. Pages have neatly formatted Whois history records and website screenshots.

Another great thing about these PDF reports is that they always cost the same regardless of size: the introductory price is just $49 each. This is a version 1.0 product and Domain Tools plans to include more data and more customization options in future updates.

How does this work?

Enter a domain name and they'll tell you exactly how much current and historical data you'll get. Reports include all this data:

  • Every Historic Whois record
  • Complete website screenshot history
  • Owner (registrant) name and email address
  • Current Whois record
  • Registration dates and status codes
  • Network name and IP location
  • Reverse IP & Name Server connected domains
  • and more!

If you decide to buy a report, the system will gather the data into a single PDF document that you can download within minutes of your purchase. Get all this on one domain for $79 $49 (special introductory price)—no recurring membership fees required.

NameMedia introduces in association with Afternic

NameMedia, that owns Afternic, launched today, a new website that is a collaborative, one-stop, name generation tool. NameFind is a discovery and acquisition tool that gives entrepreneurs the information they need when they are making one of the most important business decisions: naming their company or brand.

All Afternic domain names that have an assigned price will now be included in search results on NameFind as well, exposing them to a new audience of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

NameFind users can view available domain names alongside trademark information and social media availability, which shortens their research time and gets them to the decision to buy your domain name faster. Users are also able to share their name ideas with their network, putting Afternic domain names in front of even more people.

The NameFind platform anticipates both legal and marketing considerations, showing a matrix of options: domain names (including unregistered, aftermarket and premium variations), available social media handles on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, and U.S. trademark registrations.

You can read the official release about the launch here.

The domain that is in auction at Namejet has some history

The domain is in a private auction at Namejet. was registered in 1995 and is currently with Enom. This is one of those rare domains that could have a million usages.

There are 211 bidders in the auction and the bid is already at $2,550 with 1 day and 8 hours remaining. How much do you think the winning bid would be?

The domain has a quite strange history. Whois history at Domain Tools shows that the domain was owned by a US company until it expired in 2009 (it had a Pending Renewal or Deletion status) and was auctioned off. It was then parked at Sedo where it sold for $9,999 in January 2011. The current auction has no Namejet Reserve so this means that the buyer transfered it from Network Solutions to Enom and didn't renew the domain. The domain was still showing Sedo LLC as the owner before it expired. is parked and displays a survey. is owned by The University of Texas System and has one of the oldest registration dates I have seen: 1988. The domain hosts the Texas Higher Education Network (THEnet) that is a subscriber organization that provides Internet access to education, research and health care institutions in Texas. Their website claims that this network is active since 1986 so it is possible that dropped in 1988 and they registered it again. It was not like someone would grab it in 1988! and weren't registered until 1997 and 1995 respectively.

All that while is at $17,005 at GoDaddy Auctions with about 5 days left.