Nokta leases 18 domains in May for $30-$250/month:,, etc.

Nokta Domains announced that it leased 18 domains in May from $30 to $250 per month. OrangeOil.comwas leased by a termite control company in Los Angeles while was leased by

Except for these 2 domains the list mainly has Turkish terms in .com but a couple of .net and a is included. was lease by a temporary car insurance company in the UK.

The domain registrations dates range from 1997 up to 2008. Most were registered around 2004. Here is the list: $250 $200 $176 $144 $135 $120 $104 $100 $100 $100 $80 $80 $72 $72 $50 $48 $48 $30

Nokta is currently offering 15% off on domain name leasing. The offer is good for a couple of days more.

Not everything is about .COM

.COM is king but not everything is about .com. There are still many opportunities in other gTLDs and ccTLDs. I had an intense 24 hours in domaining and my day didn't involve too much of .com.

At first I got a call from one of the top 5 companies in the world (US based) that wanted to buy one of my .info domain names. My wife answered the call and gave me the phone to talk. The caller only told me his name, so I didn't know for what company he was working for at that time. When he told what domain name he was interested in I knew he wouldn't like my price. I can't disclose the domain name but it wouldn't be so hard to guess.

I asked him if he had an offer and he said that he wanted to hear my price first. I started telling him that I have declined a lot of 5 figure offers for this domain in the past few years. He interrupted me and told me that he only had an offer for $5,000 USD. So we left it at that and hung up. Don't think for a moment that the 5 figure offers were a sales pitch. I have actually received these offers.

Then I got back on my PC only to find an email that the caller had send before he called me. He had send the same offer but it was then when the company he was working for was revealed. I didn't know the company when I talked to him on the phone but my price was and is going to be the same. No matter who calls, my price will be the same for this particular domain. I don't think this is over just yet...

On the same day I got an offer through for a .org domain from one of the largest and most known UK associations. They are interested in buying a .org domain name I own.

Again on the same day I sold a .net domain at Sedo to a US individual and got a decent offer on a 3 letter .biz domain.

Finally I got an inquiry for a 3 letter .org that I am not willing to sell as it relates to my wife's line of work. I am currently negotiating a lease for this domain.

And because most of the domains above haven't produced any results yet here is what domains I have sold so far this year:
3 .com
3 .info
2 .org
1 .net
1 .us

All sales were for $1500 and up and only 4 of the 10 domain sales have been reported. All the others were private.

I must admit that I have a pretty diverse portfolio and that my .info portfolio is at least above average but my results must be very interesting. Don't you think?

.COM is king and will be for many years to come but not everything is about .com. send their first domain leasing newsletter

On Monday DnJournal reported that NoktaDomains has started offering their inventory of domain names for leasing. Today I got their first newsletter featuring some of their domain names with leasing prices that seem to be quite affordable. has been sending a newsletter with domains for sale for years but it seems that now they want to focus on leasing. Here are a few of the domain names that are available for lease at $220 $180 $180 $85 $75 $50 $410 $420 $150 $140

You can find the complete list of domain names available foe lease here. This is the newsletter NoktaDomains send today:

Hello Customers,

We are happy to inform you the new amazing opportunity of; Domain Name Leasing!

Don’t delay your projects because the purchase prices seem too high. Consider leasing! Leasing a domain is the best alternative when the purchase price is above your budget.

Our leasing service is on the news as well! Here is the recent news on;

We diligently selected some of the premium names that are available for leasing in our newsletter.

Please email to if you are interested in leasing a domain name. We would be happy to assist you during the leasing process.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,