iWire.com Winning Bidder For $7,777 Tries To Sell The Domain Before He Pays For It At Snapnames

gtldsThe winning bidder of the iWire.com domain name is trying to sell the domain name before paying for it. The "buyer" won the domain in a Snapnames auction on the 19th of October for $7,777.

The domain is still showing as "Payment Pending" at Snapnames so the bidder has not yet send payment to snapnames. I know that it sometimes takes time to send the wire transfer that is required but I have a feeling that the funds will never reach snapnames.

So I got an email today, the 1st of November, with the subject Continue reading

World Domain Day Auction On Snapnames: Journalists.com, OKU.com, Babysitters.org

wwd2014The first World Domain Day conference started on Sunday the 24th August at the Avasa Hotel, High Tech City, Hyderbad, India and ends today but Snapnames auction is under way and ends tomorrow.

WDD (World Domain Day) is an international event for the promotion of domain names and to educate people on building successful online businesses.

In conjunction with the event WDD is holding an online auction for premium domains. This auction is hosted at SnapNames.com. Please find below the list of domains in the auction. The list was published on the WWD website but some of the domains are not present in the Snapnames website. The auction ends on Wednesday. So far 4 domains have bids but only one domain has met the reserve.

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New Spam/Scam Email Targeting Snapnames and An Auction Ending Today

I got an email today that looked a bit suspicious at first glance. The email was send by a Gmail address (snapnamez@gmail.com) and the name was listed as "Domain Auction". The subject was "LLLL Premium Domains and more..." and the email listed several 4 letter domains as well as other domains that being auctioned at Snapnames.

All domains had direct links to the snapnames auctions. I believe this is a spam email with the senders snapnames affiliate codes embedded in the links. All domains are part of the 2014 Summer Premium Auction that ends today.

But the most serious matter is that the email is trying to pass off as it was send by Snapnames. The scam email is signed off by "John Morozova" that is supposed to be
"VP Sales - Brokerage, Premium Auction and Escrow Services" of Snapnamez.

Do you notice the "z" at the end? I don't believe that John Morozova is the name of a real person, yet alone someone working at the real Snapnames. Continue reading

Domain names caught by a SnapNames registrar will be managed by Network Solutions (.COM renewals at $9.59)

SnapNames announced today that all domain names that are acquired at SnapNames, through a SnapNames registrar credential, will now be managed through the Network Solutions interface. Snapnames and Network Solutions are sister companies, both owned by Web.com.

Network Solutions will offer a low renewal price of just $9.59 for .COM domains purchased at SnapNames.

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Important Information Regarding the Recent Sale of SnapNames to Web.com

Moniker send an email containing some information regarding the recent sale of Snapnames to Web.com. Moniker will continue to work with SnapNames as in the past and the usual business will not be interrupted for clients.

Moniker, under the leadership of the recently appointed CEO, Bonnie Wittenburg, now plans to work more closely with KeyDrive and it's sister company, Key-Systems.

Here is the email I received:
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Web.com Announces Acquisition of SnapNames

Web.com Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:WWWW), a leading provider of Internet services and online marketing solutions for small businesses, announced today that it has acquired SnapNames from KeyDrive S.A. SnapNames is a leader in the daily online auction sales of domain names across all categories, including expiring, deleting and privately-owned domain names.

"We are very pleased to bring SnapNames under the Web.com umbrella," said David L. Brown, chairman, chief executive officer and president of Web.com. "This acquisition enables us to enhance our existing domain related assets and provide additional services for customers who are looking for specific domain name addresses. In today's expanding domain resale marketplace, SnapNames is a global industry leader with experience and expertise in domain lifecycle management and auction services."

Since 2000, SnapNames has engineered a Continue reading

WARNING with Register.com / Snapnames expiring domains!

A warning was posted at the popular domain name forum NamePros.com from user "werty" about how register.com and snapnames.com treat expiring domains. Werty claims that he won a domain name auction at Snapnames for an expiring name from Register.com. The domain name was put into werty's register.com account after werty paid for it. But then suddenly, 2 weeks later, the domain was removed from the account without any explanation given:

So this is what happened: Over 2 weeks ago I won an expiring domain auction on snapnames for $214.00. The domain was with register.com. So I noticed the whois wasn't displaying my info and I tried updating from my register.com account with no luck. I contacted both register.com support and snapnames support to fix this whois issue. Well today, the domain was removed from my register.com account and given back to the previous owner who let it expire. When I spoke to snapnames on the phone, they admitted that register.com simply decided to take the domain back. They admitted it was dirty on register's side but that they can't do anything about it because it's part of their partnership agreement. Anybody else with similar issues!?

He is supposed to get a refund but that is not the point. Paid for domains can't be removed from people's accounts. Go Daddy does something similar where the original owner can renew a domain after the expiring auction has ended (and the domain is paid) but at least they don't put domains into accounts and then take them back.

Register.com is probably the worst registrar. They won't send me an auth code so I can transfer out a domain name unless I call them from Greece! And when I do call them they can take up to 5 days to send the authorization code.

My 4-figure domain name purchases in 2013

Here is a list of my 4 figure domain name purchases in 2013. The purchases were for expired or dropped domains and also directly from the domain name owners using an escrow service. Some of the domains in auctions venues were put there buy their owners. I think that it would be interesting for some people to see what I have bought in the past year. I will not post the exact purchase prices for all domains but all domains were bought for more than $1k and less than $10k. Of course I haven't listed any of the domains that I bought for less than $1k that make the bulk of my purchases. Here is the complete 4-figure purchase list:

d-d.com $7,100 (for my company Digital Domains)

Go Daddy:

Private Acquisitions:
Clouds.info (to go with my cloud.info)

I did 11 4-figure purchases in 2013 compared to 8 in 2012. 2013 was a great year selling domains so I also spent a little more. I use other venues as well but didn't make any 4 figure purchases this year there. Here are the 2012 purchases.

What do you think of my 2013 purchases?

Namejet – Snapnames: 2 auction cancellations – 2 different approaches

In the past few days I learned that 2 domain name auctions that I had won were cancelled. And this was not the usual Go Daddy cancelled auction we all know and love. One was at Namejet and one was at Snapnames. The result was that I did not get the domain I won and paid for. From what I know both auctions were for expired pre-release domain names. The 2 domain auctions were cancelled by the respective registrar partners.

The Snapnames auction ended on the 8th of June 2013 and I only found out that I will not be getting the domain after I was trying to get a hold of the domain for many days. I was contacting both Snapnames and registrar support for days. I was trying to request the username and password from the registrar. Nothing. Finally on the 28th of November I was informed that I was going to be refunded the auction fee because the domain was not available.

Here is what snapnames support told me:

In rare instances we are unable to fulfill domain purchases. Unfortunately, this is the case in your recent purchases for continuous.org.

You will be refunded the purchase price of $69.00.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

Please know that we cannot guarantee that we can acquire a domain, as stated in our terms and conditions sited below.

The Namejet auction ended on the 24 of November and 11 days after Namejet contacted me to inform me about the auction cancellation and the refund. The $69 were refunded the next day.  Here is what namejet support told me:

We regret to inform you that a domain you recently purchased through a pre-release auction has been cancelled by the registrar of record, as allowed by the NameJet Agreement. We are not provided with specific details and therefore do not have any further information to provide.

As a result of this Registrar request, we will be refunding the entire auction fee and removing the domain from your account within the next few days. Please be assured that this is a rare occurrence, and we do apologize for the inconvenience.


Snapnames Namejet
auction won 8th of June 2013 auction won 24th of November 2013
I found out on the 28th of November They told me on the 5th of December 2013
time after auction: 5 months and 20 days time after auction: 11 days
refund date: 4th December 2013 refund date: 6th of December 2013

So Namejet was a lot faster to react to a cancelled auction while Snapnames didn't inform me about it until I asked them more than 5 months after I had paid them. And Namejet refunded my fee the next day while Snapnames refunded the winning fee after a week and a support ticket reply. Also in general I have great difficulty on getting login details for my snapnames won domains. I spent almost 2 weeks trying to get login details for a few of my domains. The biggest problem is that snapnames does not update whois details for my won domains. So I can't use the "request username" or "request password" of each registrar.

SnapNames Launches .CO.UK and .CN Domain Backorders and Auctions

SnapNames announced today that .CO.UK and .CN domain names are now available for drop-catching through its online marketplace. .CO.UK and .CN are the world’s third and fourth most popular country code top-level domain (ccTLD) extensions.

Here is the press release:

SnapNames®, a KeyDrive S. A. company and leading provider of domain name buyer and seller solutions for every stage of the domain name lifecycle, announced today that .CO.UK and .CN domain names are now available through their popular online marketplace. Bringing already registered .CO.UK and .CN domains to the global market further establishes SnapNames’ commitment to bringing businesses and brands the domains they need to reach end-users in a borderless internet based world.

As the world’s third and fourth most popular country code top-level domain (ccTLD) extensions, demand for .CO.UK and .CN is aptly reflected in top worldwide internet usage penetration rates and volumes. According to the International Telecommunication Union, a United Nations agency, 80% (more than double the global rate) of UK households had internet connection in 2012 making them one of the most connected nations worldwide. China had the highest number of Internet users globally with over 560 million users (over 42% of China’s population) leaving further opportunity for continued explosive growth.

“With the addition of .CO.UK and .CN domains to the SnapNames marketplace, our technology continues to evolve and is now even better positioned to deliver domains most relevant to our clients and partners globally,” said Craig Snyder, CEO of Moniker and SnapNames. “We are committed to connecting our clients with the best available inventory on a global scale. Success enablement is a big part of our business strategy and having .CO.UK and .CN domains in our marketplace will promote economic growth for end-users within their respective regions.”

To ensure you don’t miss out on target .CO.UK and .CN domains, simply place backorders using the SnapNames search tools. To view the .CN pending delete download list go to: https://www.snapnames.com/download.jsp

About Moniker and SnapNames

Moniker® and SnapNames®, both KeyDrive S.A. companies, offer registries, registrars, businesses and individuals an array of services for domain registration, acquisition, management, valuations, brokerage and sales. Moniker introduced the live domain name auction concept and is a top worldwide registrar. SnapNames pioneered and operates the largest online auction of expired and deleting domains, giving its customers access to the world’s best selection and most valuable names every day. For more information, visit http://www.moniker.com and http://www.snapnames.com.