World Domain Day Auction On Snapnames:,,

wwd2014The first World Domain Day conference started on Sunday the 24th August at the Avasa Hotel, High Tech City, Hyderbad, India and ends today but Snapnames auction is under way and ends tomorrow.

WDD (World Domain Day) is an international event for the promotion of domain names and to educate people on building successful online businesses.

In conjunction with the event WDD is holding an online auction for premium domains. This auction is hosted at Please find below the list of domains in the auction. The list was published on the WWD website but some of the domains are not present in the Snapnames website. The auction ends on Wednesday. So far 4 domains have bids but only one domain has met the reserve.

Section 1: .COM & Older gTLDs: Continue reading

Namejet Refuses To Refund Backorder Made Last Year (Just Won A Domain I Dropped)

I couple of days ago I got an email from Namejet that I won a domain with the tile “NameJet Order Confirmation” and I immediately knew there was something wrong as I had not backordered a domain name. I opened it and I had won a domain that I had won last year and dropped it a couple of months back. So I won a domain with a backorder from last year that was left there in my account.

I opened a support ticket and asked that they delete the domain and refund me the money. And this is the canned reply I got: Continue reading

Namejet Sells 82 Domains For $510k: $36k, $25,500, $23k

Namejet released it’s July 2014 domain name auctions report. Namejet sold 82 (69 last month) domains for $509,926 ($368,421 last month).

Namejet only reports domains that were sold for $2,000 or more. I am sure that the bulk amount of sales are below this threshold. Here are the 82 reported domain sales at Namejet:
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New NameJet iOS App Available For Download

NameJet announced the release of it’s new iOS app. NameJet’s new App for iOS gives you more control when bidding in domain name auctions while on the go.

This is how Namejet describes the iOS app:
“The app has an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to manage your bids, putting you in control of your auctions regardless of location.

Never miss out on another NameJet domain auction. With an easy to use interface, the NameJet app allows you to manage your bids, and puts you in control of your auctions no matter where you are.”

I wish they made an Android app too.

The NameJet App Version 1.0.1 is now Continue reading Reports Some Domains Incorrectly Marked As Missed reported today that an internal process which alerts customers of caught and missed domains has been failing sometimes. This means that while the domains were caught by, the domains have been sitting in a holding account in their system, doing nothing.

They performed an internal audit back to their launch date and found a few domains that were incorrectly marked as missed since started.

Here is what will do:

If there was only a single backorder on a domain which was incorrectly identified as “missed”, they will be pushing that domain to the customer who backordered the domain free of charge.

If there were multiple backorders for the domain then auctions for these domains will be starting today. Customers who backordered these domains will not be obligated to participate. There is a minimum bid of $60 for these domains.

The following domains will be listed in auction using the above special conditions: Continue reading

Namejet sells 69 domains for $368k ( $30k, $30k, Travel.Ninja $2,300)

Namejet released it’s June 2014 domain name auctions report. Namejet sold 69 (76 last month) domains for $368,421 ($555,842 last month).

Namejet only reports domains that were sold for $2,000 or more. I am sure that the bulk amount of sales are below this threshold. Here are the 69 reported domain sales at Namejet:
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NameJet Offering Premium FindYourDomain Domains (,,,

Over 200 top-tier domain names from the FindYourDomain portfolio will be offered now through September 4, 2014 on NameJet.

This is the fifth time that FindYourDomain has partnered to offer a portfolio of premium domains names with NameJet. In the last round of auctions sold for $155,688, and there were numerous 5 figure domain sales.

Below are some examples of the domain names available:

Three character .com:,,,,,,,

Money and Finance:,,,,

Two Letter .uk and matching &, &, &, &, &, and many more.



Here is the complete press release:

Over 200 top-tier domain names will be offered now through September 4, 2014 on NameJet’s award winning auction platform. These exclusive domains are being brought to the public by FindYourDomain, a leading domain name brokerage and IP consulting company. and are pleased to announce the release of over 200 premium domain names over the next few months, with low and no reserve prices.

This is the fifth time that FindYourDomain has partnered to offer a portfolio of premium domains names with NameJet. In the last round of auctions sold for $155,688, and there were numerous 5 figure domain sales.

“We’ve always been happy with auctions provided by NameJet,” said Tom Salbego, Marketing Manager of FindYourDomain. “NameJet’scustomer base and marketing efforts help to drive qualified buyers and competition.”

“This is likely our best featured auction to date!” said Matt Overman, General Manager of NameJet. “Never before have we offered so many premiums, the majority of which are listed with no reserve prices.”

Below are some examples of the excellent domain names available across many desirable categories.

Three character .com:,,,,,,,, and more with no reserves.

Money and Finance:,,,,, with no reserves.

Two Letter .uk and matching &, &, &, &, &, and many more.

Education:,,,,,, with no reserves.

GEOs:,,,,,,, and more with no reserves.

.XYZ Domains:,,,,,,,, with no reserves.

These and many other premium domains are available for backorder right now, with many more to come. Auctions will be spread out between now and 9/4/2014. Please visit the FindYourDomain page at NameJet for a full list of the domains currently available. Make sure to check back regularly to see all the new domains.

About NameJet:
NameJet is a joint venture between Demand Media, Inc. and Group, Inc. who each own two of four leading ICANN-accredited registrars (eNom,, Network Solutions and Launched in 2007, with core auction software and technical infrastructure operating since 2004, NameJet serves domain investors, Fortune 500 companies and their representatives, small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as a diverse and global mix of individual investors. It has processed over 200,000 domain auctions, establishing itself as a trustworthy and transparent auction platform that is customer-focused and user-friendly.

About FindYourDomain:
FindYourDomain is a domain name brokerage and consulting company that assists in online branding for companies both large and small. FindYourDomain has brokered many one word domain names, including,, and, to companies worldwide. With over $20 Million in total domain name sales, FindYourDomain takes pride in connecting buyers and sellers of premium domain names. In addition, FindYourDomain provides strategic consulting and brand protection services for companies looking to solidify their online presence and build their brand.

No .Global Domains Were Sold At The Namejet Extended Auction

.Global domains had a great auction at ICANN 50 but that didn’t continue to the extended auction at Namejet. No .Global domains were sold at the namejet extended auction because no domain reached it’s reserve. got a $2,750 bid but didn’t sell. Other 4-figure bids included for $1,007 and for $1,550. teamed up with with .Global Registry and Right Of The Dot to hold an Online/Live auction during the ICANN London Conference for 82 premium .Global domain names. 35 out of the 82 domains were sold for a total value of $63,780. Highlight sales included Banking.Global that sold for $12,000, Sports.Global that sold for $8,000 and IDW.Global that got $5,200. handled the pre-bidding on the domains before the live auction and all domains that didn’t meet reserve went to a 2-week extended auction at Namejet.

Here are the .Global extended auction results from yesterday: Continue reading

.Menu Auction Ends With NO Domains Sold – Another Bad New gTLD Auction

Namejet had a .Menu auction that featured 32 .menu domain names but none of them sold. 6 of the domains got at least the opening $69 bid but none of them reached the reserve. got the highest bid with $210 but did not sell.

The 32 .menu domain names that were supposed to be premium. I wouldn’t even pay reg fee for any off these yet alone bid on them in an auction with reserves. seriously?

There has been a series with bad New gTLD auctions with the .build Namejet auction and the .BID & .TRADE Auction At Sedo.

The only exception was the .Global auction that got over $60k in sales.

I have said it many times before. Too many failed auctions are not good Continue reading

Dynadot Gets More Registrars And Offers .COM Backorders For $7.85 In July

Dynadot announced that it is running a drop catch sale for the month of July. They recently increased their registry connections and updated the technology behind our Dynadot drop catcher. I am not sure with the opened more registrars or they are using other registrars as drop catching partners.

The drop catch sale prices are:

$7.85 .COM
$7.85 .NET
$8.25 .ORG

In the case of a drop catch domain having more than one request, Dynadot will hold a 3-day private auction for the domain.

Here is complete announcement: Continue reading