Cheapest .xxx domain renewal and transfer prices ($68.17 is the best price)

Extension .xxx is approaching its first anniversary on December 6th and it is time to renew your .xxx domain names. Many people like me used backordering and pre-registrations last year. Some may choose to transfer the domains in order to consolidate them from various registrars to their favorite one. But I think the list below is worth a look so you can see market prices for .xxx renewals and transfers. You might choose to change registrars after all.

Please keep in mind that the registry price for .xxx domain names is not even close to .com or any other major gTLD. It is a staggering $62 and retail prices are of course more than that. So choose wisely what domains you renew and what you drop.

The cheapest price came from what was a surprise to me: GoDaddy at $68.17 (using a coupon). Then there is DomainMonster that has a $69.99 price for .xxx transfers. (for transfers) and have their pricing set at $75 for .xxx domains.

There are a couple of European Registrars like dinahosting and offering .xxx domains for €52 ($67.57) and €55 ($71.47) respectively but depending on where you live you may have to pay VAT tax and also you may have to make substantial purchases to get this rate.

Do you want cheap .xxx prices? Please find below the complete list of prices for .xxx domain names renewals or transfers from most of the .xxx accredited registrars.

North America:
GoDaddy $100.17  ($68.17 with 32% off coupon IAPWD32, expires 12/4/2012) Go Daddy Deal of the Week: 32% off your entire order! Offer expires 12/4/12.
Network Solutions $129.99
Enom $120 - $108 (or less depending on the reseller plan) $84.99 ($74.99 for transfers) $75
EnCirca $99 $79 $129 $?? (I had to create an account to see the price) $80.18+ (depending or the reseller on opensrs)
NamesBeyond $99 $92
Moniker $98
Dynadot $84.99 - $79.99 - $77.99 (depending on account discount)
Namecheap $78.88
Latin America:
directNIC $99 $85
namevault $79 $99.99
eurodns $95.17 $76 €99
core €66+ (depending on the reseller) €89.99 ($69.99 transfer)
easyspace €74.13
Safenames $120
Mailclub € 89 €65,00€ - €55,00 (depending on account discount)
CDmon € 69
Entorno € 59
DonDominio €59.95
Networking4All € 64
united domains € 69
epag € 85
1API ( $79.90
key-systems (dd24) € 88
namebay € 80
dinahosting €52 (€47 registrations) €69.69
Netim € 69 € 95
NordNet € 79
variomedia € 105 €62.99
InterNetworx €79.90 €91.73
Asia - Pacific:
IpMirror $98
Insta Corporation $119
DomainTheNet $99
MelbourneIT $160 $142.39 - $115.05 - $110.03 (depending on account discount) (.xxx not supported)

A few registrars may offer bulk pricing that is not depicted on these prices. If a registrar is missing or a price is wrong or missing please let me know.