.CO Now Has 2 Million Registered Domain Names (Infographic)

coLast week, the .CO registry announced that there are now more than 2 million registered .CO domain names.

The .COmmunity has grown by over 7000% in just five short years. Check out the infographic below for a summary of the .CO journey: Continue reading

The Official .CO Blog Has Been Hacked!

It appears that the official .CO Blog that is located at http://www.go.co/blog/ has been hacked.

I visited the blog today only to find about 40 articles that have nonsense subjects such as "soeda96571" and the stories make no sense. Stories feature random sentences that include a lot of ad links to external websites.

These seem like the spam comments I get every day but these have taken over the whole blog and the posts.

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How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

.CO did an article on the Huffington Post called "How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name For Your Business".

The article says that "Having the right domain name helps you establish your credibility, makes it easier to promote your brand, and gives people a place to find you online. Your domain name is a big part of your first impression - it's going to live everywhere from on your business cards and promotional materials to your Twitter and Facebook profiles."

Here are a 4 tips to consider as you are choosing a domain name: Continue reading

Neustar Acquires .CO Internet S.A.S. for $109 million

Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information and analytics, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire .CO Internet S.A.S. and certain associated assets. .CO Internet is the exclusive operator of the worldwide registry for Internet addresses with the “.co” top-level domain.

Since its global launch in 2010, names under management for .co have grown to more than 1.6 million in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Neustar has an existing partnership with .CO Internet to provide registry services and infrastructure support for .co extensions, the top-level domain assigned to Colombia.

“The acquisition of .CO Internet is a Continue reading

MAYA Design Launches Innovation Firm, Agency of Trillions, on the domain name AOT.co

MAYA Design, Inc., announced today the launch of Agency of Trillions (AoT)—an innovation agency that combines the disciplines of storytelling and design to help organizations navigate the coming era of pervasive computing. The new firm has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh.

They used the domain AOT.co to launch their agency. AoT owns and operates the yearly media event Under The Influence—where industry leaders and start-ups showcase next generation advertising platforms. The event also uses a .co domain name for its website: underinfluence.co. (undertheinfluence.co was taken) MAYA Design bought the domain name AoT.co probably at Sedo sometime in October or November 2012. It is still listed at Nokta Domains with a minimum $3,000 offer. Aot.com has been registered since 1992 by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and does not currently resolve.

This is their press release:

The next industrial revolution—defined by massive connectivity and making—disrupts every part of the business process, from development to production through to marketing. AoT was created by its founders and strategic advisors with the conviction that today’s agencies are not preparing their clients for this shift. Together, MAYA and AoT are bringing Human-Centered Design into the heart of these processes, breaking down barriers between marketing and product development to help brands harvest and leverage their customers’ stories and insights and turn them into true business value.

SocialChorus Founder, Jonathan Cohen, founded AoT with Deana Burke (AoT, VP of Strategy) and serves as its CEO. Strategic advisors include AoT Founding Investor and #1 NYT Best-selling Tell To Win author, Peter Guber (CEO, Mandalay Entertainment; Owner, NBA’s Golden State Warriors; Co-Owner, MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers) and Trillions author, Mickey McManus (CEO, MAYA Design).

“What happens when products join the social network?” said Jonathan Cohen. “We’ve all lived through a related form of this disruption with the advent of social media. At AoT we are preparing brands for what happens next, when products begin telling stories as well.”

Mickey McManus said, “For the first time in the history of the world, the ‘exhaust’ data that pours off of your products is captured and fed back into your brand's ecology. That is both the promise and the peril inherent in the rise of big sensor and big data. AoT gets this and knows how to help brands tell stories and find unexpected bedfellows in this vast and uncharted territory.”

“The tools that we used 50 years ago are beginning to rust. We aren’t saying that we have all of the answers, but AoT does have a roadmap to address this accelerating pace of change,” said Peter Guber.

AoT client B. Bonin Bough, of Mondelēz International said, “The media mix of paid, owned and earned is being disrupted. AoT has added a fourth dimension—Made Media, where the product itself is the platform for its marketing message.”

The new firm has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh. Clients at launch also include America Makes (President Obama’s 3D printing innovation institute) and Mandalay Entertainment. AoT owns and operates the yearly media event Under The Influence—where industry leaders and start-ups showcase next generation advertising platforms.

About MAYA Design:
MAYA Design is a leading technology design and innovation lab that integrates information and technology into satisfying user experiences. For more than 20 years, MAYA’s team of experts in human sciences, engineering, and visual design have worked with a range of Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and non-profits to design innovative products and services at the intersection of complex, information-rich technology and human experience.

Founder and CEO of .CO says: “New TLDs: Bring it!”

Juan Diego Calle that is the founder and CEO at .CO Internet SAS posted an article at the Go.Co blog. I more or less agree with his post.

He asked a question: "In the next two years we are going to see a massive proliferation of new top level domain extensions (nTLDs). [...] How will .CO fare in this new environment?"

His answer?

"While it may sound counter-intuitive, we’ve been HUGE advocates of the nTLD process from the very start.  But why would a relatively new TLD like .CO actually want even more competition?  After all, isn’t competing with the likes of .com and other legacy domain extensions quite enough to deal with?"

"In a world with no scarcity in the naming system, and where there is little predisposition to register a .com domain name – I am confident that .CO will flourish."

His main points are:

  • Increased awareness of alternative domains.
  • All tides will rise.
  • And .CO will rise with the tide.

And he ended by saying:

"Together, these factors represent a powerful competitive advantage that will be hard for any other TLD to compete against.  They may seem like nuances to some, but in a world of real competition, it’s the nuances that count – unfair or not.

All this said, I do think the terrain is going to get bumpy in the next few years.  The introduction of nTLDs will be confusing to consumers, there will be some failures, and registrars and resellers will understandably be overwhelmed by the daunting task of implementing 1000s new domain options.

But the dust surely will settle.  Consumer awareness surely will rise.  And the adoption of alternative TLDs surely will grow.

And while I’m not a betting man, my bet is that .CO will grow disproportionately faster than any of its existing and new peers.

Bring it."

You can read the complete article at the Go.Co blog.

.CO Registry Lists 1100 2-Character Premium Domain Names for Sale at GoDaddy

Effective immediately, the .CO Registry is listing its portfolio of two-character premium .CO domainnames for sale with GoDaddy.  The two-character .CO domain names are now available through GoDaddy’s Aftermarket, and soon-to-be via the domain availability check on the front of the website, making these premium digital assets widely available to GoDaddy’s customer base of SMBs and global businesses.

Until now, the .CO Registry had reserved all of the two-character premium .CO domain names, and had been the singular point of contact for the sale and management of these coveted names.  .CO curated the allocation of these domain names early on to ensure they were well placed in the hands of customers who would use the domains in a meaningful and memorable way, including, for example:

CS.co – Cisco uses cs.co for its global social media efforts

OM.co – Om Malik, founder of GigaOM, uses om.co for his personal blog

FI.co –The Founder Institute, the world’s largest startup accelerator, uses fi.co as its global brand

UP.co –UP Global, the partnership between Startup America and Startup Weekend, has branded itself up.co.

H2.co – The premier global leadership network for the digital industry is on h2.co.

There are approximately 1100 two-character .CO domain names now listed on the GoDaddy platform, including #L, L#, ## and LL combinations. The domain names currently range in price from $10,000 on the low end (for #L combinations, like 5x.co) to $100,000 on the high end (for super premium LL combinations, like dr.co and iq.co).  As awareness of the .CO brand continues to grow, and the secondary continues to flourish, these prices are subject to future modification.

“At this point, the demand for premium two-character .CO domain names is far too great for us to continue to manage exclusively in-house, said Lori Anne Wardi, VP of Brand of .CO.  “GoDaddy is the perfect partner to help us start expanding our distribution channel to the world of SMBs and global businesses who are looking for short, memorable premium domain names to launch their big ideas.”

“The two-character .CO domain names GoDaddy is offering present an excellent opportunity for a small business to get a short and highly brandable domain name,” said GoDaddy Director of Domain Name Aftermarket Paul Nicks. “By partnering with .CO on these domain names, it provides our customerspremium aftermarket names and further extends our strong relationship with the .CO Registry.”

GoDaddy is the .CO Registry’s largest retail partner, and has helped the .CO domain to garner awareness, growth and use worldwide.  The companies have collaborated on a Super Bowl ad for three years in a row, with the latest ad encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to get off their couches and get their big ideas online.  You can see the critically acclaimed ad at www.YourBigIdea.co.

To search for a two-character premium .CO domain name for your business or brand, please visit theGoDaddy Aftermarket and type your query in the search box.  You can immediately purchase the domainname directly through GoDaddy with a quick and simple credit card transaction.

About .CO
.CO is the domain name of choice for innovators and entrepreneurs all over the world. Since launching in 2010, the .CO domain has been registered by more than 1.5 million people and companies in more than 200 countries. From startups and small businesses to big brands and multinational corporations, .CO is where big ideas belong on the Web. For more information about .CO, please visit www.go.co or follow us on Twitter@dotCO.

.CO registry launches Asian Internationalized Domain Names in April

.CO registry announced the launch of Asian IDNs including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. With non-English speaking Internet users and content increasing, providing alternate languages for .CO domain names is expected for the registry and its team.   Over the past two and a half years, .CO has had quite a success with startups and entrepreneurs around the world – including an increasing number of non-English speakers. For this reason, .CO has begun offering .CO domain names in alternate languages including Icelandic, Danish, Finnish, among others.

  • The registry will be launching three new languages – Chinese, Japanese, Korean.
  • The launch date is 15 April 2013 at 18:00 UTC (this translates to Monday, 15 April, 2pm EDT).
  • All of the .CO product family will be launching the languages (.CO, .com.co, .net.co and .nom.co).

As part of the Asian launch, the registry will not be conducting a formal trademark sunrise, landrush or grandfathering period for these three IDN languages.  If you own one or more trademarks and wish to take proactive steps to protect those marks, we urge you to contact your registrar or reseller as soon as possible.

Fabulous plans to offer more TLDs soon – .CO and .TV were the first two

I just got an email today from Fabulous.com announcing that they started offering .tv domain names. They have been offering .TV for a couple of months now. Here is the email:

Fabulous Now Offers .TV
The Home of Web Video.

Every day over 4 billion videos are viewed online. While video sites are great for hosting video, Internet users turn to websites to find the content they want to watch.

.TV is ideally positioned to capture users combing the internet for videos. You can monetize .TV by getting names users are likely to be searching for like viral videos that get millions of views in a matter of days.

With .TV there is a huge inventory of domain names that promote brands, make sites memorable, and makes increasing a site’s audience easier.

.TV is as easy to register as .COM and is available through Fabulous now.

Fabulous is an Australian-based ICANN accredited domain name registrar. Fabulous.com is currently the 17th largest registrar with 895,144 according to webhosting.info. Fabulous is the second largest registrar in Australia after MELBOURNE IT. It also operates a domain parking service. Last year Fabulous announced a partnership with Enom.com and since Enom is actively marketing and selling .tv domains (both premium and non-premium) it was a logical step to start offering .tv domains. Demand Media (owner of eNom, eNomCentral, BulkRegister and eNom.tv)  is an exclusive retailer for .TV Premium Names.

Fabulous.com is the registrar of choice for many domainers around the world because of it’s great customer care and it’s top notch security features including:
Fabulous Security Key
Challenge/Response Security Questions
Executive Lock

Fabulous is known for to be very strict as to opening new accounts:

New Account Criteria

We service some of the most profitable domain owners online and strive to keep our Fabulous customers more than satisfied. To be eligible for a Fabulous Premium account you must meet either of the following requirements:

    Domain portfolio must generate US$750; per month

    Transfer 750; domains to Fabulous

We are primarily interested in serving portfolios that consist predominantly of English language .com domains which receive type-in/direct navigation traffic.

If you would like a Fabulous.com account, please send a sample of your portfolio with revenue statistics to support@fabulous.com

Nevertheless anyone can open a new Retail account with Fabulous using this setup form. So if you want to sell a domain name that is registered with Fabulous you can direct your client to the link above and then push the domain name to their new retail account. Be sure to explain to your client that the prices for renewals start at $29.95.

Fabulous.com has also been offering .co for more than a year now on top of .com, .net, .org and .info that has been offering for many years.

I reached out to Fabulous as to what other plans they have about serving more TLDs and I got a reply from their Customer Care Manager:

"We do plan to offer more TLD's.

 .MOBI is next and we'll be expanding further after that, though the TLD's haven't yet been decided.

 I would imagine that .biz and .us would be close to the top of our priority list."

I look forward to the new TLDs at Fabulous as it is my favorite registrar.