Cheapest .xxx domain renewal and transfer prices ($68.17 is the best price)

Extension .xxx is approaching its first anniversary on December 6th and it is time to renew your .xxx domain names. Many people like me used backordering and pre-registrations last year. Some may choose to transfer the domains in order to consolidate them from various registrars to their favorite one. But I think the list below is worth a look so you can see market prices for .xxx renewals and transfers. You might choose to change registrars after all.

Please keep in mind that the registry price for .xxx domain names is not even close to .com or any other major gTLD. It is a staggering $62 and retail prices are of course more than that. So choose wisely what domains you renew and what you drop.

The cheapest price came from what was a surprise to me: GoDaddy at $68.17 (using a coupon). Then there is DomainMonster that has a $69.99 price for .xxx transfers. (for transfers) and have their pricing set at $75 for .xxx domains.

There are a couple of European Registrars like dinahosting and offering .xxx domains for €52 ($67.57) and €55 ($71.47) respectively but depending on where you live you may have to pay VAT tax and also you may have to make substantial purchases to get this rate.

Do you want cheap .xxx prices? Please find below the complete list of prices for .xxx domain names renewals or transfers from most of the .xxx accredited registrars.

North America:
GoDaddy $100.17  ($68.17 with 32% off coupon IAPWD32, expires 12/4/2012) Go Daddy Deal of the Week: 32% off your entire order! Offer expires 12/4/12.
Network Solutions $129.99
Enom $120 - $108 (or less depending on the reseller plan) $84.99 ($74.99 for transfers) $75
EnCirca $99 $79 $129 $?? (I had to create an account to see the price) $80.18+ (depending or the reseller on opensrs)
NamesBeyond $99 $92
Moniker $98
Dynadot $84.99 - $79.99 - $77.99 (depending on account discount)
Namecheap $78.88
Latin America:
directNIC $99 $85
namevault $79 $99.99
eurodns $95.17 $76 €99
core €66+ (depending on the reseller) €89.99 ($69.99 transfer)
easyspace €74.13
Safenames $120
Mailclub € 89 €65,00€ - €55,00 (depending on account discount)
CDmon € 69
Entorno € 59
DonDominio €59.95
Networking4All € 64
united domains € 69
epag € 85
1API ( $79.90
key-systems (dd24) € 88
namebay € 80
dinahosting €52 (€47 registrations) €69.69
Netim € 69 € 95
NordNet € 79
variomedia € 105 €62.99
InterNetworx €79.90 €91.73
Asia - Pacific:
IpMirror $98
Insta Corporation $119
DomainTheNet $99
MelbourneIT $160 $142.39 - $115.05 - $110.03 (depending on account discount) (.xxx not supported)

A few registrars may offer bulk pricing that is not depicted on these prices. If a registrar is missing or a price is wrong or missing please let me know.

Sedo selects the top 50 domain names for December

"Sedo's Select 50 Domains" for December were released. Sedo includes the price suggestions set by each seller, so that buyers don’t have to worry about going through long negotiations. My favorite from the list is with an asking price of $40,000.

This is the complete list of Sedo's top 50 domains for December 2012:

No. Domain Name Asking Price
1. $399,000
4. $200,000
6. €150,000
(German=stock funds)
9. $75,000
11. $50,000
12.  $50,000
13. $40,000
14. $39,000
15. $35,000
17. $25,000
20. $12,000
21. $12,000
22. $10,000
(Spanish=live football/soccer)
27. $9,296
29. $8,000
30. $8,000
31. €8,000
32. $7,000
(German=Computer Games)
35. $5,000
36. $5,000
37. $5,000
38. $5,000
39. €3,000
40. $2,000
(Spanish:Hotels online)
43. $1,900
44. $1,500
(Spanish=Betting House)
(Spanish=Betting House)
(Spanish=English lessons) 
(German=Casino games)

If you are interested in any of these domains please contact Sedo at didn’t sell at NameJet – Reserve was not met

The domain name didn't sell today at NameJet. Highest bid was $71,000 but the reserve wasn't met. The auction had 404 bids from 368 bidders. There were 10 bidders with a $20k bid or higher.

Yesterday the domain name sold for $118,888 at NameJet.

There is one more auction for a high quality short domain coming up tomorrow. Auction for the domain name at NameJet ends in less than 24 hours and bidding is up to $39,000. The reserve price has not been met yet. Will this be sold?

ICM sells 7 domains: sells for $15,015, sale pending for $33,000 and sale pending for $19,965

About a month back, ICM Registry put up a list of 1046 .xxx domain names for sale with prices. 15 days ago there were 7 domains missing from that list. This week the sale of ($15,015) was confirmed. 7 more domains are missing and are either sold or a sale is pending. has a pending sale for $33,000 and for $19,965.

There are the 7 domain name with their price and status:
(sold means that the whois details have been updated) ($2,310) sold ($4,455) pending sale ($33,000) pending sale ($19,965) pending sale ($9,570) pending sale ($2,970) pending sale ($1,650) sold

So far 7 of the 14 domains that were deleted from the original list have been sold and whois has been updated: ($1,320) ($3,465) ($330) ($330) ($15,015) ($2,310) ($1,650)

The other 7 sales are probably pending as whois has not been updated and still shows them as reserved: ($18,810) ($15,000) ($4,455) ($33,000) ($19,965) ($9,570) ($2,970)

So far the total sales volume is:
$24,420 confirmed sales (7 domains)
$103,770 pending sales (7 domains)

(Reported prices may be lower that quoted because of negotiations and/or bulk deals)

With 7 days before the 1 year anniversary of .xxx, another post on .xxx coming up tomorrow. Stay tuned... sells for $118,888 at NameJet

The domain name just sold for $118,888 at NameJet. The auction had 327 bids from 229 bidders. There were 10 bidders with a $61,088 bid or higher and 2 bidders with a 100k bid or higher. This price puts at the 41st place of the top 2012 domain sales.

There are more auctions for high quality short domains coming up. Auction for the domain ends tomorrow and bidding is up to $53,100. Auction for the domain name ends in 2 days and bidding is up to $19,700. Reserves for both domains have not been met.

Do we really need an .hiv gTLD?

Do we really need an .hiv new gTLD? No, we don't! Sorry.

DotHIV had collected funding of over $470,000 at the time of submitting the new gTLD application. I am sure they have spend and will spend a lot more until the launch. Is this the best way to spend 500k+ USD in order to help the HIV cause?

The cost of a new gTLD is going to be more than 1M USD just to get it off the ground for the first year. The administrative and operational costs are going to be there year in, year out. Here is a rough estimation of the cost:
ICANN Application Fee: $185,000
Consulting (application, legal): $150,000
ICANN Fee: $25,000 per year
Registry Back End: $50,000+ per year
Various administrative, operational, marketing, etc. costs: $1,000,000 per year

What is the point of the new gTLD .hiv when there is going to be a .charity and a .health? There is also a new gTLD coming that is for Non-Governmental Organizations: .ngo. And of course there is the .org old timer that is still the de facto extension for all charity and health organizations and charities.

Do we really need such specialization in new gTLDs? .cancerresearch seriously? Do we need a .heart? What about having a new gTLD for every disease and charity cause? I support cancer and hiv research and all medical research but give me a break. These gTLDs are simply a waste of funds and resources.

Sedo announced today a partnership with new gTLD registry to support .HIV domains. Please note that Sedo is offering its services at a reduced cost, not free. Here is part of the press release:

Among other roles, Sedo is helping dotHIV by appraising and auctioning premium .hiv domains, supporting preregistrations for people and organizations wishing to reserve names before the official launch, and evaluating the entire .hiv namespace to ensure that important .hiv domain names reach the best end users.

By offering its services at a significantly reduced cost, Sedo is helping dotHIV’s mission of contributing a majority of its revenue to projects and initiatives that fight HIV/AIDS. More than 70 percent of the registry’s revenue – with an ultimate goal of at least 80 percent – will be distributed to relevant charities. The remaining funds will be used to finance registry operations, manage donation distribution and raise awareness of the digital red ribbon as a means for the world to beat AIDS together.

I am sorry but auctioning .hiv domains seems a bit odd to me. Most of the very few "end-users" involved will be non-profit organizations and charities. So they are going to "donate" 100% of their funds in order to distribute 70% to charity? Even if there are a few pharmaceutical companies bidding, again it would be more efficient to just donate the money directly to charity. There are only a handful of "premium" .hiv domains and once these are auctioned off demand will tank.

I am saying this because I don't see .hiv surviving the first couple of years. .hiv will need 10k registrations at $100 a pop per year just to break even. I don't see that happening. Sorry but I don't see .hiv surviving more than 2 years if it doesn't get external funding. And getting funding defeats the purpose of the .hiv gTLD. Except if their only purpose is to bring HIV and AIDS awareness... The idea may have looked good to some people but at this cost, fierce competition and no sustainable future, I have to say no to .hiv.

Sedo sells 951 domains worth $1.6 million: (hyphen week) sells for 20,000 EUR and for 9,900 EUR – Week 20/11-26/11 2012

This week, 951 transactions (948 last week) took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1.6 million ($1.6 last week). Only 264 domains (245 last week) were reported by Sedo this week. The other domains were either private sales or domains that sold for less than 700 USD/EUR/GBP. Over 41% (40% last week) of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. 41% is quite an impressive portion of total sales. Sedo will not reveal what is the Buy Now percentage of the public sales vs the percentage of the private sales. And will not reveal what percentage of the total sales value do the Buy Now listings represent.

Highlights of public sales include:
Top domain overall: at 20,000 EUR
Top .com domain: at 20,000 EUR
Top .net domain: at 12,000 EUR
Top .org domain: at 4,000 EUR
Top .info domain: at 2,500 EUR
Top .biz domain: at 3,230 USD
Top .us domain:
none reported (I guess the US was on holidays the whole week)
Top ccTLD domain: at 9,900 EUR
Top 2 character domain: at 1,999 EUR
Top 3 character domain: at 12,000 USD
Top 4 character domain: at 10,008 USD
Top hyphenated domain: at 20,000 EUR
Top domain with at least one number: at 5,000 USD
Top numbers only domain: at 4,000 USD
Top Greek domain:
none reported

Would you like to see again an analysis like the one I did on a Sedo list from July? Please leave a comment if you want a new list. 

Here are the 264 public and reported Sedo sales for week 20/11 - 26/11 in 2012:

Domain name  Price Currency
.COMs         20.000 EUR         15.000 USD         15.000 EUR         12.000 USD         10.008 USD         10.000 GBP           9.900 EUR           9.888 EUR           9.500 USD           8.500 USD           8.000 USD           5.800 USD           5.500 USD           5.500 USD           5.000 USD           5.000 USD           4.500 USD           4.000 USD           4.000 USD           4.000 USD           4.000 USD           3.530 USD           3.500 USD           3.500 USD           3.000 USD           3.000 EUR           3.000 EUR           3.000 EUR           2.945 EUR           2.900 EUR           2.900 EUR           2.700 USD           2.500 EUR           2.500 USD           2.500 USD           2.500 USD           2.500 EUR           2.500 USD           2.440 EUR           2.400 USD           2.300 USD           2.200 USD           2.177 USD           2.100 USD           2.095 USD           2.000 USD           2.000 USD           2.000 USD           2.000 USD           2.000 USD           2.000 USD           2.000 USD           2.000 USD           2.000 USD           1.995 EUR           1.990 EUR           1.895 USD           1.875 EUR           1.788 USD           1.770 EUR           1.750 USD           1.750 USD           1.695 USD           1.650 USD           1.600 USD           1.595 USD           1.550 USD           1.550 USD           1.500 USD           1.500 USD           1.500 USD           1.500 USD           1.500 EUR           1.500 USD           1.500 USD           1.450 USD           1.450 EUR           1.450 USD           1.395 USD           1.395 USD           1.395 USD           1.380 EUR           1.350 USD           1.300 USD           1.300 EUR           1.295 USD           1.250 USD           1.250 EUR           1.250 USD           1.250 USD           1.250 USD           1.222 EUR           1.222 EUR           1.200 USD           1.200 USD           1.200 USD           1.200 USD           1.195 USD           1.180 USD           1.177 USD           1.150 USD           1.100 USD           1.095 USD           1.050 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 EUR           1.000 USD           1.000 EUR           1.000 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 USD              999 USD              995 USD              990 USD              990 GBP              950 USD              950 USD              950 USD              943 USD              900 USD              899 USD              850 USD              850 EUR              800 USD              800 USD              800 USD              800 USD              800 USD              800 USD              799 USD              799 USD              799 USD              799 USD              799 USD              780 USD              775 USD              770 USD              767 USD              762 USD              750 EUR              750 USD              750 EUR              750 USD              750 EUR              730 EUR              718 USD              700 EUR              700 USD              700 EUR
Domain name  Price Currency
.ccTLD           9.999 USD           9.900 EUR           5.500 EUR           5.000 USD           4.250 GBP           4.200 EUR           3.750 EUR           3.570 EUR           3.500 EUR           3.500 EUR           3.000 EUR           3.000 EUR           3.000 EUR           2.950 GBP           2.600 USD           2.500 EUR           2.500 EUR           2.500 EUR           2.380 EUR           2.375 EUR           2.050 EUR           2.050 USD           2.000 EUR           2.000 EUR           1.900 GBP           1.800 EUR           1.525 EUR           1.500 EUR           1.500 GBP           1.500 EUR           1.500 USD           1.500 EUR           1.500 USD           1.495 USD           1.428 EUR           1.400 EUR           1.400 EUR           1.350 EUR           1.300 USD           1.299 EUR           1.250 GBP           1.250 EUR           1.211 EUR           1.200 EUR           1.200 EUR           1.170 EUR           1.150 EUR           1.150 EUR           1.100 EUR           1.024 EUR           1.013 USD           1.000 EUR           1.000 EUR           1.000 EUR           1.000 USD           1.000 USD           1.000 EUR           1.000 EUR           1.000 EUR           1.000 EUR           1.000 USD              999 EUR              950 USD              950 EUR
neuerö              950 EUR              900 USD              850 EUR              850 EUR              850 EUR              800 EUR              799 EUR              750 EUR              750 USD              750 EUR              750 EUR              700 EUR              700 EUR              700 EUR
Domain name  Price Currency
OTHER         12.000 EUR         12.000 USD         10.000 EUR           9.888 USD           4.000 EUR           4.000 USD           4.000 USD           3.230 USD           3.101 USD           2.500 EUR           2.200 USD           2.000 USD           1.999 EUR           1.800 EUR           1.777 EUR           1.500 EUR           1.500 USD           1.000 EUR           1.000 EUR           1.000 EUR              999 USD              999 USD              950 USD              900 EUR              850 USD              800 EUR              795 USD              790 USD              750 USD              750 USD              700 USD

Do you have domains expiring every single day of the year?

I was doing the monthly domain name renewals yesterday. As I was going through my domain names, day after day, I realized that there was not a single day of the month that I didn't have a domain expiring. I then checked all 365 days only to find out that I had domains expiring every single day of the year.

I was not even close to not having at least one domain per day. I usually have 3+ for each day. Some days I have a  lot more expiring domains. These days are skewed because of launching of new gTLDs (.info, .biz), ccTLDs (.us) or the occasional Landrush 2 (.info).

I have domains expiring every day which means that I have bought domains every single day of the year: Christmas, New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, my birthday, my name day etc. This is what happens eventually when you buy, sell and develop domains for 10 years non stop...

Do you have domains expiring every day? Does this mean you have too many? If you do, is it maybe time to drop some?
I know I am dropping a few...

Mrs Jello is selling domain names at NameJet with no reserve

The domain sold today at NameJet for $2,050. The domain was not expired. It was auctioned of by the owner, Mrs Jello, LLC.

Domainer Igal Lichtman (aka Mrs. Jello) has sold domains at NameJet before but I never noticed an auction without a reserve. This auction didn't have the usual "NameJet Reserve". I believe this show a lot of confidence in both the domain's value and the NameJet auction house.

Price seems a bit low to me but that is the risk of auctioning domains to domainers. I guess Mrs. Jello could have waited for the end user but no one can be sure on the reasons why this domain name was liquidated.

The 9 missing .org domains from are country codes:,,, etc.

Do you remember the 9 missing .org domains from According to PIR's Public Relations firm the remaining 9 are country codes and will be allocated accordingly. I got this note after someone from the PR firm read my article. I am not all clear on how these are going to be allocated. Probably these will go to the respective registries running the ccTLDs.

A few weeks back I wrote about how the Public Interest Registry (PIR), the .ORG registry, will release 94 one and two character .ORG domains using Go Daddy and eNom. The published lists of domains allocated to each registrar at  had only 85 .org domains. Go Daddy has 42 and eNom has 43 .org domains. I posted the complete list of these 85 domains here. That left 9 missing domains that are country codes. I was only  able to find 8 of them and here they are: - Ascension Island - Armenia - Bahamas - Dominican Republic - Malawi - Portugal - Slovakia - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

A few weeks back I ran a whois search for all the possible 2 character combinations in .org. I found 8 of the country codes (in my list of 61 possible domains) but was wrong about being on the list although I don't know why as it has the same creation date (7th of May 2012) as the other 94 domains and the same whois result: "Name is reserved by Registry_Policy".

This leaves me with 53 domains that should have been in this project but aren't. These are reserved by PIR just like the 94 .org in the current project but I was told that these were not approved by ICANN. Here they are:

2 characters